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TikTok is an app that has constantly been evolving and improving since earlier this year. The app is constantly enhancing the opportunities and options for content creators and influences and giving them an income stream to work on. Even brands also use the platform as a potential promotional platform. Hence, it introduced TikTok Pulse. So, do you know What is TikTok Pulse? If not, I am sure you will love it once you come to know about it.

I have designed an article that will clarify what TikTok Pulse is. It helps you to promote your content and brand on the platform more rapidly. We have also seen features introduced on the platform for the brands on the app, like different ad formats, sponsored hashtags, and more.

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So, you may use the TikTok Pulse feature to generate more content and relevant ads and promote your business. Read ahead to learn more about the feature.

What is TikTok Pulse?

What is tiktok pulse?

TikTok Pulse is a new feature for contextual advertising. It features brands that are designed to close the gap between ads and regular creator content and bring brands into the community. 

It also helps to bring in advertisers to showcase the brand TikTok content next to the top-performing content on the platform. It works by placing the ads next to the top 4% of all the videos with millions of views on TikTok. The ad revenue will be split in half with the Creators.

TikTok Pulse actively matches brand ads with relevant Creator content rather than opening the ad randomly in the feed. It even allows brands to break down the barriers that exist on social media between companies and Creators, allowing brands to be a part of the conversation.

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What is Contextual Advertising on TikTok?

What is contextual advertising on TikTok?

When ads are placed next to relevant content, it is called contextual advertising. This helps to take advantage of the users’ browsing motives by relating the ads to relevant content. Hence, the users are served ads for content you know they are interested in. So, TikTok is bringing the concept to the social media platform.

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How Can Brands Take Advantage of Contextual Advertising with TikTok Pulse?

How can brands take advantage of contextual advertising with TikTok Pulse?

The unique feature of TikTok pulse is when you advertise with it; the brands will appear among the top 4% of all the videos on TikTok in 12 categories. All the categories are not announced as of now; some of them include:

• Beauty
• Fashion
• Cooking and baking
• Automotive
• Gaming

Choosing the category where the ads show allows you to engage with the most relevant groups. So, TikTok ensures that the ads are placed next to high-quality content which aligns with the brand values. Every video with ads running adjacent to it has been filtered to ensure brand suitability. With TikTok Pulse, you can access the post-campaign measurement tools to help manage the ads and inform future strategies.

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Wrapping Up

Very soon, TikTok Pulse will be a big asset for any content creator or brand manager on the platform. It will help you to boost your reach on the app. Brands working with micro TikTok influencers within the niche are the best way to establish themselves on TikTok with the Pulse feature. So, to know more, stay subscribed to our website, Path of EX.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TikTok Pulse?

TikTok Pulse is the latest feature of the app. TikTok Pulse is a new feature for contextual advertising. It features brands designed to close the gap between ads and regular creator content. 

Are there any advantages of contextual advertising on TikTok?

The unique feature of TikTok pulse helps to advertise with it; the brands that appear among the top 4% of all the videos on TikTok in 12 categories.


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