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Hello, gamers. I have some of the best and most useful Bitlife tips and tricks that can lead you to victory. As we all know Bitlife is all about making decisions. You must know these tips and tricks or else you may regret it. Let’s dive in now.

You must know Bitlife tips and tricks before you take big life decisions like school, education, and age. One bad decision in Bitlife can break your entire game. Make sure you follow my tips and tricks to excel better in the game. These tips and tricks are tried and tested so you can trust them.

It’s quite beneficial to have tips and tricks to get you through BitLife. Let’s have all the 12 best Bitlife tips and tricks by scrolling down below. Let’s get started now!

12 Important Bitlife Tips And Tricks For An Amazing Game

12 Must Know Bitlife Tips And Tricks To Win | 2023

The newest life simulation game called BitLife Life Simulator is utterly addictive. It’s enthralling to follow your character’s life year by year and see how their relationships and professional endeavors turn out. By knowing these Bitlife tips and tricks, your life in Bitlife will be easier than ever. 

1. Start Bitlife Strongly

12 Must Know Bitlife Tips And Tricks To Win | 2023

Making certain that you have a solid start is one of the best Bitlife tips and tricks to advance in BitLife. Pay close attention to your birth statistics to do this. You’ll be able to raise each stat, whether it be Health, Happiness, Intelligence, or Appearance, by knowing what to work on. Keep a tight eye on your relationship with your parents as well. The difference between having friends and being alone, getting your college paid for, or having to work your way through college can be made. 

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2. Study Well

12 Must Know Bitlife Tips And Tricks To Win | 2023

Your education is one of the most vital aspects of BitLife! Working hard in your studies can definitely help. Many opportunities arise as a result. With strong marks, you can join specific clubs at school, take part in extracurricular activities, enroll in an esteemed university, and even land a fantastic career. Earning outstanding grades might even help you receive scholarships that will cover the cost of your entire university education and help you land a job that pays an absurd amount! Go study well. Let’s look at the next best Bitlife tips and tricks by scrolling down.

3. Choose A Good Career

12 Must Know Bitlife Tips And Tricks To Win | 2023

Like in real life, finding a good career is really important. That can mean the difference between having fun while playing BitLife and simply generally having a bad time. Having an excellent profession might open you opportunities for fame, wealth, and even a Lamborghini. Due to the simple fact that having money in BitLife equates to having a good BitLife, it can lead to all kinds of opportunities. Choosing a good career is one of the best Bitlife tips and tricks anyone can ever give you. Take your career seriously in BitLife.

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4. Do A Job Shuffle & Land On A Good Job

12 Must Know Bitlife Tips And Tricks To Win | 2023

After graduating from high school or college, you might not always find the job you’re seeking for when you go to the job boards. Fortunately, you can actually shuffle the BitLife job board thanks to this Bitlife tips and tricks hack. 

You can do a job shuffle in a few different ways. The simplest and most obvious solution is to just add a year to your age and reapply, but this can hurt your chances if you’re just out of college and looking for work. Finding the ideal job can take years. The game can also be simply closed and restarted as an alternative. You’ll get a new job board with all new listings while remaining the same BitLife age.

5. Keep You Happiness Stat Up

12 Must Know Bitlife Tips And Tricks To Win | 2023

Your happiness stat is one of the key things you should be concerned with in BitLife. Unhappiness can cause a wide range of issues, including issues with your health and social life. Engaging in various game activities is one BitLife tip for ensuring your happiness. Finding a partner or spouse, practicing meditation, committing crimes, adopting kids, and even seeing the doctor to ensure your health are some of the Bitlife tips and tricks that will lead you to a happy BitLife.

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6. Collect Ribbons

12 Must Know Bitlife Tips And Tricks To Win | 2023

In BitLife, there are tonnes of Ribbons available for collection. Of course, they won’t receive a prize. Although they are primarily a matter of personal achievement, you can work towards achieving them in order to give the game a different feeling of meaning. The Unlucky, Academic, Famous, Hero, Houdini, and Globetrotter Ribbons are some of the more intriguing Ribbons to collect! Let’s look at the next best Bitlife tips and tricks by scrolling down.

7. Know Your Net Worth

12 Must Know Bitlife Tips And Tricks To Win | 2023

BitLife’s rare achievements can only be unlocked by having a very high net worth. You can use your Activities Menu to find this. Find the Will & Testament option from there. You can view your net worth here. You must boost your net worth to specific levels in order to earn the Millionaire, Multimillionaire, Wealthy, Super Rich, and Stinking Rich awards.

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8. Buy Lottery Tickets One Day

12 Must Know Bitlife Tips And Tricks To Win | 2023

The lottery activity is one of the many secret traps in BitLife. You can purchase lottery tickets as frequently as you’d like, and there is always a sizable jackpot available. Each lottery ticket is reasonably cheap, and statistically speaking, even if you buy tickets daily until you ultimately hit the jackpot, you’ll still end up with a lot more money than you spent on them. Using this exercise is, in all honesty, crucial if you want to succeed in BitLife right now! This is also one of the wise Bitlife tips and tricks, I mean who knows, you may win a jackpot.

9. Have Doctor Checkup Regularly

12 Must Know Bitlife Tips And Tricks To Win | 2023

Regular doctor visits are one of the more crucial tips for having a long life in BitLife. This can assist you in identifying any illnesses or disorders early on before they endanger your life or shorten your game. You frequently discover that you have little diseases and viruses, but occasionally, it can be much worse. Make sure to go to the doctor as frequently as you can—at the very least once every calendar year.

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10. Keep Track On Heirloom

12 Must Know Bitlife Tips And Tricks To Win | 2023

Although it isn’t strictly a BitLife Tip or Trick, keeping track of your heirloom is still incredibly crucial. Despite the randomness, you have the possibility to acquire a really priceless object that you can keep, pass on to your children, sell, or give if it is a historical object. While having money is crucial once more, these Bitlife tips and tricks can help you advance significantly in life.

11. Buy & Sell

12 Must Know Bitlife Tips And Tricks To Win | 2023

Unfortunately, renting out property is not an option in BitLife, but you can sell your home. But be careful not to purchase a property that would force you to take on a mortgage you cannot afford. You have all the time in the world to start small and work your way up. Now, let’s look at the next best Bitlife tips and tricks by scrolling down.

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12. Keep Your Parents Happy

12 Must Know Bitlife Tips And Tricks To Win | 2023

Make sure to spend time with your parents whenever possible. Long-term advantages of making sure they’re content to include helping you pay off your student loans and, yes, receiving a sizable inheritance. Not just inheritance and school fees. You may increase your happiness by keeping your parents happy both in BitLife and in real life.

Wrapping Up

These were the best Bitlife tips and tricks that you might follow to excel in BitLife. Share this informative and useful tip guide with your fellow BitLife gamers. I have to go. I am tired. You go and enjoy your BitLife gameplay. I’ll see you next time in yet another Path of EX blog. Till then, make sure you eat well and take care of yourself. Bye, guys.

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