25+ Thanksgiving Polls for Instagram: Create Ultimate Poll!

25+ Thanksgiving Polls for Instagram | Know Your Audience

Thanksgiving is here and Social Media is all ready to upgrade its game. Instagram is up with a bundle of Thanksgiving Filters and the influencers on Instagram are drooling over Thanksgiving content. To know more about Thanksgiving Polls for Instagram, we’ve got you covered below.

Instagram polls are one of the best sticker options we have on the table. It creates an engaging atmosphere on the gram and allows all the people to come over and share their thoughts with the poll options.

Head on further to learn what are the popular Thanksgiving polls for Instagram and how your casual This or That can sort your festive season with a lot more clarity.

Thanksgiving Polls for Instagram | This or That (To-Do)

25+ Thanksgiving Polls for Instagram | Know Your Audience

Are you striving to know what your Instagram community is up to on Thanksgiving? If Yes, then To-Do Thanksgiving Polls for Instagram is all you need to make holidays more intriguing and sorted.

Further are the To-Do Thanksgiving polls for Instagram:

  1. Watching Football or Holiday Shopping
  2. Midday Meal or Dinner Time Meal
  3. Hot Chocolate or Hot Tea
  4. Turkey or Ham
  5. Sunday Best or Comedy Clothes
  6. Home Made Food or Restaurant
  7. Intimate gathering or a mega celebration
  8. Corn Maze or Bonfire
  9. Stuffing or Dressing
  10. Pumpkin Pie or Pecan Pie
  11. Sweet Potato or Mashed Potato
  12. Cozy vibe or Party vibe
  13. Candle Light Dinner or Fancy Dinner
  14. Lavender Scent or Vanilla Scent
  15. Pumpkin Spice latte or French Vanilla
  16. Veg Spicy Thupka or Classic Tomato Soup
  17. Popsicles or Candies
  18. Fairy lights or Flower hangings
  19. All-night games or Drolling with Dance
  20. Wine or Champagne
  21. Spaghetti Pasta or Cheese-Burst Pizza
  22. Pajamas Pro or Fancy dress up

Costume Thanksgiving Polls for Instagram

25+ Thanksgiving Polls for Instagram | Know Your Audience

Dress Up to make it up! Further are the popular costume Thanksgiving polls for Instagram, head on:

  1. Kinnet Dress or Pleated Skirt
  2. Casual Comfy or Suited attire
  3. Boho chic or Glam babe
  4. Long boots or High Heels
  5. Sports Shoes or Plums

Wrapping Up

This was all about 20+ Thanksgiving polls for Instagram. Check out the famous polls dropped above and further drop it on your next Instagram Story.

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