How To Make An Anvil In Minecraft | Change Nametags Using Anvil

Make An Anvil In Minecraft

Any Minecraft player’s survival world needs an anvil because it can be used to enhance armor, tools, weapons, and even give creatures names. So let’s learn how to make an anvil in Minecraft and enjoy making this survival enchantment in the game.

An anvil is an important piece of equipment for every Minecraft. Anvil will only require utility blocks at the beginning of the game. They are a furnace and a crafting table, as your resources increase, you must spend money on new tools as you progress. 

The importance of enchantment upgrades increases when players gain better diamond tools. You’ll need an anvil for that. So without wasting time scroll through the article till the end and learn everything about how to make an anvil in Minecraft.

How To Make An Anvil In Minecraft?

To make an Anvil in Minecraft, you need to work a little hard to collect blocks. To this enchantment, you are required to follow the preparation process. So let’s get started and learn how to make an anvil in Minecraft.

Make An Anvil In Minecraft

Steps to get an Anvil in Minecraft

  1. Collect 4 iron ore and 3 iron blocks, a total of 31 iron ore.
  2. Once you collect them, bring them to your crafting table to create an anvil. 
  3. Once you have your four iron ingots and three iron blocks, put them in the order specified.
  4. Now Place the three iron blocks in the top row after placing the four iron ingots in the bottom two rows in a “t” pattern
  5. Once you do that, you will have your anvil
  6. Give the command for an Anvil: /give @pMinecraft: anvil 1 and you are all set to use.

Note: The only Minecraft blocks that are affected by gravity are anvils, along with gravel, sand, and the dragon’s egg. As a result, they fall through the air until they hit a solid block. Falling anvils can be employed as (expensive) projectiles because they can hurt a player if they are hit by one. Even if anvils fall from a height of 40 blocks, they can still do up to 20 hearts of damage.

This is how you make an anvil in Minecraft. Now let’s learn how to use the anvil that you made in Minecraft.

How To Use An Anvil To Fix Things In Minecraft? 

An Anvil is an amazing enchantment in Minecraft. It is used to fix many different things. But you have to follow the process for fixing things using an anvil in Minecraft. So scroll down and follow the step-by-step process of fixing things in Minecraft with the use of an anvil.

Steps to fix things using an Anvil in Minecraft

  1. Place the object that needs to be repaired in the first slot of the anvil.
  2. Now put the component ores in the second slot.
  3. As you press enter the object you have placed will get fixed.

For instance, to restore a diamond pickaxe to the desired health, you will need enough diamonds. But keep in mind that using an anvil to repair tools, armor, or weapons all needs experience, so be sure to use your XP farm to gain the required levels.

Wooh! You learned how you make an anvil in Minecraft and to use it. Now let’s learn how to use the anvil to combine things and enchantments in Minecraft.

How To Use An Anvil To Combine Things And Enchantments In Minecraft? 

You might be not aware that if two identical items are placed in the anvil together, the enchantments from the two identical items might be combined. One diamond Unbroken II pickaxe, for instance, can be made by joining two diamond Unbroken I pickaxes in an anvil. This is how you can use an anvil to combine things and enchantments.

Note: Unfortunately, an anvil cannot be repaired. It’s usually a good idea to have the anvil crafting formula on hand. In case you need to construct a new one after breaking your first one because anvils wear out over time from heavy use or from fall damage.

So you have learned how you make an anvil in Minecraft and to use it. Now you also know how to use the anvil to combine things and enchantments in Minecraft. Now let’s learn how to change the nametags in Minecraft using an anvil.

How To Change Nametags In Minecraft Using An Anvil?

Finally, you can rename different creatures and stuff in your Minecraft world using the anvil and name tags. All you have to do is follow the step-by-step process and your nametags will be renamed.

Steps to change nametags using an Anvil

  1. Make sure you have a name tag, an anvil, and enough XP. 
  2. In the utility block, use the anvil and insert the name tag. 
  3. Type enter your selected name 
  4. Take off the anvil’s nameplate. 
  5. Apply the name tag to the mob or object of your choice after equipping it! 

Note: The name tags cannot be made; instead, they must be acquired from dungeons and chests, so keep an eye out for these uncommon goods while you explore.

It is very important to remember that you should take your time while selecting a name because the tags are extremely rare and should not be wasted.

Wrapping Up 

This is everything about how to make an anvil in Minecraft. Now get your anvil, use this enchantment with your tools and get your name tags using it. Do remember to use it carefully while playing. You can also check out other amazing Minecraft enchantments on Path of EX and use them while gaming. Also, remember to share your favorite Minecraft enchantment with us in the comment section.

Happy Gaming!

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