Alexa Not Connecting To Internet | Troubleshooting Steps To Resolve

Alexa not connecting to internet

As we know, Alexa device which was launched by Amazon is also known as the Assistant Voice device. It makes your search on the phone or any other device very simple as it gives answers to every question that you ask. You can ask anything just like Google, but here it answers you through voice, unlike Google, where it answers through writing. It is certainly frustrating when you see Alexa not connecting to the internet. Keep further learning about Alexa.

There are several reasons why Alexa could not connect to the internet such as router issues, weak internet connection, modem needs to restart, etc. I have come up with the steps which you shall find below that guides you about fixing the issue of Alexa. These all steps are very easy to understand and can be followed without anybody’s intervention.

Let’s get ready to walk with me through the article to learn how to fix Alexa not connecting to the internet, and get back all that you’re looking for in your phone.

Alexa Not Connecting To Internet | 8 Simple Steps

Alexa not connecting to internet

I have given 8 simple steps in this article that will guide you how to fix Alexa not connecting to internet. I recommend going through all these instructions carefully to understand the entire process. To get Alexa back online (Alexa not connecting to internet), repeat these instructions as necessary.

1. Check Internet Connection

Alexa not connecting to internet

Verify the functionality of your web browser. Alexa cannot perform her duties if you are unable to access the internet. If that’s fine, your hardware might be the source of the issue.

2. Manually Restart Both The Modem And Wireless Router

Alexa not connecting to internet

After individually restarting the wireless router and modem, wait 5 minutes before connecting Alexa to the internet. Network hardware, not the connected devices, may occasionally be to blame for connectivity issues.

3. Restart The Alexa-Compatible Gadget

Alexa not connecting to internet

Restart the Alexa-compatible gadget. Switch off or disconnect the Alexa- or Echo-enabled gadget, then connect it back in and reconnect to Wi-Fi. A mechanical restart of an Alexa-capable gadget can sometimes solve issues.

4. Verify the WiFi Passcode

Verify the WiFi password is accurate. Locate another device connected to your Wi-Fi connection, detach it, then reconnect it using the same passcode you use to link Alexa, if the equipment is functioning as it should. The credentials you’re using for your Alexa gadget may be wrong if the other gadget could see the Wi-Fi network but cannot register using the same password.

Remember: Due to the fact that Wi-Fi devices don’t provide an explanation for why they can’t join a network, this is a regular problem.

5. Look For Blocks In Your Network

Move your phone nearer to the wireless router and search for connection obstructions. Long range Wi-Fi signal transmission is not possible without degradation. Your Alexa-enabled gadget might just be out of reach if it can’t connect to a Wi-Fi network.

If this solves the issue, consider extending your home’s connectivity with a communication network. You may have to reconnect your device to the network once you’ve relocated it.

6. Look For Potential Interference

Look for any potential interference. Check to see if there are any physical obstructions between your router and the Alexa gadget; objects like reinforced doors, concrete walls, and brick walls could interfere with WiFi transmissions. Gadgets like FM radios or baby monitors that could obstruct the signal should also be removed or turned off.

7. Factory Resetting

Set the Alexa phone back to its default configuration. When everything else fails, returning the phone to the default configuration occasionally resolves Wi-Fi issues.

Depending on the device’s generation, several steps are required to reset an Amazon Echo device.

Remember: The fabric loudspeaker that wraps around the edges of third-generation Echo Dots has four clickable buttons on top. The top of second-generation Dots houses four control buttons and a non-fabric microphone. The top of first-generation Dots only has two buttons.

Second-generation The fabric speaker on Echos wraps around the device’s sides. The original Echos don’t.

8. Contact Support Service

Make a call to technical assistance. After following all of the above procedures, if you still have trouble connecting your Alexa device, contact Amazon or your internet service provider.

Wrapping Up

As we know Alexa enables us to explore everything in a single device through its voice assistance quality. Therefore, to function properly it becomes a must thing. In this article, I hope you have come to know now how to fix Alexa not connecting to the internet. I recommend you to go through all the steps carefully given above and get it fixed without anybody’s help.

If you feel there is anything else regarding Alexa not connecting to the internet, please write back to me then in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Alexa Not Connecting To Internet? | Get Complete Troubleshooting Steps

After logging in, go to the Amazon Alexa web page and choose Configuration > Establish a new gadget. Pick the gadget you want to associate with Alexa from the menu, then click Proceed. Return to the Alexa website and click the Wi-Fi network you wish to connect your Alexa device to after opening the Wi-Fi preferences on your computer or phone and selecting the Amazon network that displays.

How can you connect Alexa to Wi-Fi?

Choose Gadgets > Echo & Alexa > [your gadget] > Preferences after launching the Alexa app. In order to establish a connection to your local network, choose Wi-Fi network under Wireless and then adhere to the on-screen directions.

Without WiFi, how does Alexa work?

Without Wi-Fi connectivity, the majority of Alexa’s functionalities won’t function. Although you won’t be able to converse with Alexa or access information like the weather or news, you could still use your Alexa device as a Speaker system to play music. Without Wi-Fi access, your initially agreed alarms will continue to function, but you won’t be able to create any new ones.

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