Is Twitter Removing Pre-2014 Media: Know the Inside Details!

Is Twitter Removing Pre-2014 Media

Another day, another major change seems to have taken place on Twitter. It all started with the rebranding of Twitter by Elon Musk, X (formerly Twitter) has seen many changes in the past few months. The recent development is that pre-2014 media on Twitter is getting vanished out of nowhere, and users are quite confused about the same. So, in this article, I will tell you, Is Twitter Removing Pre-2014 Media?

As Twitter deletes all photos and links from 2011-2014, users are quite confused about whether it is a glitch on Musk’s X platform or another measure to cut costs on the platform. The old media getting disappeared on Twitter has been bothering users and they have been complaining about the same on platforms like Reddit and X itself.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in to learn about, why can’t I see my old media on Twitter and is Twitter removing pre-2014 media.

Is Twitter Removing Pre-2014 Media?

Is Twitter Removing Pre-2014 Media

Twitter developers and team seem to have their hands full with incorporating so many changes on the platform. We recently saw that the platform decided to make TweetDeck a paid platform for its users and changed its name to X Pro.

Now Twitter users are quite confused regarding the vanishing of their photos and other media that was posted before 2014. Users are quite angry about the same and are not sure whether it is a glitch or Twitter is planning to get rid of media that was posted between 2011 and 2014.

This new glitch is only affecting tweets or posts that were posted before December 2014. Not just photos and media posts, but any tweet with hyperlinks posted prior to 2014, is also getting removed from the platform. It is to be noted that links that used Twitter’s shortening service are also currently in a broken state.

X Removing Photos on the Platform

Is Twitter Removing Pre-2014 Media

It all started when a user by the name of Tom Coates posted that there are major photo deletions going on on Twitter. In the tweet, Coates said,  “I confirmed that my own photos on the platform from mid-2011 until 2014 have been deleted, and links no longer work.” Coates further added, “Twitter has now removed all media posted before 2014. That’s — so far — almost a decade of pictures and videos from the early 2000s removed from the service.”

Not just common tweets have been affected by the new glitch. The glitch has affected some of the most iconic tweets, like the one by Comedian and Oscars host 2104, Ellen DeGeneres. The selfie was quite monumental, and it included some of the major Hollywood biggies like Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, and Meryl Streep, among others. Ellen posted the iconic 2014 selfie with the caption, “If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best photo ever.”

Apart from Ellen’s post, another major tweet that has been received is from Barack Obama’s 2012 election win. The post-win tweet by Obama that has been removed had an image featuring him and his wife Michelle and was accompanied by the caption, “Four more years.”

Why are Photos Getting Deleted on X?

Is Twitter Removing Pre-2014 Media

As of now, neither X Corp owner Elon Musk nor CEO Linda Yaccarino has commented on the issue; while many believe it can be a temporary issue in the X platform but according to experts, the change only applies to posts prior to December 2014, it seems like a calculated move.

According to experts, the new change of deletion of photos and media posts in tweets prior to 2014 can be related to changes made by the social media platform in 2016 when it added ‘enhanced URL enrichment.’ In 2016, Twitter used an enhanced URL enrichment feature to show previews for linked websites and native attachments.

Wrapping Up

Twitter is known for its quick updates and user-friendly interface. But sometimes, the updates on the platform are not easily accepted by the users. Recently old Twitter media has disappeared from the platform. To know, is Twitter removing pre-2014 media, read the entire article, and do share it with your friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my media not uploading on Twitter?

It can be because of an unstable internet connection, excessive cache, and unsupported media format.

2. How do I see all media on Twitter?

Head to the profile page and tap on the Media tab at the top of the Tweet timeline.

3. Does Twitter delete old tweets?

No, Twitter does not delete old tweets. The old Tweets are never deleted, but cannot always be displayed on the screen.

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