PS5 Themes: How To Update PS5 Wallpaper [2024] in Easy Steps

ps5 themes

Hello, my fellow gamers! Are you curious to know if PS5 has its own set of PS5 themes or if you can update the PS5 wallpaper? Worry not because I am here with a detailed guide on PS5 themes. Let’s proceed through this page and follow the instructions below to customize your PS5 wallpaper according to your choice. I have also included the steps to edit or crop your wallpaper to fit it well to your screen. Step further for a detailed tutorial. 

PlayStation is an intriguing console available where players can get on the various lists of games and literally have the best time of their lives. Many players can vouch for their top-notch gaming experiences over and above any platform using this user-friendly space. However, it is advised to save your data in your cloud because, at worst, if you are asked to reset your device, you don’t have anything to lose. 

Make your way through this article and learn if PS5 has themes and how you can beautify your PlayStation 5 according to your preference. Below, I have given you a detailed step-by-step guide to update your PS5 wallpaper. Go on, follow the steps, and embark upon the adventure as you like. 

Does PS5 Have Themes | Are There PS5 Themes?

ps5 themes

PS5 doesn’t have themes

Unfortunately, PS5 doesn’t have themes, and you cannot customize the platform to your requirements like you could with PS3 & PS4. However, if you highlight the game or app on your home screens, the background will update automatically, according to the relatable art design. Let’s go further and learn more about updating wallpaper themes on PS5 by following the right steps. 

How to Update the PS5 Wallpaper | How to Change Theme on PS5?

ps5 themes

There is no official access for you to update the background on your PS5, but you can update the PS5 wallpaper on your profile page by sending the official Google link to your close friend. As you click on the link, look for the image you want to fit, crop it, and save it to set it as your background image. 

Then click on the PS option, choose your profile, and follow the instructions mentioned below:

Head to Profile > Edit Profile > Cover Image > Change Image > Choose your Wallpaper & Save

This is just a crux of what you can expect next. Try the workaround method given below to replace your current wallpaper for your next best choice. 

Steps to Change the Wallpaper on PS5:

  1. Select the controller’s PS button > go to the Game Base option at the bottom.
  2. As the ‘Friends’ menu pops up, press the message icon.
  3. Tap on the ‘Search Browser.’ and head on to Google or
  4. Press R2 on your controller, and select message to launch it on the built-in browser. 
  5. Choose the ‘images’ option at the top > go to the search field and type the name of your favorite wallpaper. 
  6. Select R2 to begin searching for your wallpapers. 
  7. As your favorite wallpaper pops up, choose the one from your list. Tip: Go for a wallpaper with 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution if you own a 4K TV. 
  8. Your chosen wallpaper will reflect on your browser as an image > take a screenshot of it by pressing and holding the Create button on your controller.
  9. Head to the Screenshot menu by pressing the create button > choose your Screenshot. 
  10. Then, use the editing feature to crop your image. Press the left key to widen the screenshot till it fits in the box. 
  11. Click on Done to save your editing > and tap on Save.
  12. Then, as a screen pops up, select ‘Replace Original’ to save your screenshot as PS5 wallpaper.
  13. Select the PS button on your controller and go to the profile menu. Click Profile > Edit Profile > and select the Change Image option
  14. Choose your edited screenshot as your PS5 wallpaper. Select Save.
  15. And lastly, head back to see if your PS5 wallpaper has been updated. 

To change the PS5 wallpaper, go to the PS5 settings menu > click on the ‘Images’ option > choose your wallpaper among the varied options available > customize it accordingly > and replace it from your current wallpaper. Get your hands on the wallpaper that suits you the most and enhance your experience.

Wrapping Up

So, this was all about If PS5 has themes and ways to customize your PS5 wallpaper. Choose the wallpaper that suits you well, regarding its size, resolution, and preference, and crop it finely to enhance your PS5 game. Follow the steps mentioned above, and let me know if you have any more questions. I will try to answer them ASAP. 

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