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Autumn has arrived, and Halloween is just around the corner! I know you are eagerly waiting for the updates on the Warframe Halloween Event 2022. So let me tell you you are at the right place to get all the spooky Warframe Halloween Event 2022 news & updates. 

Considering Warframe’s enormous rotations and proximity, the game is tough to master. This Halloween, Warfarme has brought you something new and more challenging too. You will get to explore many amazing graphics, skins, and Halloween heads. The Halloween event on Warframe this year promises to be intriguing.

Who, on Halloween, wouldn’t want their favorite Warframe game to be updated with a spookier theme? Like last year, all Warframe players globally wish to have a Halloween party and enjoy the Warframe Halloween Event 2022. What might we anticipate if the 2022 Warframe Halloween Event takes place? How does the headless body fare? Find all of the presumptions in this article below.

Will There Be A Warframe Halloween Event 2022?

Yes, the Warframe Halloween will indeed take place in 2022. Digital Extremes is preparing for October’s dark season in Warframe with Revenant Prime. Another in-development werewolf-inspired design, Halloween, and the Conquer Cancer charity drive return are a few seasons to be launched. A busy holiday season will accompany the release of the Warframe Halloween Event on October 5. 

What’s New With The Warframe Halloween Event In 2022?

Warframe Halloween Event 2022

The release of Revenant Prime coincides with the resumption of the Nights of Naberus Halloween event on Wednesday. The newest Warframe to receive an update is Revenant Prime, and the new form will be accessible to unlock or to acquire in-game quickly. 

Warframe Halloween Event 2022 Events & Activities

Warframe Halloween Event 2022

You may develop new Warframes through the recently updated Prime Resurgence. It is the most exciting update announced in this Warframe Halloween event 2022 to join the lineup. Phantasma Prime and Tatsu Prime join the rotation to be used in place of Revenant Prime. There will be a restock of Nights of Naberus products from prior years.

 Warframe Halloween Event 2022 Updates

Warframe Halloween Event 2022

Expected updates of  Warframe Halloween Event 2022 are –

  • Halloween Liset Decorations 
  • Jack-o-Naught Noggle Statues
  • Revenant Glyphs

Additionally, users can get discounts of up to 25% on Day of the Dead bundles from prior seasons. From Wednesday, October 5 at 2 p.m. ET through Wednesday, November 2 at 2 p.m. ET, players will have access to Nights of Naberus for a brief period.

I expect that this awaited collection of new Warframe Halloween Updates will make your Halloween more fun-filled. 

Wrapping Up

So, this was everything you wanted to know about the Warframe Halloween Event 2022. I hope you got all your questions answered here. So get revamped with all the new stuff that Warframe has for you. This year enjoy playing RPGs with your friends with more spooky themes. Share this article with your friends and have fun this Halloween, folks. Don’t overlook check-in back on Path of EX for updates!

Happy Halloween!

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