What are the Parts Needed to Build a Gaming PC in 2023?

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A gaming PC is essential if you’re into gaming and watching YouTube videos on your computer. It gives you a lot of power, letting you play games at high speed and have better quality graphics when compared to normal computers. To make a gaming pc, there are various component parts that need to be considered and bought. To make your own gaming PC, I will show you the parts needed to build a gaming PC.

You must be thinking about what parts you need to build a gaming PC. Well, when you build a gaming PC, it’s not just about getting the best graphics card. You also have to make sure your system has enough storage and RAM, as well as an SSD or solid-state drive. There are numerous resources online to help you when building your own computer. But, it can be a little tricky to find out about all the parts from different websites. 

In this guide, I’m going to show you the importance of all the components and tips which you will need. So, let us start the listing of the parts needed to build a gaming PC.

What are the Parts Needed to Build a Gaming PC?

What are the Parts Needed to Build a Gaming PC in 2022?

You’ll need a computer case, a power supply, a motherboard and processor, RAM, a graphic card, a monitor, and other components. Computer cases are available in many different sizes and shapes, so choose the one that best suits your needs.

A power supply is one of the most important parts of your PC. It’s what provides electricity to the other components inside your machine. A good power supply should have enough watts to satisfy most computer users’ needs while still being efficient enough to save money on energy costs over time. Know exactly what you need to build a gaming PC.

A motherboard is a circuit board that sits between the processor and memory chips in your PC to manage communication between them. Since it’s likely you won’t be able to fully customize your motherboard, choose one that offers all of the features you need as well as some extras you don’t use often but might someday want to use later on down the road.

I hope you got a little bit about gaming PCs now. Now, I will guide you, what are the parts needed to build a gaming PC.

1. Motherboard

What are the Parts Needed to Build a Gaming PC in 2022?

The motherboard is a very important part of a PC. It is a circuit board that can connect to the other PC parts to work together. Now, let us move to how to check Motherboard. There are 3 main things on which you should focus, voltage regulation, compatibility, and expansion capabilities.

Voltage regulation shows how well your motherboard is delivering the voltage to the other parts of the PC. To check the motherboard’s voltage regulation, try to check online reviews and benchmarks online. If we talk about compatibility, you just have to check. Whether your motherboard is supporting your CPU or not. Check the version of RAM and decide if it matches the DDR version or not.

The final part of the motherboard is to check if you have enough storage or if you can expand your storage slots so you can use and expand in the future. You also need to check the connection part, check if your motherboard has no built-in WIFI support system then you have to buy an adapter for the connection. Hope you got an idea: the motherboard is one of the parts needed to build a gaming PC.

2. Central Processing Unit (CPU)

What are the Parts Needed to Build a Gaming PC in 2022?

CPU: This is your system’s processor and is the most important part of your computer. A fast CPU is necessary for any gaming rig because it will let you play games at high settings and run other programs smoothly. So, CPU is the must thing you need to build a PC.

CPU Cooler: When playing games, the CPU works very hard and will get hot. To keep it cool, you need a good CPU cooler that has fans to blow air over the heat sink inside your system to keep it cool. If I tell you about good gaming CPUs, the most trending four- or six-core CPUs are excellent for gaming. But if you are an app user, then apps require more horsepower, so you need to go for more advanced CPUs. 

Please ensure that your CPU should be compatible with your motherboard, to check this go to the manufacturer’s site. This is how the CPU is from important parts needed to build a gaming PC. You can also buy a third-party cooler if your CPU does not have that option. So, these are the main things for parts needed to build a gaming PC. 

3. Random Memory Access (RAM)

What are the Parts Needed to Build a Gaming PC in 2022?

RAM is basically the memory of the computer. It is a short memory. It delivers the instructions to the CPU for further processing. It also helps to store the data, which is very important, and the CPU can use it temporarily. 

If you especially have gaming purposes, then let me tell you, two 8GB RAM sticks (16GB total) are more than enough to run multiple channels. The RAM’s speed and latency timings will also help you to increase the performance of the PC.

The most important thing is to check your RAM. It should be compatible with your motherboard and CPU both. It should support at least one of this DDR3, DDR4, or DDR5 RAM. Figure out things for RAM with these tips, and let us move forward to the parts needed to build a gaming PC.

4. Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or Solid-State Drive (SSD)

What are the Parts Needed to Build a Gaming PC in 2022?

HDDs and SSDs are basically mass storage, and it is useful for long-term memory. This helps you to store the data operating system, files, folders, and much more even after you shut down the system. They fill up program instructions and data to RAM so that your CPU can process better.

HDDs are of course, a good option if you need cheap storage but let me tell you, SSDs are much faster than HDDs. If we look at a bunch and transfer data, then NVMe and SSD are popular nowadays. The best part is they are not at all expensive, so it is a must in your list of parts needed to build a gaming PC. 

5. Graphics Card

What are the Parts Needed to Build a Gaming PC in 2022?

As we discussed above, the CPU is important, but we can not ignore the graphic card. The graphics card plays a big role in handling game graphics. You can not imagine a good rendering without a graphic card. Once you are done choosing a good CPU for your PC, having a good graphic card is a must.

Finding the best graphic card is quite easy now. You can use online reviews and decide which is best. Make sure you check other things like 20-series and 30-series NVIDIA cards.

Try to find a graphic card that works best with any motherboard that has a PCle slot so you can plug it in. Know more about the parts needed to build a gaming PC with the following details.

6. Power Supply Unit (PSU)

What are the Parts Needed to Build a Gaming PC in 2022?

Your gaming PC will definitely work faster if you use a good-quality PSU. That is why it is so important to have a good PSU when building your gaming PC.

A good PSU can make all the difference in the world. It is one of the most important components in any gaming computer, especially if you want to build one that is powerful enough to handle any game out there in today’s market.

A good power supply unit should be able to supply all of your computer’s power needs at once without causing any problems with your system or causing it to overheat or shut down unexpectedly.

It should also provide long-term stability by providing enough voltage and current for the computer’s components as well as delivering sufficient power to run everything smoothly without issues or crashes due to damage from overheating or overloads from too much stress on the system’s resources.

7. Monitor

Click here to know more about how to build your personal gaming PC.

The monitor is a very important part of a gaming PC because it helps you to see the game. When you buy a new monitor, you should consider buying an LCD monitor because it has better resolution and color quality than the older CRT monitors.

LCD monitors have better resolution than CRTs, and they also have better color quality than CRT monitors. The difference between CRTs and LCDs is that there are no tubes in an LCD display, which means that your screen will be more beautiful when you watch your favorite shows or play games on your computer.

The monitor is the most important component of your gaming PC. It displays the game images and also shows you detailed information about it. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels which is perfect for gamers. The best monitors come with high resolution and a high refresh rate. They are more suitable for gaming purposes than other monitors.

The monitor should have a response time of less than 1 ms to display fast-moving objects in games like Counter-Strike, League of Legends and Dota 2, etc. So, a monitor is also on the list of parts needed to build a gaming PC.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have learned the parts needed to build a PC. I hope you got all your answers regarding the graphic card, CPU, monitor, and PSU. Try out these tips to build a good gaming PC. Follow Path of EX for more tech articles and step-by-step guides. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are gaming PCs different?

Gaming PCs are different because gaming PCs need advanced computer components so that they can work faster.

Why does gaming need heavy graphic cards?

Gaming needs heavy graphic cards because gaming is all about graphics and colors.

Which is better: HDD or SSD?

HDD and SSD Both work differently, but SSD is the latest one, and it works faster than HDD.

What do I need to build a gaming PC?

To build a gaming PC, you need a monitor, graphic card, PSU, and hard- disk.

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