How to Rate Movies on Amazon Prime? 3 Simple and Easy ways

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There are plenty of intriguing movies and TV shows available on Amazon Prime to quench your desires. You may stream hundreds and thousands of your favorite movies with Amazon Prime, and you can even write a review for several of them. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you may quickly rate the movies you’ve seen. This article will tell you how to rate movies on Amazon prime.

Anyone can watch more than 6000 films in different dialects on Prime Video. Here anyway, one can pick your favorite movies. Discovering the movie’s ratings would make it easier for you to determine whether or not to see it. With Prime Video, customers can rate movies and offer suggestions to other customers.

This article will outline the three main ways users can learn how to rate movies on Amazon Prime and demonstrate why ratings are essential.

How to Rate Movies on Amazon Prime?

How to Rate Movies on Amazon Prime? 3 Simple and Easy ways

There are three methods based on which you can rate movies on Amazon Prime. Following are the three methods are discussed as under

Method 1. By using the IMDB Application

1. The first step to getting into the IMDB account is by signing into the IMDB application. To sign in to the IMDB webpage, you will be provided with an option that says to sign in via your Amazon account. Just go with this option and Sign in to your IMDB account.

How to Rate Movies on Amazon Prime? 3 Simple and Easy ways

2. Now, you just have to choose the movie you want to give a rating. You can find the movie of your own choice under the categories section and type the film you want to give ratings for. Select the chosen movie to do the same.

How to Rate Movies on Amazon Prime? 3 Simple and Easy ways

3. You will also be able to rate the movie in terms of Stars. You have to select the “rate this” option above the star. Just select the option “rate this,” and as per your choice, you can give the movie as many stars as you want to give. The ratings can be given from one to ten stars as per the choice.

How to Rate Movies on Amazon Prime? 3 Simple and Easy ways

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Method 2. By using the Customer Review Option

  1. The first thing you need to do is just Log In to your Amazon prime account.
  2. After that, move the cursor on the top left side of the screen, saying “Hello.” and your name. Then, you will come across a menu displaying Select your Prime Video.
  3. Now, Choose the movie you want to give a rating. Be it good or bad. After performing above mentioned steps, you will come into the interface showing the stack of Movies and series. Now you just have to search for the movie from the search bar and click on it to rate it.
  4. Lastly, you can Write Your Review. This option will enable the users to write a review of their choice for the movie and provide a film rating. In this process, you will also be stuck upon the review of others on that particular movie.

Method 3. By Improving Recommendations

  1. First, you must log in to your Amazon prime account by jotting down the credentials. After that, move the cursor over the section in the top left corner, “Hello,” and your name on the menu bar. You will find an option from the numerous options “Improve Your Recommendations.”
  2. Once you do that, you will land on a page displaying recommendations for several movies and shows you have watched earlier. You just have to watch out at the navigation menu and select the videos you have already watched or seen.
  3. Finally, you can rate the videos you watched earlier. It should be noted that the ratings will not be squared with other viewers. It will only help you to improve your video recommendations for the future significantly.

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How to Rate Movies on Amazon Prime?

Wrapping Up

The people who are fans of movies on Amazon Prime Video can rate the movies they’ve liked. Some other users will choose a good movie thanks to viewer ratings, which will ensure future personalized suggestions. This article gives you three different methods for rating movies on amazon prime. Comment down below if you were aware of these methods, and share your thoughts on giving the ratings for the movies on Amazon prime.


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