How to Watch NFL on ESPN Plus in 2023?

NFL on ESPN Plus

NFL, the US sports sultan, is scheduled to start on September 7, 2023. And, ESPN is the most popular sports streaming service among all kinds of sports enthusiasts. It is obvious that NFL fans are looking forward to watching NFL on ESPN Plus.

So, can you watch NFL on ESPN+? Well, of course, you can. And ESPN is the king of sports streaming. Why wouldn’t they feature NFL live? In fact, there hasn’t been more football in the network than in the last year. For the first time, ESPN Plus brings live NFL games. In 2022, 8 matches were streamed live on ESPN. So, the hopes are higher for this year.

In this article, I will show you how to watch NFL on ESPN Plus this year. I will also show you how to sign up for ESPN Plus and what kind of NFL content you can expect to be featured on the channel. Here is everything about NFL on ESPN+ in 2023.

How to Watch NFL on ESPN Plus (2023)

NFL on ESPN Plus

To watch NFL on ESPN Plus, all you have to do is subscribe to ESPN Plus plans. For that, you have to sign up. I will come to how you can sign up for ESPN Plus. But before that, let me answer a question.

Can you stream every NFL game on ESPN+?

Simply, no. It is because sports organizations have tie-ups with different broadcasting corporations, and that restricts matches and other events from being broadcasted on certain networks. NFL matches can be seen in more numbers on regional sports channels like FOX Sports, NBC, and CBS Sports. But, it is evident from past instances that games do get barred from local markets and become exclusively available on national and international networks like ESPN.

I cannot say exactly how many matches will be available to stream live on ESPN Plus, but I predict that it will be more than last year.

How to Sign up For ESPN Plus?

NFL on ESPN Plus | ESPN Plus Sign up

You can sign up for ESPN Plus in a couple of ways. Once you have signed up, you can access any sports content on the network.

First Way

The first way would be simply going to the official ESPN website and scrolling down to click on Sign up from the left menu. The subscription fee is $9.99 per month. Once you have subscribed, you can access the streaming service from almost any smart device including smartphones, tablets, Roku, Amazon Fire, and more.

Second Way

There is another way you can enjoy ESPN on your device. You can get ESPN+ bundled with other streaming services like Disney Plus and Hulu. This is the Disney bundle.

Get the Disney Bundle today!

What NFL Plus Content Can You Watch on ESPN Plus?

NFL on ESPN Plus

Along with games, there is a bunch of other NFL content that you can access on ESPN. They include NFL Matchup, NFL Turning Point, NFL Primetime, and Peyton’s Places.

Note: ESPN Plus is only available to US consumers.

Wrapping Up

That’s all there is to NFL on ESPN Plus. I can only predict that there will be a considerable amount of NFL content on the ESPN network this season. I’ll mention it again that there is no clue or news about how many games will be available for live streaming on ESPN this year. Let’s hope for the best. I’ll see you again soon and until then, Ciao!

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