Is Legit? Scam Alert! Know All About Appzilla Now!

Is Legit? Scam Alert! Know All About Appzilla Now!

The thought of getting your favorite apps and games with all unlocked features is exciting to the core. What a luxury it would be to just have it all! However, there’s a price for everything. In the hunt for finding an app that lets you download applications with unlocked features, you might have come across What about it? Is legit, is it safe? Let’s find out!

There are many sites and apps that ask you to download the injection apps or verification surveys to lead you somewhere you want. But in reality, these applications circulate you through lots of processes and you become confused, about whether you should proceed further or not. The same is the case with, which you may want to download to earn money.

If you are here to know whether is legit or not, let’s start the careful examination and know its reality. Once you finish reading the article you will get clear answers.

Is Legit & Safe | What’s the Catch?

Is Legit? Scam Alert! Know All About Appzilla Now! is the website that hijacks your browser. Many of you want to download the application. However, before you download, you must know about its safety, security, and privacy. For this, I have researched all your queries so that it will help you know whether is legit or not.

What is is a hijacker site that contaminates multiple iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods. This application’s objective is to develop internet advertising content and display it on the web browser when you start browsing.

Mostly the advertisement content on is in the form of pop-up ads, banners, alerts, on-screen texts, and various referral URLs. Various other applications also play the role of the hijackers like Appzilla. They just work on advertising various websites so that they will get pay-per-click revenues.

AppZilla.VIP allows you to download a range of available games and applications. You can better understand it as you essentially get a modified form of the most famous Android and iOS games. Moreover, it allows you to obtain a variety of free awards, money, and multiple goodies.

When you start playing the game, you get an alert that you will get money.

Do you really think you will get money?

The answer is a big “NO“. just drags to install the various applications, add extensions, permit notifications, or do the injections. All of it is just a waste of time and nothing else. Although you get the notification that you have earned the money in a real sense you cannot withdraw the money. takes you through different verification processes. You will keep on completing the verification steps and still, the verification process does not end. 

How Works?

Is Legit? Scam Alert! Know All About Appzilla Now!

You are here to know ‘is legit’ and to answer this question you must to be aware of how Appzilla actually works.  Below I have mentioned the points that will help you to know how to use

  • is a third-party application that makes the money from people with the help of the Pay-Per-Click.
  • Download the application. You will see various pop-ups and various types of advertisements.
  • You can play games and earn money.
  • You must accomplish tasks and complete the verification process to withdraw money from the bank. (Supposedly!)
  • You get an alert to inject various codes into their browsers. After injection, various advertisements display on your browser.

Note: The advertisements that display on your browser redirect you to some fraudulent pages and you will see a change on your home page.

Is Safe?

No, is not safe, not at all.

If you are curious to know whether is safe or not. Let me tell you is not safe. It is because is a third-party application that hijacks your website. Earlier was available on the Google Play Store and later on this application was removed, and you know why it was removed! It gives you the clue that is not safe.

Well, it is understandable that you want the only for earning money but that does not mean you will risk your device. redirects you to some fraudulent links that affect your device.

Can I Download for Android and iOS?

Yes, you can download for Android or iOS.

Once you start downloading the application for Android or iOS devices, you also allow some notifications. Whether you are installing it for test purposes or the money. In the end, it will affect your iOS and Android devices.

Should I Download or Not?

No, you should not download the at any cost.

I recommend you not to download It is because your privacy and security matter the most. If you install the application and permit the notification, it means you are permitting the virus or the malware to your device. This will damage the files and other important documents on your device. 

Now, tell me honestly do you want to download the application? Of course, for the sake of money, you can not risk your privacy and security.

Can I Trust

No, you cannot trust

I recommend you not to trust First of all this application is not authentic. Simply, it creates fake tasks, injecting codes and various verification processes. You will keep on qualifying the verification processes still you will not get access to free money.

You might be thinking to do the test of but I recommend you to not do it. You will end up empty-handed. If you do not want to waste your time then don’t go for the

Can I Earn Money From

No, you cannot earn money from

I know you have seen lots of applications or games that promise you that you will earn money. Tell me, does that ever work? Of course, the answer is a big NO. These applications just command you to accomplish the tasks, then ask you to go through the verification and in the end, you will earn points but you can not redeem them.

So, the just circulates you through the entire verification process or tasks, and instead of money they just hijack your device.

Is Appzilla a Virus?

Yes, is a form of virus.

As I already told you, is a third-party application that hijacks your website. It indicates that your device gets prone to some malware or viruses. Once you download, you will see various advertisements, pop-ups, and referral URLs. These fraudulent websites will infect your device and nothing else.

Wrapping Up

So this was all about the legit. After going through the detailed information, I must tell you that is not safe. So, I recommend you not to download the application. I hope you find this article useful. Feel free to share the article with your friends. Have a good day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Appzilla.VIP safe?

No, Appzilla.VIP is not safe. If you use the application, you will be putting your safety in danger.

How to Get Spy?

You can get Spy on the website with the same domain name. However, you should not trust on fraudulent applications with your personal information.

Is legit?

No, is not legit and safe at all. Please stick to official app stores, Apple App Store and Google Play store. For more info, read this Reddit thread.

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