Is Johny Bravo in MultiVersus Final Roaster | A New Character Leak?

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MultiVersus is here! The long-awaited release of a famous fighting game!! And we are all eagerly awaiting its full release. We have many questions about the MultiVersus, but one of them is – is Johny Bravo in MultiVersus? Is Johny Bravo a recent addition to the character lists of MultiVersus‘ most recognizable character heroes? Continue reading to learn more.

As we know, MultiVersus will soon be released fully. The bigger part than the release is its suspense. The biggest suspense is this question itself – Is Johny Bravo in MultiVersus or not? So let us find out the correct answer to this question.

As we are in this digital world. We don’t even realize if the news or update is fake or real. We are soo surrounded by fake news that we cannot even feel its presence, just like air. So is Jhony Bravo in MultiVersus a piece of fake news or a real official update? Let us find out the same in this article.  

Is Johny Bravo In MultiVersus?

Is Johny Bravo in MultiVersus Final Roaster? Is Johny Bravo A New Character In MultiVersus?

Yes, it’s possible. Our beloved Johny Bravo may show up in MultiVersus. However, the MultiVersus production team has not yet made this information official or validated. Fans have come across rumors Just like Ben 10, Walter White, and Joker. The leak of images of Johny Bravo as a MultiVersus anime character leads them to believe he is the newest character to join the game. Since then, people have been yearning to see Johny Bravo in MultiVersus in person.

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Will Johny Bravo Join MultiVersus | Main character Or A Side Character? 

Is Johny Bravo in MultiVersus Final Roaster? Is Johny Bravo A New Character In MultiVersus?

If Johny Bravo is Joining MultiVersus probably, he will be a great main character as he is a great buddy to fight with, and with a great body, he fights really well. With big black hair and a tight t-shirt with his Karate skills, he is the perfect primary character of MultiVersus. His powers and physique, which are perfect for MultiVersus, are:

  • Extreme Strength
  • Extreme Mobility
  • Extreme Speed
  • Instantaneous Healing
  • Fashion Sense
  • Slightly Cunning
  • Hand-to-Hand Combatant

Isn’t Johny Bravo a perfect fit for a primary character of MultiVersus? Let us know your opinion on this below. 

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Is Johny Bravo in MultiVersus Final Roaster? Is Johny Bravo A New Character In MultiVersus?

Do Fans Want Johny Bravo In MultiVersus?

A big YES, Who doesn’t want Johny Bravo in MultiVersus? He is a fun, powerful, and interesting character to play in MultiVersus. And to prove this statement that fans do want Johny Bravo in MultiVersus, we have proof. Some of Jhony Bravo’s fan tweets are as follows.

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Wrapping Up

So this is all the information we had on whether is Johny Bravo in MultiVersus or not. Fans will love Johny Bravo in MultiVersus as much as they did in the cartoon TV series. We love MultiVersus with or without Jhony Bravo. Is Johny Bravo in MultiVersus? Maybe yes, maybe no. But a part of us wants to see him in the MultiVersus, right? Stay updated and stay connected with Path of EX.

Happy Gaming!


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