How to Share Instagram Posts With Close Friends Only [2023]: Post Selectively!

how to share Instagram posts with close friends

Instagram Lovers! Hold onto your avocado toast because guess what? You can now ninja-share your Insta posts with only the chosen ones! It is like having a secret handshake, but virtually. And yes, I am your Insta-shaman here to guide you on how to share Instagram posts with Close Friends. Stay tuned for the inside scoop!

So, Insta peeps have been yearning for a feature to hide Instagram posts without the workaround hassle officially. Sure, you could hide your entire Insta presence, but what about those precious gems exclusively with your ride-or-die squad? Enter the feature of the hour. It is perfect for pros and business bigwigs who want to keep it low-key among friends like Instagram Story lists. Let the giggles commence!

Are you ready for the lowdown on how to share Instagram posts with Close Friends only? Hold tight as we unravel this Insta-mystery together. Follow along, and let us turn your Instagram game up a notch!

How to Share Instagram Posts With Close Friends?

how to share Instagram posts with close friends

Although Instagram initially began testing this feature with a limited group of users in September, the platform has now officially announced that all users will have the capability to share feed posts and Reels exclusively with a select group of individuals they have added to their “Close Friends” list.

Sharing Instagram posts or Reels with Close Friends does not necessitate enrolling in any training institutes. It is as plain as posting your regular public content, with just a single button making all the difference. Allow me to show the simplicity of the process and learn how to share Instagram posts with Close Friends only.

Step 01: Open Instagram on your phone (Note: Currently, this feature is not available on Instagram Web).
Step 02: Tap on the + button in the bottom center.
Step 03: Choose the feed post from the gallery, or you can capture a new moment that you want to share on the feed.

Step 04: Once chosen, tap on Next in the top right corner.
Step 05: Edit the post according to your desire.
Step 06: Once done, tap on Next.

Step 07: On the page where you add caption, location, and tag other users, you will see a new option called Audience.

Step 08: Once you tap on it, you will see two options: Everyone & Close Friends.
Step 09: Tap on the Close Friends option. (In case there is no person in the list, click on the add person option located below the Close Friends option).

Step 10: Once done, tap on the Share button located at the bottom right corner, and voila, you are done!

That is the lowdown on how to share Instagram posts with Close Friends only. Now, brace yourselves as we venture into the wild world of what happens when you switch the audience to Close Friends!

What Happens When a Post is Shared with Close Friends?

how to share Instagram posts with close friends

When you choose to share a post with your Close Friends, it is a members-only viewing experience. Only the select few on your Close Friends list can access and interact with the post, engaging in a more personalized exchange of likes and comments.

The exclusivity does not stop there — this content remains within the Instagram ecosystem. No sharing on Facebook or any other external platforms, ensuring your shared moments stay within the chosen circle. Furthermore, your friends within this exclusive group cannot extend the sharing privilege to their own friends.

Flexibility is built into the feature; you can add more individuals to your Close Friends list even after the initial post. A distinctive green star accompanies these shared posts, serving as a visual cue to your friends that they are part of the exclusive experience.

Once a post is shared with Close Friends, the decision is irreversible. It cannot be made public again, maintaining the privacy of the shared content. Notably, you have the liberty to add any person to Close Friends, regardless of whether you follow each other, offering a unique level of control over your digital inner circle.

Wrapping Up

And that, my fellow Instagram fans, wraps up the guide on how to share Instagram posts with Close Friends only. Now, go forth and conquer the world of exclusive posts! Need more Insta wisdom? Swing by Path of EX regularly. Our fearless team is on a quest to unearth the freshest digital wonders and serve them up to you on a virtual platter. Get ready for a digital adventure like no other!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I change the audience of a post once it is shared with Close Friends?

No, once you share a post with Close Friends, it stays exclusive.

2. Can I see who viewed my Close Friends post?

No, you cannot see who viewed my Close Friends post. It is a mystery shrouded in green stars.

3. Can I share Close Friends posts with non-followers?

Absolutely! You need to add their username to the Close Friends list on the post.

4. How to share Instagram posts with Close Friends?

To share Instagram posts with close friends, just hit the Audience option when you are typing your caption and switch from Everyone to Close Friends. Easy peasy!

5. Can I add someone to Close Friends without them knowing?

Yes, you can add anyone to Close Friends without them knowing. It is a stealthy move.

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