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It’s MultiVersus!!! The most awaited iconic fighting game ever!!! MultiVersus is a video game developed by Warner Bros, and we all are waiting for its release soo keenly. But Is Walter White in MultiVersus? Among the most iconic character heroes of MultiVersus, is Walter White a new addition to the character lists? Let’s find out and read on.

The date of early access to the full open beta of MultiVersus is approaching nearer and nearer, which is on July 26!! You are bursting with curiosity, right? Want to confirm whether our beloved Breaking Bad’s Walter White will be a permanent character or just a featured appearance or is this all just a rumor? We understand you completely, and let’s answer these questions and find out the answer to this question – is Walter White in Multiverses for real?. Now, let’s dig in right away.

Now the main question is Breaking Bad’s most iconic character Walter White a part of MultiVersus’s open beta? The answer is It’s not confirmed yet!!!! But HOLD ON don’t be disappointed; fans have encountered a leak that may be true or maybe not. But there is hope that Walter can be a part of MultiVersus. So let’s explore why and find out if Walter White is in MultiVersus or not?

Is Walter White in MultiVersus? Is Breaking Bad's Walter White in MultiVersus?

Is Walter White In MultiVersus?

Yes, it may happen. Our Breaking Bad hero may appear in MultiVersus. But this news is not official or confirmed yet by the production team of MultiVersus. Fans have encountered rumors and pictures of Walter White as an anime character of MultiVersus, thinking he is the new character addition to the MultiVersus. Since then, fans are going crazy to see Walter White in MultiVersus for real. 

So, Is Walter White in MultiVersus? Maybe Yes, Maybe No! But the chances are Walter White is appearing in the Multiverses as a new character.

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Will Walter White Appear As- New Main Character/ Side Featured Character? 

Is Walter White in the MultiVersus open beta? If he will come to MultiVersus. Yes, he will be a brand new addition to the character list of MultiVersus. Besides the fact, that every character in MultiVersus is fictional, our beloved Breaking Bad’s Walter White will be the only real character in MultiVersus. We want Walter White in MultiVersus!!

His goofy character is perfect for MulltiVersus. But will Walter white be the main character or just a side featured character- that question remains yet to be answered. Let us know your opinion on this below in the comment section.

How To Download MultiVersus Walter White Skin?

We know that Walter White may not be coming to MultiVersus as a new character addition. Twitter users are clamouring for Walter White to be included in the game, but unlike numerous others, he hasn’t been released. Furthermore, because Sony, not Warner Bros., owns the Breaking Bad IP, it might not be possible.

Although the creators of MultiVersus have previously hinted that upcoming DLC characters may not just be drawn from WB titles, they have never formally addressed whether Breaking Bad might be one of those. So Walter White is not coming to MultiVersus.

 But don’t be soo disappointing we have an alternative for all of the Walter White fans. Now you can download Breaking Bad’s Walter White skin just as you wished for in MultiVersus. The Breaking Bad Walter White skin mod for MultiVersus is available for download on gamebanana.
Because there are no custom animations or movesets, unfortunately, Walter White will be throwing sandwiches on enemies rather than crystal meth. But sandwiches are funny though. There is a skin mod for Saul Goodman from Better Call Saul in addition to Heisenberg. Isn’t this a piece of sweet news? and yes, this is not fake news or a rumour just like Walter White being a new character of MultiVersus.

Fans Want Walter White in MultiVersus!

This will come as no shocker, but most of the fans want Walter White in MultiVersus, and here is the proof. Ever since the rumors spread of Walter White being in MultiVersus. Fans took Twitter by storm. Most of the tweets want Walter White to be in MultiVersus. Some of the rebellious tweets of fans are as follows.

Is Walter White in MultiVersus? Will Walter appear in MultiVersus? And most importantly Is Breaking Bad’s Walter a confirmed Multiversus character? Well, there is no confirmation to all these fascinating theories but until the news of Walter white in Multiversus is confirmed, let’s take a look at all the confirmed Characters of MultiVersus.

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All Confirmed Characters of MultiVersus

For now, there are 16 confirmed iconic characters in MultiVersus, pulling from WB franchises like DC, Adventure Time and Game of Thrones.

  1. Batman (DC) 
  2. Superman (DC)
  3. Wonder Woman (DC)
  4. Harley Quinn (DC) 
  5. Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes)
  6. Arya Stark (Game of Thrones)
  7. Jake the Dog (Adventure Time)
  8. Finn the Human (Adventure Time)
  9. Steven Universe
  10. Garnet (Steven Universe)
  11. Tom and Jerry
  12. Reindog (New character)
  13. Velma (Scooby Doo)
  14. Shaggy (Scooby Doo)
  15. The Iron Giant
  16. Taz (Looney Tunes)

Do you want to see Walter White in MultiVersus among these 16 iconic characters? Comment your opinion below we would love to know.

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Wrapping up,

So this is all the information we had on whether Walter White is in MultiVersus or not. Fans will love Walter White in MultiVersus as much as they did in Breaking Bad. We love MultiVersus with or without Walter White. Is Walter White in MultiVersus? Maybe yes, maybe no. But some of us want to see him in the game, right? Let’s hope and see for the best. Stay updated and stay connected with Path of EX


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