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Is Dead By Daylight Crossplay

Dead By Daylight is a horror iconic cameo game just like Darkest Dungeon with multiple amazing features. But one might wonder whether it supports features like Crossplay,cross-progression, or cross-platform. As a result, you might question Is Dead By Daylight Crossplay? Does it have cross-progression features? Can you play Dead by Daylight on multiple platforms? or How to play Dead by Daylight with friends? So to clear your doubts, Path of EX is here to help you.

As part of Dead By Daylight’s crossplay features, you can collaborate with other players from other platforms. You must use the Exit Gates in order to escape from the Killers.PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC are some platforms that allow you to join with your friends.

Here is something if you’re also curious about whether the official game supports crossplay or cross-platform after release. Follow our lead until the end to get your answer for Is Dead By Daylight crossplay or not.

Is Dead By Daylight Crossplay?

YES, Dead By Daylight supports the crossplay

Is Dead By Daylight Crossplay

You can collaborate with players from other platforms with the Dead By Daylight crossplay feature as you try to use the Exit Gates to escape the clutches of the Killers. Here is information on how to use a cross-platform play on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Now let’s check out how to enable Dead By Daylight Crossplay.

How To Enable Crossplay In Dead By Daylight?

To begin with, confirm that crossplay is turned on in your game. Just take the following actions:

Is Dead By Daylight Crossplay
  • DBD has a cogwheel icon at the bottom of the screen with the word “Options” next to it. Press that.
  • Then a window will appear. To find the “Online” section, scroll all the way to the bottom of the list.
  • You’ll find a setting that reads “Crossplay” underneath this.
  • If it isn’t already enabled, choose it if it isn’t already.
  • That’s it; you may now compete against players all over the world on a variety of platforms.

So you are happy that you are all set to enjoy yourself with your buddies. Now, scroll down and check how you can add friends on different platforms while playing.

How To Add friends on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, & Switch

You must first ensure that they have been added to your Friends List if you want to play with friends you have on other platforms.

Is Dead By Daylight Crossplay
  • To add friends go to Dead By Daylight once, then take these actions: Click the ‘Friends’ icon at the bottom of your screen or one of the plus (+) icons in the Lobby next to your survivor.
  • An icon of a person with a plus sign (+) next to it can be found at the top of the new window. Press that.
  • Type in the player ID.
  • This is located in the upper left corner of the window. The name, a hashtag, and a series of digits make up the ID.
  • Select ‘Invite a Friend once their name appears after you enter their ID in the search box.

So you got to know how you can add your friends to play Dead By Daylight Crossplay. Now let’s find out about its Cross-progression feature.

Is Dead By Daylight Cross Progression?

Unfortunately, NO Dead By Daylight does not offer a cross-progression feature.

Is Dead By Daylight Crossplay

Officially Dead By Daylight does not support cross-progression in any of the standard gaming platforms. But you can have cross-progression between Google Stadia and Steam.

Wrapping Up 

Wooh! Another crossplay got added to your list. So this was all about Is Dead By Daylight Crossplay. You can also grab information about different games and their types of games or their crossplay from Path of EX. So grab your favorite game for you and have amazing gaming experiences with your friends.

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