N Gen Spotify Chords: Turn Your Music Into Dynamic Rings!

N Gen Spotify Chords

Spotify is known for its personalization features. You can know a lot about your listening habits on the Spotify app. But sometimes there are other apps and tools that will give an in-depth analysis of your music listening patterns. One such app is called N Gen. N Gen is a third-party tool that will generate compelling art of your top ten music choices. If you are someone who wants to know about N Gen Spotify art chords, then you are at the right place. In this article, I will tell you about, N Gen Spotify Chords and how to create it.

N Gen is a third-party website that takes your Spotify data and converts it into compelling art. The top ten pieces of music are basically converted into different types of art. You can choose any type of art you want. You can create N Gen Spotify Bloom and chords. Each of the pieces of art represents your top 10 music in a colorful and compelling way.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in to learn about N Gen Spotify Chords and how to create it.

What is N Gen Spotify Chords?

N Gen Spotify Chords

N Gen is a third-party app that allows Spotify users a chance to explore their listening patterns. The website allows a user to generate art of the top ten songs into visually appealing patterns.

The art generated by N Gen can be of different forms. You can choose any form of art you like, Bloom and Soundwaves, or Chords. With chords, you can get dynamic rings of music.

The N Gen Spotify Chords is an art form of your Spotify data created in rings of music. The Chords represent your top ten music choices in unique ring forms.

According to the N Gen website, with Chords, “you can turn your listening and playlist data into a beautiful pattern.”

How To Use N Gen Spotify To Create Chords Art?

N Gen Spotify Chords

Now that we have understood what N gen website is and its customization features, it is time to dive in and know about how to use the website in order to create your top ten accompanied by Chords. The basic thing that you need to create Chords on N Gen is to have an active Spotify account. In the below-mentioned guide, I have explained how to turn your N Gen Spotify top 10 into Chords art.

Step 1: Head to the N Gen Website

Navigate to the N Gen website on your desired browser.

Step 2: Connect your Spotify Account

Click on the Connect your Spotify account on the N Gen website. Connecting your Spotify account means you need to provide the credentials of your Spotify account in order for it to connect with the N Gen website.

Step 3: Choose an Option 

Choose the option of your choice. You can customize your top ten with the artwork from the available options, including: “Your top tracks last month,” “Your top tracks last six months,” “Your top tracks all time,” “Your recently played tracks,” or “Create with your favorite playlists.”

Step 4: Click on Next Page

Once you have chosen your option, click on the next page option on the screen. In case you don’t see the next button tap on the similar button to proceed.

Step 5: Wait for the Artwork

The last step is to wait till the N Gen website generates artwork based on the chosen option. The N Gen website will analyze your Spotify data and generate the artwork for your top ten tracks accompanied by the artwork. It is to be noted that the process usually takes a few seconds. Let’s assume we have chosen the Chords artwork.

Step 6: Chords Page on N Gen

You will be directed to the Chords page on the N Gen website. Following is the list of categories that you can put in your N Gen Chords art.

  1. Your top tracks last month: As the name suggests, you can take dive in and look at the most played songs in the last month, thus helping you reflect on your recent music preferences.
  2. Your top tracks last six months: In order to know about your broader sense of music taste, you can choose to know about your listening patterns in the past six months.
  3. Your top tracks all time: The website gives you a comprehensive overview of all-time most played songs, thus letting you know about your long-term favorites.
  4. Your recently played tracks: You can know about your current favorite music choices, moods, and songs on the platform as well.
  5. Create with your favorite playlists: In case you already have a favorite playlist on the platform. The N Gen website allows you to create visualizers based on those playlists and create compelling artwork.
  6. Flexibility to choose your song: The website also gives you the ability to choose any song for the art.

Once you have selected your songs patterns of different rings will appear on the page. As you scroll down the page. you will see different data that is contributed to the generated art.

Step 6: View Your Artwork

The website will generate the artwork in colorful ring form, and it will be displayed on your screen.

Step 7: Save or Share

Now that you have art artwork of your top ten generated by the N Gen website in the form of a chord. You can easily save it on your device and can share it on your favorite social media platform b following the prompts on the screen.

Wrapping Up

Spotify is known for its personalization features. You can learn more about your musical tastes and listening patterns every other day with these enhanced features. To know about, N Gen Spotify Chords and how to create it, read the entire article and do share it with your friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different types of data generated by the N Gen website?

The different types of data generated by the N Gen website include Top 10, Bloom, and Chords.

2. Is the N Gen website free?

Yes, the N Gen website is free.

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