When Is Travis Scott Coming Back To Fortnite In 2024?

is travis scott coming back to fortnite

One question you must be having if you’re a Fortnite or Travis Scott fan is, “Is Travis Scott Coming Back To Fortnite?” It’s been a while since Travis Scott’s Skin returned to Fortnite after being launched on April 20, 2020, for the first time. Everyone was excited to have their favorite pop star in the game during that time, but fans could not find this skin again.

Fortnite Skins in the Fortnite Item Shop have always been a substantial part of the game. Whether it is the collab with Ariana Grande or Dragon Ball Z, Fortnite skins have always brought ample appeal to the game. Of late, Travis Scott’s public image has been a little contentious, making fans wonder, “Will Travis Scott come back to Fortnite?”

While the demand for Travis Scott’s Skin remains high among Fortnite Fans, let us get to know the truth about Travis Scott coming back to Fortnite ever again.

Is Travis Scott Coming Back To Fortnite?

Is Travis Scott Coming Back To Fortnite

A few days ago, a Twitter debate sparked when a person falsely impersonating Tim Sweeny, CEO of Epic Games, replied to a fan that Travis Scott Skin will not be returning to Fortnite.

While Epic Games denied this comment, they haven’t confirmed the return of Travis Scott Skin to Fortnite either!

Is The Fortnite Travis Scott Skin Rare?

Travis Scott’s Skin is one of Fortnite’s most in-demand and rare Skins, all because of his looks and personality. When it was first released in Fortnite on April 20, 2020, the Travis Scott Skin stayed in the Item shop for six days, after which it became unavailable.

As of today, it’s been roughly 1400 days since the Travis Scott skin hasn’t been out, making it a rare skin in Fortnite.

Can You Get Travis Scott’s Skin In Fortnite?

Unfortunately, the Travis Scott Fortnite Skin is currently unavailable for the players to download.

It’s sad news that you can’t get the Travis Scott Fortnite Skin right now. That said, if the makers of this game decide to bring back Travis Scott’s Skin, it would easily become the best-selling and most pricey skin in Fortnite.

Wrapping Up

While Travis Scott’s outfit is one of the most sought-after and rare skins in Fortnite, Epic Games is still keeping mum to the question, “When is Travis Scott coming back to Fortnite?”. Despite the controversies raised on Twitter, there is no official confirmation whether Travis Scott’s Fortnite Skin will ever make it return. We will keep you updated as and when we get any authentic information regarding Travis Scott’s Fortnite Outfit. So, stay tuned with Path OF Ex.

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