Mastodon vs Discord: Which One is the Best Platform (2023)

Mastodon vs Discord: Which One is the Best Platform (2022)

Mastodon is just a new entry on the social media platform. It is termed as a better alternative for Twitter. And it is already taking the internet by storm. But Discord has been quite a veteran in the social media fraternity. It was introduced in 2015, and since then, users have increased in number in their channels. Hence, the main question is which is better, Mastodon vs Discord.

Is Mastodon like Discord? Although both have many users on their platforms, their uses and features are not similar. Read through this article to get all the required details. You would also get a clear idea about Mastodon vs Discord and the kind of audience they cater to.

Mastodon vs Discord: Differences Between Mastodon and Discord

Mastodon vs Discord: Which One is the Best Platform (2022)

Discord is very popular among gamers and has been one of the most popular social media or chat sites for tech-savvy users. Users may become channel members, and there are specific rooms they can be a part of in each channel. 

Mastodon is a decentralized series of social networking sites that are, in form and function, that are similar to Twitter. The main distinction is that rather than just one Twitter, it functions more like a community of Twitter that can yet not have to engage with one other.

The feed of your Mastodon account should be filled with what you feel and relate to the most, not what others think you should see. So, we can safely say that quite a different form of social media is back in the hands of the people. 

Message Comparison Between Mastodon and Discord

Mastodon vs Discord: Which One is the Best Platform (2022)

It is currently the most coveted thing in many articles as the feed listing is similar to Twitter. In Mastodon, the posts are called “toots.” The difference is that you can pick a server based on the topic or language to log on to; it is quite similar to the gamer-centric Discord, as opposed to the big platform of Twitter. 

Once you pick your server or ‘homeroom,’ you can make a profile, upload photos, and videos, and post ‘toots.’ Mastodon’s version of tweet messages is up to 500 characters. It is better to use hashtags so that other people can see your ‘toots.’ You will see it soon on a timeline similar to Twitter. 

Niche Comparison Between Mastodon and Discord

The main difference between Mastodon and Discord is that the former is a gaming platform whereas the latter is a decentralized, ad-free, open-source software. It lets the users run self-hosted social networking services. In Discord, you get gaming servers like Roblox discord server, condogames, Path to Nowhere discord, and more. In Mastodon, you can find art-based and music-based servers among others.

Server Comparison Between Mastodon and Discord

Mastodon vs Discord: Which One is the Best Platform (2022)

The second difference is in the servers. Mastodon has limited servers compared to Discord. Whereas Discord has thousands of servers, and Mastodon has only 50 servers. You can state that Mastodon is new in social media and is becoming quite popular among the masses. So, we may assume it can be tough competition to other social media platforms like Discord. 

Platform Comparison Between Mastodon and Discord

A major difference between Discord and Mastodon is that Discord is a centralized platform. Mastodon is a decentralized one which means that it does not have a single server, individual, or organization that controls it. Anyone can manage or host their own social network. You can take it as a collection of connected Whatsapp groups. But on the other hand, a central authority runs Discord.

Is Mastodon Like Discord? Mastodon vs Discord: Similarities

Mastodon vs Discord: Which One is the Best Platform (2022)

Although both the platforms of Discord vs Mastodon are made with different perspectives and cater to different types of audiences, there are a few similarities between them. So, let us get to know them in detail.  

Mastodon and Discord are Server-Based Networks 

The first similarity between Mastodon and Discord is that both are server-based networks. Both platforms let the users get servers and also create servers for a specific community. Hence, the users look for both platforms in detail. In Discord, servers are called servers. However, in Mastodon, it is known by a different name known as instances.

Mastodon and Discord are Equally Popular 

Well, Fame can sometimes become harmful but here, both are equally popular among the masses on the internet. Discord has over 350 million registered users, and hence it is at the top of the gaming platforms. And Mastodon became a hot favorite of millions of users after Elon Musk took over Twitter.

Mastodon and Discord have Easy and Smooth Communication

Mastodon vs Discord: Which One is the Best Platform (2022)

Discord is an instant messaging social platform with VoIP. Users can easily communicate through voice calls, text messaging, media, video calls, and files in their private chats. They can be a part of communities called “servers”. 

Mastodon has microblogging features that are equal to Twitter and allows its users on different nodes to communicate with each other through DMs and polls.

Mastodon and Discord Support Different Platforms

Both networks support many platforms. Discord runs on Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux, iPad, and Mastodon runs on all these web browsers like Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS.  

Features of Mastodon and Discord

Mastodon vs Discord: Which One is Better?

Mastodon is all about an open-source Twitter competitor, but you can even use it as a Facebook alternative. Apart from the differences in privacy and character length, another thing that sets Mastodon apart is the “instance” feature. Consider the service to be a collection of interconnected hubs or instances, with your account representing a specific instance.

In Mastodon, you can directly message someone on the platform or, press the DM button. You can take the same field where you provide updates for others to see. The only difference between a direct message and a public post is that it is visible to the people who follow you as per the settings in your account. When you switch this setting on it makes a DM of the post. But when you look into it in the other way it is visible to everyone who is using the app. If you want to have a group chat, then mention the username in the text field of more than one handle otherwise it will be a group chat. 

Discord can be used for group chats, instant notifications, and other notifications.

In Discord you can communicate through voice and video calls, text messaging, media, and files in private chats or as part of any community. You even get to see highlights, announcements, and any news related to gaming events. 

Now, you know the major differences between Discord and Mastodon.  You have clarity of the similarities and differences. Although both platforms are similar in some ways, they have a lot of differences. But when you are inclined towards games, then Discord is the option for you. Hence, you have to choose which is the one for you. So, choose any of these platforms wisely as per your preference!

Wrapping Up

Although Discord and Mastodon may look similar, most features and users differ. I have tried to explain Mastodon vs Discord in detail above, hope you find them helpful. Both are popular and quite famous among their users. Mastodon is a new addition to the group, but it never ceases to surprise its users by introducing new features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Discord?

Discord is very popular among gamers and has been one of the most popular social media or chat sites for tech-savvy users.

What is the major difference between Discord and Mastodon?

Discord is majorly for gamers and tech-savvy users. At the same time, Mastodon is a social media platform similar to Twitter. There are differences in privacy and character length and the “instance” feature of the app.

How many characters can be used in the toot messages is Mastodon?

You can use up to 500 toot messages, similar to tweet messages in Mastodon.

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