What Amazon Echo Do I Have | Types of Echo Devices in 2023

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Amazon Echo Auto is an easy-to-use device. However, if you are new to the Amazon Echo Auto device, then there are a lot of things that you have to understand. The device can be connected to multiple things at once. You will feel Amazon Auto is a great choice when you explore its smart features. Especially those who are always in search of a smart speaker or luxury speaker will fall for Amazon Echo Auto. So, let me show you what Amazon Echo do you have and what the difference is between all the Amazon Echo Auto models. 

There are many different Amazon Echo Auto models available on the market. All the models come with their own features and difference so, it can be a little bit tricky sometime to choose the best one from them according to your need. However, if you already have any of them, you can find which Amazon Echo Auto you are using. You can also check out the details about your Amazon Echo on your Amazon account. But if you want to know about other Amazon Echo devices then stay connected.

So, let me show you some features and differences of Amazon Echo so you can figure out what Amazon Echo you have.

What Amazon Echo Do I Have | Types of Echo Devices In 2023

A person who is impressed with Alexa and its features will definitely appreciate Amazon Echo. Amazon speakers are mostly famous for their voice assistants. You can use it to set timers, listen to music, and much more. Easily access Amazon Echo in the Alexa app, so that you can use it on your Android and iOS. You must be wondering how to find a good model or which Amazon Echo you do have. Following is a list of all the Amazon Echo models, along with their unique features and differences.

1. Amazon Echo

Find out The Best Amazon Echo and know More About What Amazon Echo Do I Have?

If you are searching for what Amazon Echo I have, you will get your answers here only. Amazon Echo is more similar to Echo Dot. Amazon Echo is more pricey than Echo Dot. Amazon Echo is basically Amazon’s flagship model that has amazing sound quality. If we look at the first generation of Amazon Echo, it’s tall. 

However, the second and third generations come with nice fabric covers instead of plastic. You will wonder if the fourth generation of Amazon Echo looks exactly like an Echo dot. Because it has an amazing flat bottom. There is only a size difference between Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. Amazon Echo is bigger than Echo Dot.

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2. Echo Plus

Find out The Best Amazon Echo and know More About What Amazon Echo Do I Have?

There are two generations available in Echo Plus. Echo Plus medals look very similar to other Echo models sometimes so you must be thinking what Amazon Echo Do I have. If we talk about the outer appearance the first generation of Echo Plus looks almost similar to the third generation of Echo Plus. So it will be difficult for you to identify. But, do not worry you can find your exact model with some tricks. If your Echo plus is from the second generation you will see the marking of (denoted- Z) at the bottom of the speaker. And, if you do not find any marking it means you have first or third-generation Echo Plus.

3. Echo Studio

Find out The Best Amazon Echo and know More About What Amazon Echo Do I Have?

If you are a die heart music lover then Echo Studio is definitely for you. So, you must be thinking what Amazon Echo do I have. Echo studio is the smartest speaker of all of the above. It can give you the best sound experience. If we talk about the size Echo Studio is larger than the Echo sub. Echo Studio has light ring and control buttons on the top, which makes it easy to operate.

4. Echo Show

Find out The Best Amazon Echo and know More About What Amazon Echo Do I Have?

Echo Show is one of those amazing smart devices from Amazon which has amazing display features. If you are thinking about what Amazon Echo do I have then this is for you. If you have any models from the Echo show generation I would like to tell you the difference between them to make you identify easily. Go through the below details to find.

  1. The Echo Show 5 – 5.5- inch display looks like an alarm clock from the outside.
  2. The Echo Show 8 – 8-inch screen and better resolution than Echo Show 5.
  3. The Echo Show 10 – 10.1 -inch display and flexible moving feature.
  4. The Echo Show 15 – 15.6 display the size of the screen, almost like a laptop screen and you can also put it on a wall.

Note: To easily identify your Echo Show model measure your screen size.

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5. Echo Spot

Find out The Best Amazon Echo and know More About What Amazon Echo Do I Have?

If you are looking for a cool and compact speaker then this is it. Echo Spot has a round screen and it is a small speaker compared to other Echo devices. But there are other models too that have these types of screens so you must be wondering what Amazon Echo do I have. Let me tell you Echo Spot is the perfect mixture of Echo Dot and Echo Show. The round screen of the Echo Spot provides you with time, Weather, and much more information.

6. Echo Dot

Find Echo Dot features and What Amazon Echo Do I Have?

Echo Dot is an affordable model of Echo. Amazon Echo and Echo Dot have many similar features. So, if you have one of from them you must be thinking what Amazon Echo do I have. Echo Dot has 4 generations the first three generations have sleek designs while the Fourth generation is more like Amazon Echo. When we look for the size the fourth generation of Echo Dot is smaller than Echo. Echo Dot has been released in two different looks one is an Alarm clock look and the second one is for kids with some cartoonish prints outside.

7. Echo Sub

Find out What IS echo Sub? And Know More About What Amazon Echo Do I Have?

Echo Sub is almost like other Echo devices but it still has some different features for users. So, let me tell you some important features of the Echo Sub before you think what Amazon Echo do I have. Echo Sub has no buttons or light ring outside like other Echo speakers. If you are looking for a big size speaker then Echo Sub is for you. Echo Sub has an 8×8.3×8.3 inches display. The weight of the Echo Sub is almost 9 pounds. So it is best to set some extra bass.

8. Echo Flex

Find out The Best Amazon Echo and know More About What Amazon Echo Do I Have?

The Echo Flex is the smallest of all of the above. It is specially designed for adding an extra access point around your home plugs. Echo Flex comes with two buttons on the front to operate and there is one lug back side of it. It looks like a small white square. Read all the features of all Echo devices to decide what Amazon Echo Do you have.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we learned about all the Echo devices. So, I hope you got all your answers for what Amazon Echo do I have. Whether it is Echo Dot or Echo Plus all devices can give you a different experience. So, choose your device according to your passion. Follow Path Of EX for more technical articles and Step by step guides. And, have a great day!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which version of Echo I have?

To find out the version of your Echo device open the Alexa app, then select devices, and tap on Echo and Alexa to see the version of your device.

Is Alexa always listening?

Yes, your Alexa is always listening to all the voices in your home it’s just that you have to speak some wake word to make it active.

What is the difference between Alexa and Echo devices?

Alexa is a voice assistant, while on the other hand Echo is a smart speaker device.


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