Spotify Audiobook Limit – The Next Chapter For Premium Users

Spotify Audiobook Limit

Great news for Spotify Premium users: Spotify Premium has added over 200000 titles worldwide. The latest Spotify audiobook feature includes a large variety of audiobooks from different backgrounds, regardless of their culture. Users of Spotify Premium now have a limited amount of time to listen to their favorite books. But soon, in this article, you will realize that this limitation is not as binding as you might think.

From romance to young adult, all the spicy genres have been included by Spotify. Still, users have many doubts regarding stream limits or credit hours that are being offered to Spotify users without any extra charge. There are many who are confused about the hows and whens of the new feature.

So, in this article, we will discuss all about the Spotify Audiobook limit, who needs to pay for the feature, and other queries related to this feature that brings you over 150000 titles of entertainment.

What is Spotify Audiobook Limit?

Sotify music; Spotify Audiobook Limit

Spotify Premium offers 15 hours of streaming time to every individual, duo account, and family plan holder. Spotify team guarantees that 15 hours of streaming time each month can help you complete 2 audiobooks per month. This is totally possible, as 15 hours of uninterrupted listening is sufficient enough to complete two sizzling story titles. 

There is nothing you have to do except choose your book and stream on. There are no extra charges or fees. The audiobooks will be tagged on the screen with an “included in Premium” tag. For non-Premium Spotify users, the audiobooks will not be available. So, I suggest non-premium users purchase a premium plan instead of looking for other ways around it. Buying the Spotify Premium plan is the most cost-efficient way for any listener. No other app will provide so many features, from music to podcasts to books, to users at such a pocket-friendly cost.

Can I Extend The Spotify Audiobook Limit?

Spotify; Spotify Audiobook Limit

Yes, you can extend or top-up your Spotify Premium for 10 hours of additional time. Spotify does have a workaround for you if you are a dedicated, passionate reader. Spotify Premium users who exceed the Spotify audiobook limit of 15 hours can recharge the account with a top-up plan that will be available in increments of 10-hour top-ups.

These top-up plans will have an expiry of 12 months, even if they are not used at all. Plus, you can add more than one 10-hour plan to your account if you already know your stream time is boss-level. After all, there are streamers who stream their days away in a single sitting.

How To Top-Up Spotify Audiobook Limit?

Top-Up Spotify Audiobook limit to add +10 hours of time in these 3 easy steps:

  1. Open your Account Overview on Spotify.
  2. Under the Subscription tab, select Audiobook listening time.
  3. There, you will find the option to Top-up.

Wrapping Up

Spotify’s audiobook limit is a very reasonable amount of time as it makes sure that you do not overflow in those fantasies, which is something I personally experience as well. So, I am excited to allot an hour of my day to the Spotify audiobook feature from now on. There is nothing better than an hour and a half of listening to books before sleep. It makes you sleepy, and you are all ready for the upcoming adventure in dreams beforehand. You can check this Spotify page to learn some basic things about this new Audiobook feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Spotify Audiobook Limit?

Spotify offers a total of 15 hours of streaming time for all Spotify premium users.

Q2. Can I Extend The 15 Hour Limit on Spotify?

Yes, you can choose to extend your streaming time by purchasing 10-hour top-ups from the subscriptions tab of your Spotify account preview.

Q3. Can I Use Spotify Audiobooks Without Spotify Premium?

No, you will have to purchase any one of the Spotify plans, either for individual, duo, or family, whichever suits you, to access audiobooks.

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