What are Lures & How To Lure In Adopt Me?

how to lure in adopt me

If you are in love with the pets, Adopt Me is here! To add to your excitement, lure me here in the gameplay. Once you get the lure boxes, a world full of surprises awaits you. Let’s read the article to learn how to lure in Adopt Me.

If you are looking for pets to adopt and raise, get into the virtual world of Adopt Me. In the gameplay, players trade, collect, and adopt legendary pets. The gameplay allows users to build homes and make friends with other game players. Collect as many pets as you can to earn rewards. Let’s dive into the article for further details about how to lure in Adopt Me.

Add a new experience to your Adopt Me gameplay and set up your home with lures and bait. Stick with this game guide article to learn how to lure in Adopt Me.

What Is Lure In Adopt Me?

how to lure in adopt me

The Adopt Me gameplay has fantastic visuals and beautiful toon characters. Lure in Adopt Me is an item that fascinates and adds surprise elements to your gameplay. After updating the fire dimension live event, molten pets seek new homes on Adoption Island. These pets can be lured into your virtual world using special furniture items and baits. There are only two lures in Adopt Me: Box Lure and Cozy Home Lure, which you can buy from the furniture menu.

1. Box Lure

In Adopt Me, Box Lure is a furniture item that costs around 750 bucks. It appears like a brown cardboard box with a print of a paw in brown color at the front. A yellow string is attached to the bottom of the brown stick. You can only place one box lure in your home at a time.

2. Crazy Home Lure

Crazy Home Lure in Adopt Me is another furniture item. Crazy Home Lure can be purchased for 1200 Robux. It allows you to claim items such as pets and bucks.

How To Lure In Adopt Me?

The journey to lure molten pets starts by placing lure furniture in your home, either a box lure or a crazy home lure. You can keep any lure boxes in your home. To speed up finding rare pets, you can place both lures in Adopt Me to maximize your chances of luring rare pets inside your premises.

Once the lure is in place, attract the molten pets with the help of bait in Adopt Me gameplay. Campfire Cookie Bait is the primary bait, which gets replenished every four hours. You need to buy an initial campfire cookie so the players can stay in the gameplay.

After four hours, a molten creature will visit your premises. Roam your premises because these molten creatures will leave multiple gifts for you. Here are the lists of awards you will earn from molten creatures.

  • Bucks: Ranging between $10 to $10,000.
  • Age-Up Potion: Occurs 12.5% of the time.
  • Paint Sealer: A 2% possibility.
  • Toys & Pet Wear: 5% chance to score items such as the Magma Great Sword or Flame Grappling Hook.
  • Ultra-Rare Pets: 1.49% chance to get creatures like the Toasty Red Panda or Magma Snail.
  • Legendary Blazing Lion: The crème de la crème at a rare 0.01% chance.

Wrapping Up 

This is all you need to know about the lures in Adopt Me gameplay. Leave your words in the comment section to learn more about the gameplay Adopt Me. Stay updated with Path Of EX for more informative articles on the gaming world.

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