How To Verify Worldcoin Without Orb? Is It Even Possible?

Worldcoin; How To Verify Worldcoin Without Orb

While everyone is excited to join the new identity coin trend and register for their own Worldcoin, leftover users are getting in the queue to get their IDs. People who easily found Orbs located around them finished this race first, obviously. Others who were not able to find these Orbs are left wondering “How to verify Worldcoin without Orb?.” In the beginning, the Orbs were available almost all over the world, but due to undisclosed reasons, the Worldcoin Orbs were removed from selected places.

Worldcoin app has taken upon itself a unique initiative to make an identity for every individual in the world, regardless of their background and other factors. The world coin that you will hold is supposed to be the world’s largest privacy-preserving human identity network. Moreover, it uses really cool Orbs built with iris energy to maintain and recognize this unique identity. These Orbs are installed all over the world except in some places. The Worldcoin app has the potential to become the most important app there is.

So read this article till the end to know if you can actually verify Worldcoin without Orb. In any case you will know what should be your response to whatever situation you are in.

How To Verify Worldcoin Without Orb?

Worldcoin; How To Verify Worldcoin Without Orb

As of right now, there are no official ways to get your Worldcoin identity verified without the Orb. Even though there are multiple sources that offer otherwise, it might be risky to entrust anonymous technology with your information. While it is still too soon to assume anything about Worldcoin due to it being in the development phase, users who are unable to find operators near their location can only wait or reach out to Worldcoin on their social media. Otherwise, the best course of action in this case is patience.

Worldcoin ID; How To Verify Worldcoin Without Orb

Another thing that you can do is to create an account on the Worldcoin app and keep collecting tokens. This will allow you to collect a good amount of tokens until the time when Worldcoin allows you to verify without Orbs.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the actual answer to “How to verify Worldcoin without Orbs,” it will be best for you to refrain from unknown sources of registration. This will help you avoid further confusion, and it will save you against fraudulent activities. It is a fun thought to imagine that this concept might further be used to differentiate between walking AIs and actual humans. Plus, considering the fact that you will get tokens just for being humans, it will help you create a stable financial base.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is The Worldcoin App Free?

Yes, the Worldcoin app is free to download.

Q2. How To Verify Worldcoin Without Orb?

Refrain from trusting unknown sources with verification of your Worldcoin verification, as there are no ways to verify Worldcoin without the Orb. Keep updated on the Worldcoin affairs to know when and how the Worldcoin verification without an orb will be possible.

Q3. What Is The Cost Of 1 Worldcoin?

Right now, the cost of one Worldcoin is equivalent to $0.0058.

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