150+ Valentines Day Captions For Instagram 

150+ Valentines Day Captions For Instagram 

Whether you are single or are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner, friends, pets, family, or no one, it’s a day to celebrate love, kindness, and joy around you! And of course, Valentine’s Day is also about playing dress up, clicking a gazillion pictures, and flooding your Instagram with them. But for that you would need a cutesy Instagram caption too, right? No worries my dearest because I have, here for you, the list of 150+ Valentines Day captions for Instagram

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a funny or romantic caption, or even one for your pet if you are celebrating the day with your furry friends. Why, you may ask? That’s because our list has all types of captions from funny to romantic, cliche to cringe, and what not. So forget your Valentine’s Day Instagram caption worries and think about getting the perfect click! 

Cute Valentine’s Day Captions For Instagram

150+ Valentines Day Captions For Instagram 

If you had a blast with your Galentine’s Day celebrations and are now looking to celebrate 14th February, Valentine’s Day, the most talked about day of the year with your partner, we have a little something for you. Here is a list of cute valentines day captions for Instagram to doll up your Instagram profile grid and add more to your Pinterest worthy aesthetic. 

  1. “Love is in the air and my heart’s aflutter 💕 #ValentinesDay”
  2. “You stole a pizza my heart 🍕❤️ #Valentines”
  3. “My Valentine’s Day forecast: 100% chance of cuddles and kisses 💋❤️”
  4. “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite 💖 #ValentinesDay”
  5. “Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you! 🌹💙 #Valentines”
  6. “Together is my favorite place to be 💑💕 #ValentinesDay”
  7. “You + Me = ❤️ #Valentines”
  8. “Love is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction 💫💞 #ValentinesDay”
  9. “You make my heart skip a beat 💓 #Valentines”
  10. “You’re the sprinkle to my cupcake, the icing to my cake 🧁💕 #ValentinesDay”
  11. “Every love story is special, but ours is my favorite fairy tale 💖✨ #Valentines”
  12. “I’ve got all the feels for you this Valentine’s Day 💗 #Valentines”
  13. “Love is like a fine wine, it gets better with time 🍷❤️ #ValentinesDay”
  14. “With you, every day feels like Valentine’s Day 💖 #Valentines”
  15. “Life is better when we’re together 💏💕 #ValentinesDay”
  16. “You’re my favorite notification 💖 #ValentinesDay”
  17. “I love you more than coffee, and that’s saying a latte ☕❤️ #Valentines”
  18. “You’re the PB to my J, the Mickey to my Minnie 🥜🐭💕 #ValentinesDay”
  19. “Every pizza me loves every pizza you 🍕❤️ #Valentines”
  20. “My heart skips a beet for you 🥰🥕 #ValentinesDay”
  21. “You’re my happy place 💫💖 #Valentines”
  22. “You’re the cheese to my macaroni 🧀❤️ #ValentinesDay”
  23. “You’re the frosting to my cupcake 🧁💕 #ValentinesDay”
  24. “I’m so glad I swiped right 💑💖 #Valentines”
  25. “I love you more than a pizza lover loves pizza 🍕❤️ #ValentinesDay”
  26. “You’re the sprinkles to my donut 🍩💖 #Valentines”
  27. “You’re my sunshine on a rainy day 🌦️☀️ #ValentinesDay”
  28. “I’m bananas for you 🍌💕 #Valentines”
  29. “You’re the Avocado to my toast 🥑❤️ #ValentinesDay”
  30. “You’re the jelly to my peanut butter 🍇🥜💖 #Valentines”
  31. “Love is like a box of chocolates, and I hit the jackpot with you 🍫💘 #ValentinesDay”
  32. “You’re my person 💑💕 #Valentines”
  33. “I’m so fortunate to have you as my Valentine 🍀❤️ #ValentinesDay”
  34. “You make my heart skip a beet 💓🥗 #Valentines”
  35. “I love you more than Kanye loves Kanye 🤣💖 #ValentinesDay”
  36. “You’re the cheese to my macaroni 🧀❤️ #Valentines”
  37. “You’re my lobster 🦞💕 #ValentinesDay”
  38. “I love you more than words can say 💖 #Valentines”
  39. “You’re my favorite hello and hardest goodbye 💕😘 #ValentinesDay”
  40. “I’d pick you every time 🌹💖 #Valentines”
  41. “You’re the marshmallow to my hot chocolate 🍫☕❤️ #ValentinesDay”
  42. “I love you from my head tomatoes 🍅💕 #Valentines”
  43. “You’re my happily ever after 💫💖 #ValentinesDay”
  44. “You’re my spark in the dark 💥💕 #Valentines”

Romantic Valentines Day Captions For Instagram 

150+ Valentines Day Captions For Instagram 

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion dedicated to celebrating love and romance. Traditionally, the day is a celebration for romantic partners that they spend by going out for a lunch or dinner, exchanging gifts, flowers, chocolates, cards, and much more. But as we know, no celebration is complete without uploading a picture or two, or TEN on Instagram. You can find yourself a romantic Valntines day caption for Instagram from the list below – 

  1. “In your arms is right where I want to be 💖 #ValentinesDay”
  2. “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite 💕 #Valentines”
  3. “Forever isn’t long enough when I’m with you 💫❤️ #ValentinesDay”
  4. “You are my today and all of my tomorrows 💑💖 #Valentines”
  5. “With you, I have everything I need 💞 #ValentinesDay”
  6. “Love is not just something you feel, it’s something you do 💗 #Valentines”
  7. “You’re the missing piece to my puzzle 🧩❤️ #ValentinesDay”
  8. “In a sea of people, my eyes will always search for you 🌊💕 #Valentines”
  9. “My heart beats for you and only you ❤️🥰 #ValentinesDay”
  10. “You’re my favorite place to go when my mind searches for peace 💖 #Valentines”
  11. “I found my happily ever after because of you 💫💘 #ValentinesDay”
  12. “You’re the best thing that’s ever been mine 💑💕 #Valentines”
  13. “I never knew love could feel like this until I met you 💞 #ValentinesDay”
  14. “Your love is the greatest gift I’ve ever received 🎁❤️ #Valentines”
  15. “I fall in love with you more and more every day 💖 #ValentinesDay”
  16. “You’re my sunshine on the darkest days ☀️💕 #Valentines”
  17. “To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides 🌞❤️ #ValentinesDay”
  18. “I’m so grateful to have you by my side through it all 💑💖 #Valentines”
  19. “You’re the one I’ve been waiting for all my life 💘 #ValentinesDay”
  20. “I want all of my moments to be spent loving you 💗 #Valentines”
  21. “Being with you feels like coming home 🏡❤️ #ValentinesDay”
  22. “You are my today and all of my tomorrows 💞 #Valentines”
  23. “Every love song is about you 💖🎶 #ValentinesDay”
  24. “You’re the love I’ve been searching for my whole life 💕 #Valentines”
  25. “I choose you. And I’ll choose you over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I’ll keep choosing you 💑💖 #ValentinesDay”
  26. “I love you to the moon and back, and then some 🌙💘 #Valentines”
  27. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me 💖 #ValentinesDay”
  28. “My heart is so full of love for you ❤️💕 #Valentines”
  29. “You’re the one I want to share my forever with 💫💖 #ValentinesDay”
  30. “I love you more than words can express 💞 #Valentines”

Valentine’s Day Captions For Singles 

150+ Valentines Day Captions For Instagram 

If you are spending Valentine’s Day celebrating your independence and self-love, you aren’t alone. It’s an us moment bro and to keep the self-love spirits high, I have compiled a list of Valentine’s Day captions for singles that you can add to your celebration pictures on Instagram. 

  1. “Single and fabulous, just like every other day of the year! 💁‍♂️ #Valentines”
  2. “Who needs a Valentine when you have self-love? 💖 #SingleLife”
  3. “Celebrating Valentine’s Day with the most important person in my life: me! 💕 #SelfLove”
  4. “Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m single and loving it, how about you? 🌹 #SoloLife”
  5. “My relationship status: in a committed relationship with freedom and independence. 💪 #Single”
  6. “Valentine’s Day is just another day to celebrate how amazing I am all on my own! 💁‍♀️ #Independent”
  7. “Single and thriving, not just surviving! 🙌 #SingleLife”
  8. “Enjoying the single life and all the freedom it brings! 💃 #NoValentine”
  9. “Who needs a significant other when you have an amazing group of friends? 💕 #Galentines”
  10. “Valentine’s Day is a great reminder that I’m perfectly happy on my own! 🥰 #SelfLove”
  11. “Spending Valentine’s Day treating myself like the royalty I am! 👑 #TreatYourself”
  12. “Valentine’s Day plans? Treating myself to all the things I love! 🛍️ #SelfCare”
  13. “Single and loving every minute of it! Cheers to independence! 🥂 #NoValentineNeeded”
  14. “Me, myself, and I: the ultimate power trio! 💪 #SingleLife”
  15. “Valentine’s Day is just another day to celebrate being fabulous! 💃 #FabulousAndSingle”
  16. “Today’s agenda: self-care, self-love, and more self-love! 💖 #Valentines”
  17. “Relationship status: happily single and not looking to mingle! 🚫 #SingleAndProud”
  18. “Valentine’s Day is a reminder to love yourself fiercely! 🌟 #SelfLove”
  19. “Single doesn’t mean alone; it means I’m choosing to focus on myself! 💁‍♀️ #Independent”
  20. “Not having a Valentine means I get to keep all the chocolate for myself! 🍫 #ChocolateLover”
  21. “Cheers to all the single folks out there, living their best lives! 🥂 #SingleLife”
  22. “Valentine’s Day plans: indulging in self-love and self-care! 💖 #LoveYourself”
  23. “Embracing my single status and loving every minute of it! 💕 #SoloLife”
  24. “Spending Valentine’s Day surrounded by love: self-love, that is! 💗 #SelfLove”
  25. “Single and not settling for anything less than I deserve! 💁‍♂️ #KnowYourWorth”
  26. “Valentine’s Day is just another excuse to treat myself like the queen that I am! 👑 #SelfCare”
  27. “Today’s mood: independent, confident, and perfectly happy on my own! 💪 #SingleLife”
  28. “Single doesn’t mean lonely; it means I’m embracing my freedom! 🕊️ #Independent”
  29. “Not having a Valentine means I have more time to focus on the most important relationship in my life: the one with myself! 💖 #SelfLove”
  30. “Valentine’s Day is a great reminder that being single is a choice, not a limitation! 💁‍♀️ #SingleAndHappy”

Funny Valentine’s Day Captions For Instagram 

150+ Valentines Day Captions For Instagram 

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day may be associated with all love things but that ship has changed in modern times now. Many people celebrate Valentine’s Day with their friends or family. Valentine’s Day is not limited to just romantic relationships now. More than often, the day is also celebrated to cherish the platonic and familial bonds in your life. For that celebration, we have the perfect list of funny Valentine’s day captions for Instagram. 

  1. “Love is in the air… and it smells like chocolate!”
  2. “Roses are red, violets are blue, my cat is my Valentine, and honestly, that’s true.”
  3. “Valentine’s Day: the one day a year I pretend to enjoy romantic comedies.”
  4. “If we’re not meant to have midnight snacks, why is there a light in the fridge?”
  5. “Who needs a Valentine when you have pizza?”
  6. “Currently accepting Valentine’s Day chocolate donations.”
  7. “Single and ready to mingle… with this box of chocolates.”
  8. “My Valentine’s Day plans? Eating my weight in chocolate, obviously.”
  9. “Valentine’s Day: the perfect excuse to eat heart-shaped pizza.”
  10. “Love is spending the entire day with your significant other… Netflix.”
  11. “Valentine’s Day: because love isn’t going to annoy itself.”
  12. “Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m using this day to binge-watch Hulu.”
  13. “Just here for the discounted chocolate on February 15th.”
  14. “My Valentine’s Day wish? That the pizza delivery guy finds my apartment without any issues.”
  15. “Valentine’s Day: the one day of the year when it’s acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”
  16. “Who needs a Valentine when you have memes?”
  17. “Love is in the air… but so is the smell of pizza, and that’s more enticing.”
  18. “Valentine’s Day is like a box of chocolates… empty calories and full of surprises.”
  19. “Who needs a date when you have a calendar full of deadlines?”
  20. “Roses are red, violets are blue, my Valentine is Netflix, and honestly, I’m cool with that.”
  21. “Valentine’s Day is just a reminder that I need to replace the batteries in my smoke detector.”
  22. “Me: Single. Mingle: Where?”
  23. “I’m single by choice… Not my choice, but still.”
  24. “Valentine’s Day: the day Hallmark stock skyrockets.”
  25. “My love language? Pizza.”
  26. “Currently in a committed relationship with my bed.”
  27. “Love is like a fart: if you have to force it, it’s probably crap.”
  28. “Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m allergic to flowers, so here’s some chocolate for you.”
  29. “If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?”
  30. “Valentine’s Day: the one day a year when watching romantic movies alone is socially acceptable.”

Cute Valentines Day Captions For Instagram For Your Pet

There is no compulsion that says you have to celebrate Valentine’s day with your partners. If you have a furry or meowy friend, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day just as joyously with them too. While you furry friend may not understand the significance of Valnetine’s Day, they will certainly appreciate the attention and special treatment you shower them with. You can also celebrate the bond with your furry friends by uploading your pictures with cute Valentine’s Day captions for your pets from the list mentioned below – 

  1. “You had me at woof! 🐾❤️ #ValentinesDay”
  2. “Pawsitively in love with my furry Valentine 🐾💕 #Valentines”
  3. “My furry Valentine steals my heart every day 🐶💘 #ValentinesDay”
  4. “Meow and forever, you’re my Valentine 😺❤️ #Valentines”
  5. “Fur-ever and always my Valentine 🐾💖 #ValentinesDay”
  6. “Love is a four-legged word 🐾💞 #Valentines”
  7. “I woof you more than words can express 🐶💕 #ValentinesDay”
  8. “My pet’s love is the best kind of love 🐾❤️ #Valentines”
  9. “You’re the purr-fect Valentine 🐱💘 #ValentinesDay”
  10. “My tail wags just for you 🐾😊 #Valentines”
  11. “You make my heart melt like a treat on a sunny day 🍦🐶 #ValentinesDay”
  12. “Loving you is a walk in the park 🌳🐾 #Valentines”
  13. “My pet, my Valentine, my forever love 🐾💖 #ValentinesDay”
  14. “Furry cuddles and Valentine’s Day snuggles 🐾💕 #Valentines”
  15. “You’re my favorite fetch partner and Valentine 🎾🐶 #ValentinesDay”
  16. “My pet’s love is the best kind of love 🐾❤️ #Valentines”
  17. “You’re the paw-fect Valentine, no bones about it 🐾💘 #ValentinesDay”
  18. “My pet fills my heart with paw-sitivity 🐾💖 #Valentines”
  19. “I’m mutts about you! 🐶💕 #ValentinesDay”
  20. “You’re my fur-ever Valentine 🐾❤️ #Valentines”
  21. “My pet brings love and joy to every day 🐾💞 #ValentinesDay”
  22. “You’re the cat’s meow in my heart 🐱💖 #Valentines”
  23. “My pet’s love is the leash I never want to let go of 🐾💕 #ValentinesDay”
  24. “You make my heart skip a beat, and my tail wag with glee 🐾❤️ #Valentines”
  25. “You’re the treat to my tricks 🐾🍬 #ValentinesDay”
  26. “Fur-ever grateful for your love 🐾💘 #Valentines”
  27. “You’re the sunshine to my rainy days, my pet Valentine 🐾☀️ #ValentinesDay”
  28. “My pet is my heart, my home, and my Valentine 🐾💕 #Valentines”
  29. “I’m head over paws in love with you 🐾❤️ #ValentinesDay”
  30. “You’re the best snuggle buddy and Valentine ever 🐾💖 #Valentines”

Wrapping Up 

With this we wrap up the lsit of the best, cute, funny, and romantic Valentine’s Day captions for Instagram. Valentine’s Day is a reminder to celebrate love in all its forms and embrace the joy that comes from connecting with your friends and family. 

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