Is Joker In MultiVersus Or Not | Joker Perks & Superpowers

Is Joker In MultiVersus Or Not | Best Perks Of Joker In MultiVersus

Don’t go crazy in between the rumors and official announcements. We, the Path of EX, present nothing but the truth to you. So that our readers stay top-notch in MultiVersus updates, be it rumors or official announcements, we have the updates regarding everything you want to know. Today we have news regarding is Joker in MultiVersus? Read on to find out if this news is fake or official.

Fans are hungry for more information regarding the MultiVersus, and this is leading to rumors, and of course, not every piece of information is true. So let us find out if this new of is Joker in MltiVersus a rumor or a piece of confirmed news.

There are still many more characters to be added to the MultiVersus characters list, so the cast is far from complete. So any rumor regarding the character list addition can be true as the MultiVersus is still in its early stage of beta. So let us find out is Joker in MultiVersus is true or fake.

Is Joker In MultiVersus | Joker Joining Harley Quinn

Is Joker In MultiVersus Or Not | Best Perks Of Joker In MultiVersus

More unconfirmed characters have surfaced from the same source who leaked the game the day before the formal announcement. So the rumor of Joker being in the game can be true.

But unlike the Ben 10, this update of is Joker in MultiVersus is not confirmed. Don’t be disappointed Joker fans, players have encountered leaks of Joker being in MultiVersus by the few players who are playing in the beta stage of MultiVersus. The data leakers have encountered Joker skin, which cannot go unnoticed, right?

Is Joker Leak In MultiVersus Fake or True?

The answer can be disappointing to all the Joker fans. No, It is not confirmed or official yet, just like Ben 10. But players of Beta have encountered some leaks, and the leak is going viral among Joker fans. The rumor can turn into reality, guys so hold tight and let us wait till the full game release and see for ourselves. 

Is Joker In MultiVersus Or Not | Best Perks Of Joker In MultiVersus

Best Perks For Joker In MultiVersus

If Harley Quinn is a confirmed character of MultiVersus, why can’t be our Joker? Let us look at the possible best perk list if Joker will appear in MultiVersus. It is fun to speculate something which is not confirmed yet. If the official announcement of the joker being in MultiVersus comes out. These perks can come in handy.

1. Defensive Perk: Kryptonian Skin

Make sure you can survive before you physically jump into this fight with Kryptonian Skin. A flat damage reduction buffer is what this perk offers. The perk only halves each hit’s damage by 4-6 percent. However, your Joker will be well-balanced if you combine it with the other items on the list below. The bonus is also applied to each hit.

2. Utility Perk: Coffeezilla

When worn, this perk only reduces the cooldown for each ally’s ability. It is a simple boost that only allows you to cheese one of your skills per game.

3. Defensive Perk: Slippery Customer

Who wouldn’t want to be immune to harm while dodging? In this game, attacking prowess is necessary, but so must solid defence if you want to succeed. And with a perk like this, after you learn when to strike and when to dodge, you can go full Neo from the Matrix and dodge attacks effortlessly. We would really have enjoyed this perk if is Joker in MultiVersus.

4. Utility Perk: Triple Jump

I’m sorry, but attempting to live in a brawler without a triple jump is a sure way to perish. Additionally, it enhances your attacking skills (like the ease of juggling). The Joker would become more difficult to attack and wrestle with after that third jump after hit.

Wrapping Up

Though we don’t know if is Joker in MultiVersus a true factor or not. We have speculated some of the best perks suitable for Joker if he comes to MultiVersus. So these were all the rumours and information available on the topic- is Joke in MultiVersus. We would definitely enjoy Joker in MultiVersus. Stay connected with Path of EX for more updates.

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