Most Viewed YouTube Shorts Videos: Top 10 Hits Unveiled

Most Viewed YouTube Short

Have you ever found yourself down a YouTube rabbit hole, wondering what is the most viewed YouTube Short? Well, ponder no more! Today is your lucky day because I am about to spill the beans on the crème de la crème — the top 10 most viewed YouTube short videos as of now.

For all you creators out there itching to improve your YouTube game, knowing the lay of the land is key. Understanding what makes the internet tick, especially when it comes to the most viewed YouTube or YouTube Shorts, can be a game-changer. Just as one might be intrigued by the most liked videos of 2023, showcasing the love they have garnered or the videos sparking with an abundance of comments, exploring the top-viewed shorts adds another layer of curiosity to the YouTube experience.

Well, my friend, you are in for a treat! Keep scrolling to explore the most viewed YouTube Short videos in 2023. Whether you are a content creator seeking inspiration or just someone who loves riding the wave of internet trends, this list promises to be a goldmine of entertainment.

10 Most Viewed YouTube Short Videos

Most Viewed YouTube Short

While the 20-second PayTM India video ad, “Paytm IPL 2021 Ad – The Salon (English),” boasting a staggering 2.88 billion views, and Sesame Street’s 38-second rhyme “Shake Shake The Mango Tree” with 1.94 billion views are undeniably popular, it is important to note that they do not fall under the category of YouTube Shorts. The distinction arises from their sideways 16:9 format, and crucially, they have not been uploaded in the dedicated YouTube Shorts section.

Now, let us turn our attention to the real contenders — the 10 most viewed YouTube Short videos in 2023 that have truly conquered the platform in this specific format.

10. HAND IN BUCKET (PRANK )!! By Julius Dein — 881.92 Million Views

HAND IN BUCKET ( PRANK )!! 🤣- #Shorts

Julius Dein has consistently delighted audiences with a repertoire of cool prank videos, and this one stands out as a masterpiece and is 10th on the list of most viewed YouTube Short videos. In this particular creation, the 27-year-old magician pulls off an impressive trick on two women casually hanging around in the park. Brace yourself for the finale, as it is bound to leave you in stitches.

09. EATING SPONGE PRANK ON GIRLFRIEND By Topper Guild — 889.94 Million Views


Even though it falls into the domain of staged prank videos, this particular most viewed YouTube Short by Topper Guild has pulled off an impressive feat by racking up massive views. The clip features a couple innocently tackling the chore of doing dishes together, with a twist — the boyfriend nonchalantly munches on the seemingly dirty sponge, eliciting a reaction from his partner that resonates with us all. However, as the video unfolds, it becomes apparent that the sponge is entirely edible! And if you are up for even more amusement, the comments section is a treasure trove of additional hilarity you will not want to overlook.

08. Revenge 😂 By Lucas and Marcus — 914.86 Million Views

Revenge 😂

Yet another prank video has become the breeding ground for countless memes and raked in most viewed YouTube Short videos with its uproarious storyline. Picture you are having a great time with your girlfriend, blissfully unaware that your friends are plotting some mischievous antics to throw a wrench into the festivities. “Revenge,” featured on Lucas and Marcus channel, brilliantly captures that chaotic moment! Despite drawing a spectrum of reviews from viewers, one thing is for sure — it is simply too entertaining to pass up.

07. Turning Statues Into Food!! (Delicious) By Brandon B — 944.77 Million Views

Turning Statues Into Food!! (Delicious)

Get ready for a belly-laugh bonanza as Brandon B, the YouTube Shorts maestro, takes you on a sidesplitting joyride! Imagine Brandon’s strutting down the street, ice cream in hand, when disaster strikes — the cone takes a nosedive. Brandon’s hunger knows no bounds! In a stroke of genius (or madness?), he decides to swap the fallen ice cream with an edible statue nearby. Because who needs logic when you can have a street-side sculpture snack, right? Doubt our snack-time sorcery claims? Well, you better hit play on this most viewed YouTube Short and witness the hilariously edible chaos yourself!

06. Would You Fly To Paris For A Baguette? By MrBeast — 974.13 Million Views

Would You Fly To Paris For A Baguette?

Imagine jetting off to Paris on an all-expense-paid trip, not for the Eiffel Tower or croissants, but for a baguette fetch quest! That is the ride MrBeast took random strangers on in this most viewed YouTube Short. Picture a dude gets handed $300 and is told, “Pack your bags; we are going to Paris for a baguette.” Spoiler alert: he actually does it! And guess what? MrBeast does not just stop at the cash — he whips out surprises like a magician with a baguette wand. Now, that is what I call a baguette bonanza that will have you questioning your travel priorities!

05. World’s Best Prank Gone Wrong! How To Win Every Prank Wars Challenge By Collins Key Shorts — 993.95 Million Views

World’s Best Prank Gone Wrong! How To Win Every Prank Wars Challenge

Do you know that unwritten rule that everything is hilarious as long as it is happening to someone else? Well, enter Collins Key’s most viewed YouTube Short masterpiece — a prank so legendary it deserves its own comedy special. Watch as Collins and his brother Devan orchestrate the ultimate water balloon surprise on their unsuspecting girlfriend. The precision of their prank is a work of art, but what unfolds next is a plot twist even Shakespeare could not have penned. Trust me, you will not want to miss this epic tale of watery mischief — grab your popcorn and hit play!

04. Our MOST INTENSE Balloon Popping Race!! By How Ridiculous — 1.008 Billion Views

Our MOST INTENSE Balloon Popping Race!!

Get ready for a nail-biting spectacle that will have you on the edge of your seat — or maybe just standing, because who sits for this kind of madness? In the ultimate Red vs. Yellow showdown, the goal is simple: burst all your balloons before your opponent does. Sounds easy, right? Just wait until you witness the epic clash of titans in this balloon-bursting extravaganza. It is not just a battle; it is a fierce, high-stakes competition that will leave you questioning the very fabric of reality in this most viewed YouTube Short.

03. Power Tools Racing Is INTENSE!! By How Ridiculous — 1.176 Billion Views

Power Tools Racing Is INTENSE!!

Guess what? Another gem from How Ridiculous has secured its spot on the list of the most viewed YouTube Short videos. Brace yourself for a wild ride with “Power Tools Racing” — a quick, intense game challenge that will have your adrenaline doing somersaults in a matter of seconds. Picture this: Teams Red and Yellow are locked in a cut-throat competition, and every passing moment cranks up the thrill factor. The final stage? Oh, it is a goosebump-inducing masterpiece!

02. How Zach King Gets Away With Doing Graffiti By dollarbill — 1.234 Billion Views

How Zach King Gets Away With Doing Graffiti

Step into the wacky world of Zach King, the magician extraordinaire known for his mind-boggling magic vines! In this most viewed YouTube Short, brought to you by the wizardry of Zach and sneakily re-uploaded by dollarbill, prepare to have your reality twisted into a pretzel.

Picture Zach, the graffiti artist, merrily spray-painting on a wall, getting nabbed by a cop. But hold on to your hats! When the officer charges in for the arrest, Zach whips out his magic spray can, draws a ladder, and nonchalantly climbs to freedom! The cop, thinking he has got it all figured out, tries the same climb, only to find himself stuck in a graffiti mess. It is a comedic ballet of spray paint and illusion, and you absolutely have to see Zach King’s genius at play in this video!

01. If Cleaning Was a Timed Sport. Part 2 By Daniel LaBelle — 1.429 Billion Views

If Cleaning Was a Timed Sport. Part 2

Alright, brace yourselves because the moment you have been eagerly waiting for is finally here — the heavyweight champion of the most viewed YouTube Short videos as of November 2023! If cleaning were an Olympic sport, Daniel LaBelle would have more gold medals in swimming pools than Michael Phelps has! Picture a YouTube Short that transforms mundane apartment cleaning into a high-stakes, adrenaline-pumping competition.

Daniel, armed with a mop and a dash of creativity, takes you on a whirlwind tour of cleanliness in under a minute. Forget the dust bunnies; this video is pure comedic gold, turning chores into a spectacle that deserves its own prime-time slot. It is cleaning meets comedy — the kind of content we never knew we needed!

Just a Heads-Up
We refresh our Most Commented Video on YouTube list right out of the gate each month. If, by any chance, we have overlooked a video that you believe deserves a spot, give us a shout in the comments below. We have got our eyes peeled, and your input will not go unnoticed — we will dive right in to check it out!

Wrapping Up

And that is a wrap on the 10 most viewed YouTube Short videos! I hope this article left you entertained and informed. For more YouTube insights, swing by Path of EX regularly. Our team is always on the lookout for the next big thing in the world of shorts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most viewed YouTube Short in 2023?

As of today, Daniel LaBelle’s Short titled “Cleaning Was a Timed Sport. Part 2” is the most viewed YouTube Short.

2. Are there YouTube Short videos with more views than “Cleaning Was a Timed Sport Part 2”?

Yes, there are videos like the PayTM ad and Sesame Street’s rhyme, but they do not fall in the Shorts category. These YouTube videos are short in length, but not YouTube Shorts! Quite the amusing twist, isn’t it?

3. How often does the title of the most viewed YouTube Short change?

The shift in the title of the Most Viewed YouTube Short can vary; it might remain consistent for an extended period or change rapidly based on evolving view counts.

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