How to Remove The Crown On Discord | Make a Dummy Role?

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Are you done with your crown and wanna remove it? No worries, we have a solution to your question about How to Remove the Crown on Discord. Just scroll down and solve all your doubts about How to Remove the Crown on Discord.

We know the Discord Crown means a lot to you, as this crown icon makes it simple for your server’s users to find who to contact if they need assistance. If that crown becomes too burdensome, don’t worry; Path Of EX has the resolution for the problem of how to remove the crown on Discord.

So get ready to get the most accessible solution. For your query, all you have to do is read the article until the end and follow the steps mentioned to resolve the issue of How to Remove the Crown on Discord.

What Is A Crown On Discord?

As a way to facilitate the quick identification of helpers for new users, Discord incorporated the crown emblem. However, not everyone wants their username to be adorned with a crown emblem. If you belong to this group, we have something for you on how to remove the crown on Discord. Use the instructions below to remove the crown icon from Discord.

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How To Remove The Crown On Discord?

To Remove How Crown On Discord

If you want to remove the crown on Discord and you are struggling about the same, here’s something for your query of how to remove the crown on Discord and you genuinely want to give up with a crown, which instructs your users to /bow before addressing you in text chat. If you’d prefer to divide the duties with other community members, you could also create the role for your other admins, including yourself. So scroll down and follow the steps mentioned below to remove the crown on Discord.

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Steps To Remove The Crown On Discord

To Remove How Crown On Discord
  1. Launch Discord and click the arrow icon in the top left corner.
  2. In the dropdown menu, select Server Settings.
  3. Select Roles.
  4. Turn on Roles which is next to the statement that reads “Display role members separately from online members.” next, select Save Changes from the bottom
  5. Use the Ctrl + R (or CMD + R) keyboard shortcut to refresh Discord. Your name will no longer have the Crown symbol.
  6. If the crown is still there, go to each role and flip the switch off.

How To Make A Dummy Role In Discord?

How To Remove The Crown On Discord

A completely new position with admin rights that is simply a dummy role can also be created. This indicates that you are only using the role for the purpose of the particular work.

  1. A pop-up warning you that you have unsaved changes will appear at the bottom of the screen when you toggle the switches. 
  2. Once you’re done, click Save Changes.
  3. Reopen Discord after completing.

If Your Crown Is Visible, You Can Add This Role By Yourself By Following The Steps Mentioned Below :

  1. Head back to the Server Settings of your Discord server.
  2. From the menu on the left, connect on Members, and you can find it under the USER MANAGEMENT section.
  3. In the empty window, find your name and click on the + icon off to the right of it.
  4. Find the newly created admin role from the options and click on it.
  5. To find a role more quickly, type the name of the position into the text field provided.
  6. Your crown should be gone now that you have been assigned the role.

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Watch How To Remove The Crown On Discord

Wrapping Up

In Discord, removing your crown is simple—all it’s about is distributing roles, and if you still face the problem of how to remove the crown in Discord, just follow the steps mentioned above. Remember that roles have a lot of influence and that allocating them randomly can have certain dangers, so remove your crowns carefully.

If you still face any trouble with Discord removing your crown? Are you unsure of your role in Discord? Post your comments to us.


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