IG Close Friends Update: The Easy Way to Share Selectively in 2023

IG Close Friends update

In the ever-evolving world of Meta, Instagram has thrown a curveball that is turning heads and sparking curiosity. The talk of the town? IG Close Friends update. If you are wondering what this buzz is all about, fret not — I have got the inside story for you.

Instagram sneakily tested the “Close Friends” thing with a small gang back in September 2023. But wait, they dropped the Story List update first. Fast forward and now, Instagram brings Close Friends feature to the main feed to everyone worldwide! This nifty feature lets you share your Instagram posts and reels with a special crew you call your “Close Friends.” It is like creating your own VIP section in the Insta universe. Cool, right?

Ready for more juicy deets on the Instagram Close Friend update scene? Well, buckle up because I am about to spill the beans about the IG Close Friends update 2023 saga. Trust me, you do not want to miss out on this!

What is the IG Close Friends Update?

Instagram is like a big online party, right? Well, they just rolled out this cool thing called the IG Close Friends update. Imagine you are at this virtual shindig, and now you get to create your own private spot. This spot is just for your closest buddies — your inner circle, if you will. This feature is designed to provide users with a more private and intimate way to share their content with people they trust.

This Close Friends-only update lets you choose who gets to see the photos and videos you share. It is like having a secret handshake to get into your special zone. Instead of everyone seeing your posts, it is just for the special pals you pick. This update is like a backstage pass to your social media world. It adds a personal touch, making your online experience more cozy and private.

How Will the IG Close Friends Update Help You?

The IG Close Friends update offers several advantages:

01. Comfortable Sharing: This update is a game-changer for those who feel hesitant about sharing personal moments online. Many users fear judgment or ridicule. The Instagram Close Friends feature allows you to share content with a smaller, trusted group, boosting your comfort and confidence in sharing.

02. Stronger Friendships: Sharing personal content with friends strengthens bonds and builds deeper connections. The IG Close Friends feature simplifies sharing your authentic self with those closest to you, fostering stronger relationships.

03. Curated Experience: Imagine a more tailored Instagram experience! With Close Friends, you can share your content with a select group, curating a personalized Instagram journey. This means seeing more of what interests you and less of what you do not care about.

Who Will Benefit the Most from the IG Close Friends Update?

Guess who is going to ride the Close Friends wave like a pro? Well, here are the top contenders:

01. Influencers and Insta Pros: Okay, influencers and those Insta wizards with the fancy blue check, this one is for you! You can’t share everything on your public profile, and going private is like locking yourself out of the Insta party. The IG Close Friends update is your secret sauce to share the real deal with your inner circle without risking an Insta shutdown.

02. Teens and Cool Kids: Hey, teenagers and young adults — I get it, privacy matters! The IG Close Friends update is your superhero cape. Now, you can share the coolest stuff with your ride-or-die crew without worrying about the rest of the Insta universe peeking in. It is like having your own secret clubhouse!

03. Over-Sharers Anonymous: You, the brave souls who share everything! Sometimes, it feels like the Insta spotlight is on you 24/7. The Instagram Close Friends update is here to rescue you. Take control, pick your squad, and share away without feeling like you are constantly auditioning for an Insta reality show. Phew, right?

04. Community Builders Extraordinaire: For those trying to create a tight-knit Insta community — drumroll, please! The Close Friends feature is your backstage pass. Now, you can curate a space where you spill the tea, share your deep thoughts, and maybe a cat video or two with your VIPs. It is a community building with a touch of Insta magic.

How Will the IG Close Friends Update Work?

Alright, let me break down the IG Close Friends update functioning for you:

01. Craft Your Crew: First up, you get to play the Insta director! Create your Close Friends list — add and drop pals whenever the mood strikes. It is like curating your digital entourage.

02. Post-Picking Power: Now, when you are about to drop some Insta goodness — be it a post, Reel, or Story — you are the captain of the ship. Decide whether it is a Close Friends exclusive or an Insta-wide spectacle. The power is in your hands!

03. Green Badge Glam: When your content hits the Close Friends squad, it gets a swanky green badge. This little badge is like the golden ticket, signaling to your chosen few that this is an exclusive backstage pass to your Insta world.

04. Silent Shuffling: Adding or removing members from the Close Friends list will not trigger an Insta alarm. No notifications for the lucky ones added to your Close Friends list, and no farewell tunes for those getting the boot. It is silent but powerful control over your digital universe.

How to Share Instagram Posts With Close Friends?

Here is how to share Instagram posts with close friends.

Step 01: Open Instagram on your phone.
Step 02: Tap on the + button.
Step 03: Choose a photo or video.
Step 04: Once chosen, tap on Next.
Step 05: Edit the post.
Step 06: Once done, tap on Next.
Step 07: On this page, tap the new option called Audience.
Step 08: Tap on the Close Friends option.
Step 09: Once done, tap on the Share button!

Please note that the feature is presently unavailable on Instagram Web; you will need to use the app for access.

Power of Close Friends Sharing

IG Close Friends update

When you share a post with your Close Friends on Instagram, it becomes visible only to the select group of friends you have added to your Close Friends list. These friends will be able to see the post, like it, comment on it, and even see who else has liked or commented on it. However, they will not be able to share the post to their own stories or feeds, and it will not be visible to anyone else outside of your Close Friends list.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when sharing posts with Close Friends:

01. You cannot share a post to Facebook or other platforms directly from Instagram if you have selected Close Friends as the audience.

02. Your Close Friends will see a green star icon on the post to indicate that it is only visible to a select group of people.

03. You cannot make a post that has been shared with Close Friends public afterward.

04. You can add or remove people from your Close Friends list at any time, even after you have shared a post with them.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it, fellow Insta explorers — an ultimate guide on IG Close Friends update. If this article had a mic, I would drop it. But hey, the show must go on! For more Insta shenanigans and social media wizardry, make Path of EX your digital hideout. Our team is… well, let us just say they have mastered the art of hiding from nosy algorithms. We are always on the lookout for the latest trends and updates so that you can stay ahead of the curve.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the big deal about the IG Close Friends update?

Well, the IG Close Friends update is like having a secret club for your coolest friends on Instagram. You can share stuff with them that you wouldn’t want the whole world to see.

2. How do I add people to my Close Friends list?

It is easy peasy. Just go to your profile and tap on the “Close Friends” option. Then, please search for the people you want to add and tap on their names.

3. What happens if I remove someone from my Close Friends list?

They will not know! And they won’t be able to see your posts anymore.

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