How To Use Polls In Instagram Stories To Engage Your Viewers?

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Looking for ways to engage with your audience on the Instagram page? What can be better than Instagram stories? Instagram stories can engage your audience by involving polls in them. Instagram polls make your stories more engaging. Now you are thinking about how to use polls in Instagram stories.

Instagram polls are like a conversation starter from the company’s side. This will help you to stay in touch with your followers. Also, polls act as a great measure to get feedback about your page or product. It is a great learning way from the audience by making them feel valued. Your interactions with the audience are directly proportional to the increase in leads. 

Whenever you are confused about a launch for market or some product idea, what can be better than directly asking from your audience? In this conversation, polls play a huge role. Let us try to understand more about it by scrolling down.

5 Creative Ways To Use Polls On Instagram Stories

how to use polls Instagram stories to engage your viewers: 5 creative ways to use Instagram polls

If your Instagram polls results are bringing changes to your page, then make sure you share it with followers by posting a story and saying Thank you. It will bring a feeling of togetherness regarding your brand.

Moreover, try to be more creative with your polls to increase your viewer’s engagement. Let us learn together how to be more creative in your polls by scrolling down.

1. Display the Best Product

how to use polls in Instagram stories to engage your viewers: display the best product

We can attract our followers to try the best product we have. You must be wondering how we can do that by using Instagram polls? Just by posting the best-clicked picture of your product. 

Afterward, post the poll between the top two products of your brand on your Instagram story. Then your picture will play the role of attracting your viewers. 

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2. Promote CSR Activity 

how to use polls in Instagram stories to engage your viewers: promote CSR activity

As per the latest trends, every company is initiating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity. It will be great if your followers also initiate the same by rising poll. For example, you support the old age Group for your CSR. Raise a poll of initiating a meeting and suggest group meet time afternoon or evening. 

In this way, your brand will create a great impression in your viewers’ eyes. Along with that, they will be motivated to share your brand with their friends.

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3. Gathering The Viewers Prospective

how to use polls in Instagram polls in Instagram stories to engage : gathering viewers prospective

To let your brand grow, you need support from viewers. How do you get your viewers involved? In that case, you can put Instagram yes or no questions on your story. These polls will help you understand your follower’s views on the topic. After collecting their responses, you will be able to take decisions more appropriately. 

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4. Announcement Of Live 

how to use polls in Instagram stories to engage your viewers: announcement of live session

In order to conduct a live interactive session with your followers. What can be better than confirming the live session time from the followers? If you raise a poll for live session time, you will know how many followers are willing to join. Also, you will get a better idea of which time slot or day is better to have live with more viewers. 

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5. Collecting Feedback

how to use polls in Instagram stories to engage your viewers: collecting feedback

Nothing can be better than an Instagram poll, to collect feedback. It is beneficial for both the page and the viewer. Polls help in saving a lot of time for viewers to reply just by a click. On the other hand, it also helps the page to get results in the collected form. Make the most of time and get better results. 

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Why Should We Create Instagram Polls?

Poll results are so prompt and fresh. They are available till the time your poll is on the story, i.e. for 24hrs. We are aware that this feature is accessible to everyone on Instagram. So why not make it fruitful and unique for your page. Stay tuned to know, why should we create Instagram Polls?

1. To Collect Customer Feedback

how to use polls in Instagram stories to engage your viewers: to collect customer feedback

To collect feedback from your customers by making them fill a feedback form page is a very old technique. With social media, you can collect feedback from customers by using Instagram polls in this digital era. 

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2. To Ask Anything From Followers

hoiw to use polls in Instagram polls in Instagram stories to engage your viewers: ask anything from followers

Instagram polls play a very important role in asking any sort of questions from the followers. This questioning helps the page or brand to collect the most valuable answers from the viewer’s perspective.

3. Grabbing Attention

how to use polls in Instagram stories to engage your viewers: grab attention

In case you are thinking about what can be the easiest way to grab your viewer’s attention. Then you must try Instagram polls to make the most of it. It will help you to engage your followers.

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4. Help In Launch Of New Product

how to use polls in Instagram stories to engage your viewers: help in launch of new product

To launch a new range of products for your brand, you can use Instagram polls on your Instagram story. This will help you to conduct your Instagram survey in a better way. Moreover, it will provide you with a genuine response from the followers.

5. Instant Replies 

how to use polls in Instagram stories to engage your viewers: instant replies

One of the amazing features of using Instagram polls is that it helps you to get instant replies. The moment you start getting replies, it shows how your viewers are engaged in your page. Keep posting polls and get your viewer’s perspective to complete your Instagram survey.

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Wrapping Up

From the above information shared in the article, you can make the most by using  Instagram polls. They will be your latest marketing tool to elevate your business growth. I hope by reading the above article, you will be using your tool efficiently. Also, I will be waiting for your comments to know how polls are being a great help to your business.


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