What Does Pushing P Mean on TikTok | Get To Know The Real Reason From Gunna

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Social media platforms have made promoting several songs much more accessible as anything posted becomes viral within a few hours. This year we have seen the launch of several songs on social media, which have become immensely popular. One such song is pushing P. But users are confused about What Does pushing P Mean on TikTok.

So, I have designed an article with all the latest information to remove all your confusion. It will help you to get clarity. The song has become immensely popular among TikTokers, but the real meaning is still a mystery. So, if you want to unfold the mystery, read our article further and get to know the real meaning.

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What Does Pushing P Mean on TikTok?

What does pushing P mean on tiktok?

Pushing P is a song by Gunna, who is an Atlanta-based rapper. He released the song with Young Thug and Future earlier this month. The song has gone immensely viral after its release and is on all social media platforms. Despite being a popular song, people are confused about the meaning of the title of the song.

Pushing P is a regional phase that is widely used in certain parts of the country and also in the southern parts as well. The phrase has been in use for ages. At the same time, it is surprising to know that the phrase is meaningless in other parts of the US.

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Gunna Explains The Meaning

Gunna Explains The Meaning

Gunna, the rapper, has personally taken to his own Twitter handle to explain the real meaning of the phrase. In an interview with The breakfast club, he said that P refers to the Player.

Pushing P means keeping the things actual, and it is a quality that is viewed considerably. Gunna also took to his Instagram handle to go live and gave examples of P to make things easier.

On TikTok, the song and its title have gone super viral. The videos with the hashtag phrase have been viewed several times, and people cannot get enough of them. Gunna even responded to videos to explain how the phrase has been aptly used.

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Wrapping Up

TikTok is a platform where phrases and abbreviations go viral within no time. And leaves their users to wonder what the real meaning is. This time also, the title of the song has become immensely popular. I hope now what pushing P means on TikTok is clarified and that the article helped you in doing that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does pushing P mean on TikTok?

The real meaning of P is player in this context. It is a song title that is becoming immensely viral on the platform.

Who has initiated the phrase pushing P?

Pushing P is a title of a song by Atlanta-based rapper Gunna. He explained the real meaning behind it on social media handles.


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