LeBron James PS5 Controller: Limited Edition, Must-Have

LeBron James PS5 Controller

What’s up gamers? Did you hear about the new LeBron James PS5 controller? It’s fire! The GOAT himself co-designed it, and it’s got all the features you need to dominate your opponents and flaunt your gaming skills.

This controller is a must-have for any fan of LeBron James or PlayStation. It’s also a great way to show your support for both brands. The controller features haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, just like the standard DualSense controller.

If you’re a fan of LeBron James or PlayStation, or if you just want a sick-looking controller, then you need to check out the LeBron James PS5 controller. But wait, there’s more! If you read on, I’ll tell you where you can buy one and how much it costs.

LeBron James PS5 Controller: Release Date

Hey, guess what? PlayStation just dropped the news that they’re releasing a super cool LeBron James PlayStation 5 controller. You can snag it for pre-order starting this Thursday, June 29. And wait for it; there’s more! They’re also launching a LeBron James Limited Edition PS5 console cover on July 27th.

LeBron James PS5 Controller: Pricing

The controller will set you back $79.99, while the cover is priced at $64.99. You gotta act fast though, ’cause they’re only selling these babies on the PlayStation website.

LeBron James PS5 Controller: Details and Design

Some of the details that you can find on the controller are:

  • A crown doodle, which is LeBron’s signature logo and a symbol of his nickname King James.
  • The words I Promise, which is the name of LeBron’s charity organization that supports education and empowerment for underprivileged children.
  • The words Chosen Ones, which is a reference to LeBron’s tattoo and his belief that everyone has a purpose and a destiny.
  • The words Build. Uplift. Empower., which are LeBron’s core values and his mission to inspire others.
  • The words Nothing Is Given. Everything Is Earned which is LeBron’s motto and a reminder of his work ethic and perseverance.

LeBron James PS5 Controller: Initial Announcement

The LeBron James PlayStation collaboration was originally announced earlier this year. In a blog post, James said that he was inspired to create the controller by his “I Promise” students and his hometown of Akron, Ohio. He said that he hopes the controller will “inspire everyone who touches it.”

The LeBron James PS5 Controller is a must-have for fans of the NBA superstar and PlayStation gamers alike. It is a limited-edition item, so be sure to pre-order yours soon!

First Look: The LeBron James PS5 Controller

Wrapping Up

That is all about the LeBron James PS5 Controller. I hope this article has been informative and helpful. If you are a fan of LeBron James or PlayStation, or if you are just looking for a unique and collectible controller, then I highly recommend checking out the LeBron James PS5 Controller.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does the LeBron James PS5 Controller cost?

The LeBron James PS5 Controller costs $79.99.

2. When will the LeBron James PS5 Controller be released?

The LeBron James PS5 Controller will be released on June 29, 2023.

3. Where can I buy the LeBron James PS5 Controller?

The LeBron James PS5 Controller will be sold exclusively on the PlayStation website.

4. What are the features of the LeBron James PS5 Controller?

The LeBron James PS5 Controller has all the same features as the standard DualSense controller, plus it has a black and gold color scheme with the words “Nothing Is Given. Everything Is Earned” and a crown on the touchpad.

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