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Are you facing trouble figuring out how to marry into the royal family in BitLife? Well, you might. Because getting married into the royal family in BitLife is quite tough. It will take some hard work to accomplish this mission. I have explained all the steps you need to follow to get married into the royal family in BitLife. So, head on!

In the game BitLife Life Simulator, you can engage in a variety of real-life tasks like studying, working out, and renting out your penthouse. Even your age will change as the game progresses. You’ll have options available to you while facing situations in the game. Additionally, the game’s plot is determined by the choices you make in each scenario presented by BitLife Life Simulator.

BitLife Life Simulator has a lot of side quests and challenges that include a lot of different activities like becoming a Mechanical engineer, Giving bad advice to friends, having triplets, etc. Marrying into the royal family in BitLife is one such activity. To know how to marry into the royal family in BitLife, read further!

How to Marry into the Royal Family in BitLife | Step-by-Step Guide

How to Marry into the Royal Family in BitLife

You have to do quite a bit of research about the royal family along with some work on yourself. In this mission, you have to get accepted by the Royal family. I have explained the steps to marry into the Royal Family in BitLife below. Have a look!

Steps to Marry into the Royal Family in BitLife –

  1. Become a notable and famous person in society. You can choose to be a famous actor, writer, or maybe a renowned singer. Becoming extremely rich is also an option to get noticed by the royal family.
  2. Work on your health > Hit the gym 
  3. Join a martial art school > Do physical activities
  4. Have impressive looks

This is it. If you can do all of these things, you will get noticed by the Royal family. That’s how you can marry into the Royal family in BitLife.

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Wrapping Up 

That’s a wrap BitLife lover! Now it’s your time to hit the ground to marry into the Royal family in BitLife. If you face any trouble, do not hesitate to let me know in the comment section below. 

Stay tuned to Path of EX for more updates on the BitLife Life Simulator game.

Happy Gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Have More Than One Wife in BitLife?

Once you become the King of England, you will need to marry six or more wives and have at least one child with each wife. This will require you to get married and divorce all of your wives up to the last one. Once you are with your sixth wife, you will need to have a son with her.

2. Can You be Born as a Queen in BitLife?

There is a random chance that your character will be born into the royal family. Your character must be born as a prince or princess to become king or queen. If they are born as an earl, duke, or any other royal status, you will need to marry into the royal family or create a new character and try again.

3. Are There Royal Arranged Marriages in BitLife?

If you’re looking to set your character up with an arranged marriage in BitLife, the easiest way to ensure that this happens is to select your character to be born into either India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Japan, Iran, China, or Saudi Arabia.

4. What Happens if I Divorce in BitLife?

Divorce. If the character does not want to be married to their spouse any more, they may divorce but could have to pay money to their spouse unless they signed a prenuptial agreement. Less commonly, the spouse may have to pay them the money if the judge rules in the character’s favor.


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