How to Make Headshots Using Capcut in 7 Easy Steps!

Make Headshots Using Capcut

If are you a TikTok enthusiast and love to keep up with TikTok trends, then you must be familiar with Capcut. This video editing app is used for creating trending TikTok videos. Lately, users have been obsessed with the headshot trend. So, let me tell you how to make headshots using Capcut.

Creating headshots for professional platforms gives your profile an edge. And with the amazing AI technology, you can take it a step ahead! While Capcut can help you arrange your headshots, you need apps like Remini AI and Aragon to create these headshots in the first place.

So, let’s get started and learn how to make headshots using Capcut!

How to Make Headshots Using Capcut?

Make Headshots Using Capcut

In order to make headshots using Capcut, you need to proceed by following the steps mentioned below:

1. Download the Capcut app and locate the Headshot filter template.

2. Then, you need to download the Remini app or use any AI app to generate your headshot photos.

3. You can now import your photos into Capcut by clicking on the Plus icon “+” on the interface of the app.

Note: You should remove the Remini app watermark from your headshots before importing it

4. After placing the headshot photo, apply the headshot template filter.

5. You can use and explore more editing tools to make the video more interesting.

6. Add trending background music or text; however, this step is optional and depends on your personal preferences.

7. You can Preview the video and save it when you are satisfied with it.

And that is how you can make headshots using Capcut app.

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Wrapping Up

In this blog, I have mentioned all the important details and information on how to make headshots using Capcut. I hope this information will serve you well and in your best interest. If you have any doubts or suggestions, feel free to comment below in the comment section. We will reach out to you soon. To read more about such informative and interesting blogs, keep visiting our website, Path of EX.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I use for a headshot?

You can use any camera for headshot sessions. But a DSLR camera or a mirrorless camera will give you the best results.

2. How do I take a headshot with my phone?

If your Android does not have HDR, you’ll need to add an Android camera app. Do not zoom in manually. Instead, use the portrait setting if your phone has it, or if not, have the photographer move closer to you.

3. Can you use a selfie as a headshot?

You can 100% take a selfie headshot using an iPhone or other smartphone. The front-facing camera on your phone (not the selfie camera) is a higher-quality lens that produces a much better photo with less distortion of your face.

4. What size should a headshot photo be?

A proper headshot should be a clear, high-resolution image of your face, sized at 8×10 inches. If you’re using a digital headshot, use compressed images with JPEG, JPG,or PNG file types.

5. What not to put in a headshot?
What Should You Not Wear For a Headshot?

You should be the focal point of your headshot, not the crazy loud shirt you’re wearing! Choose simple patterns or solid colors instead. Stay away from graphic tees or shirts with logos unless it’s part of your business uniform. It limits your cropping options!

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