How To Undo A Command In Minecraft | 5 Effective Ways (2023)

Undo A Command In Minecraft

Are you striving to know how to undo a command in Minecraft? Well, that is indeed a tough job, but we have discovered some solutions for you. Using these alternatives, you can add an undo command choice and bounce back from mistakes. So scroll down and learn how to undo a command in Minecraft.

We have to build and destroy a lot of things in Minecraft. However, not everything always goes as planned. You can start a gigantic Redstone system by pressing a button, or you can blow up a TNT to create a new block or clear up some room, but this particular TNT unintentionally provokes other TNT and ruins your alot of time. 

Keep reading this article till you save all your hours of hard work. This article will help you understand how to undo a command in Minecraft.

How To Undo A Command In Minecraft?

To add or remove structures in our Minecraft worlds, we all need to be able to use the undo command. Obviously, if someone accidentally constructs a building, there is no way to get it back until you reverse a command. 

Although there isn’t a way to reverse command in Minecraft, we’ll teach you a few tricks to help you quickly fix your error. We anticipate that undo and redo commands will be added to Minecraft soon for upcoming editions.

Ways to undo a command in Minecraft-

1. Use Clone Command

There is currently no built-in undo a command in Minecraft, so backup your world using the /fill or /clone commands always works well to undo a command in Minecraft. Resurrect them in the event that something bad happens. For the time being, that is the only foolproof tool.

2. Use Op Special Rights

You can add undo and redo commands to your Minecraft if you use a dedicated server and have op special rights.

3. Use Tools 

To use the undo command, you can use third-party tools such as MCEdit and WorldEdit. You can use this to eliminate anything you unintentionally built or recover anything you unknowingly destroyed.

4. Use Fill Command

Utilize the fill command like an Undo command to eliminate items or frameworks from the game. This command can also be used to delete clones.

5. Use TNT

In case you can’t reverse anything right now and unintentionally construct an item or framework, your last resort to undo the command in Minecraft is to use the TNT method. Bring the TNT into action and further, delete the item or framework.

These are some of the ways you can try to undo any unwanted step you took in Minecraft. Despite the lack of a system in Minecraft to undo a command, we demonstrate to you how to revive your mistake in a short amount of time. 

Although, we really hope that Minecraft’s highly anticipated versions will include undo and redo commands.

How To Use Fill Command To Undo Something In Minecraft? 

To use the fill command to undo something in Minecraft, you need to follow the instructions mentioned below. This will help you to undo things easily in Minecraft.

Steps to use the fill command to undo something in Minecraft

  1. Go to settings 
  2. Scroll down to Cheats 
  3. Select Show Coordinates on Screen. 
  4. Activate cheats 
  5. Now select “Show coordinates” from the menu. 

You must enclose a tree in a box with two coordinates in order to duplicate it. One is the bottom coordinate, and it’s assumed that it’s 30, 67, 0

You can jot them down on a piece of paper to make sure they are kept in check throughout the usage. 

Adding more, moving up and diagonally, would be beneficial. You then have 20, 85, and -10. All you have to do in this case is /fill 30 67 0 20 85 -10 air. No commas or other punctuation is required between these numbers. The tree will be gone, as you can see.

How To Use Testfoblocks To Undo Things In Minecraft?

The /testforblocks command has the exact same syntax as the /clone command. 

The first cuboid region you want to test has two corners defined by the first two sets of coordinates. The lower northwest corner of the cuboid region, where you wish to test your initial region, is defined by the third set of coordinates. Here, the size of both sections will be equal. 

By hitting F3 and examining the axes in the center of the screen in the most recent Java edition of Minecraft, you may identify which corner of your object is the lower northwestern corner. The lower northwestern corner of your territory is whichever angle or region fits into those axes. The /clone command utilizes the same method to undo a command in Minecraft.

Wrapping Up

This is everything about how to undo a command in Minecraft. In this article, I have mentioned some ways you can retrieve your unwanted doings in Minecraft as an undo command. I hope this helped you in some ways. Let us know if you found any other ways you can retrieve in Minecraft in the comment section below. Check out Path of EX for more Minecraft-related topics and other gaming platforms. 

Happy Gaming!

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