Is NBA 2K24 on PS4? Editions & Pricing!

Is NBA 2K24 on PS4?

The excitement with the announcement of a release date for NBA 2K24 is indeed unmatchable. Let’s go through this page and learn Is NBA 2K24 on PS4 and about its editions & pricing. Dive in!

NBA 2K24 is one of a kind that comes with pre-order bonuses and new-game changes all along. Here, players can encounter the top 10 NBA 2K24 centers and shooting guards all along.

To know Will NBA 2K24 be available on the Nintendo Switch? and about its edition and pricing, let’s dive into the details and find out.

Will NBA 2K24 be on PS4?

Is NBA 2K24 on PS4?

NBA 2K24 will be available on PS4, along with other platforms like Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S PC, and Nintendo Switch on September 8, 2023. Although, one must make a note that as PS4 is an old console, players will not have the same features as players using the latest consoles.

NBA 2K24 on PS4: Editions & Pricing

NBA 2K24 is coming with a 25th Anniversary Edition on PS4, with limited availability through September 10. It includes the Black Mamba edition, Kobe Bryant edition, and WNBA edition.

The price of the NBA 2K24 PS4 edition is estimated to be $149.99, the Black Mamba edition is worth $99.99, and the Kobe Bryant edition is $69.99.

Wrapping Up

This was all about Is NBA 2K24 on PS4. NBA 2K24 will indeed be available on PS4, bringing joy to fans who prefer gaming on this platform. With different editions and pricing options, players have the opportunity to choose the version that suits their preferences. Hence, Get ready to hit the virtual court and experience the thrill of NBA 2K24 on your PS4.

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