Why Is Slack AI Not Showing On My Device? 3 Reasons You Are Missing Out

Slack; slack AI Not Showing

Slack has brought us a boost in our work productivity, better team collaboration, and reduced information clutter this Valentine’s. All of this is through the Slack AI that has been announced by Slack on 14 February. Some people have already started using it while others are left wondering why is Slack AI not showing on their app. After all, everybody wants a taste of what this new Slack AI can do.

The name Slack AI is quite a self-explanatory term, but just to clarify, Slack AI is a built-in AI model for the Slack app and site. Slack has already contributed to our corporate lives with its ability to connect people. But now, after Slack AI, I wonder how much easier and faster our work will get. With the new Slack AI, you will have faster access to all information on and off the Slack app, making it a handy tool.

While missing out on so many great features, it is understandable to wonder why Slack AI is not showing on your device. Read this article thoroughly to figure out the reason for Slack AI not showing on your device.

Why Is Slack AI Not Showing On My Device?

Slack; slack AI Not Showing

Since Slack AI has officially been released, it is not available for everyone, including you. You could be dealing with one of the three reasons given below for Slack AI not showing:

1. Under The Roll-out Process

The Slack AI was only announced on 14 February but is still not fully developed. Slack mentions that even though Slack AI is out now, it is still being developed. This might prevent Slack AI from appearing on some devices due to your location or specific Slack settings. While Slack AI has been available in all the markets from the beginning, the combination of the two factors mentioned could prevent you from accessing Slack AI.

There is not much you can do to get Slack AI if the reason Slack AI is not showing on your app is location. Except, register for the Beta manually, as explained in the third reason. But if you have registered and cannot locate Slack AI, check your Slack settings.

The settings of your Slack app should have English as your primary language. Slack AI will be able to work in all languages, just not yet. Right now, Slack AI can only work with the English language. So, any language other than English could prevent Slack AI from appearing on your device. 

2. Not Available With Your Plan

Slack app; slack AI Not Showing

Slack AI is only available as an add-on with the Enterprise plan on Slack. So, if you use any plan other than Slack, you will not be able to Slack AI. This includes the fact that the free plan on Slack does not offer the benefits of Slack AI. 

3. You Have Not Registered With Beta

While Slack AI is still under development, most users are already able to access it. While the Slack AI appeared on the Slack app immediately after the latest Slack update, some users did not find it on their devices even after updating the app. If you also fall under this category, I suggest you visit the Slack Beta Form and fill it out. This will help you get access to Slack AI manually. After you have submitted this form, Slack will send you steps to access the Slack AI on our email, confirming your access to Slack AI.

Wrapping Up

With features like channel recaps, AI search, Thread summaries, and Einstein Copilot integration, Slack AI is a valuable tool. While the Einstein Copilot integration with Salesforce CRM data is still under development, Slack AI is a tool you can trust. Even though it is still under development, it will make your and your team’s work much faster and more efficient. Now that you have learned the reasons for Slack AI not showing on your device, fix them so you can immediately experience this amazing tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When Was Slack AI Released?

Slack AI was released on 14 February 2024.

Q2. Why Is Slack AI not showing On My Device?

You might be missing out on Slack AI due to your plan, your Slack settings, or simply because you did not register for the Beta program.

Q3. What Are Slack AI Functions?

Slack AI has brought AI search, thread summaries, channel recaps, and Einstein Copilot integration.

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