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Unable to play Roblox due to the ban? In this post, I will help you to explain how to get unbanned on Roblox. Scroll down, read the article, and learn how to appeal to Roblox to get unbanned. So get ready to unban yourself and to have a fantastic gaming experience.

A user’s Roblox account is suspended if they violate the platform’s Terms of Use or Community Standards. There are methods around this if you believe your ban was unjust or made in error. One option is to challenge the ban. However, it might take some time for you to hear back. Another approach to become unbanned from Roblox if you’ve received an IP ban is to use a VPN to alter your IP address.

Learn how you can appeal your banned account or how to get unbanned on Roblox using a VPN in 2022. Follow these IP-banned Roblox guidelines and bypass all the Roblox-banned restrictions using the below steps.

How To Get Unbanned On Roblox | Unblock In Roblox

You may be able to get unbanned from Roblox by using a VPN, but you should appeal your ban first. By doing so, you are ensuring that you abide by the Roblox Community Standards. In the event that you succeed, you will not have to create a new account, which is required when using a VPN. Your existing one will continue to work instead.

How To Get Unbanned On Roblox

Steps to contest a Roblox ban

  1. Use the support form to get in touch with the Roblox Appeals team. You will first be required to provide your birthdate.
  2. Your email address associated with the banned account). is required. Although it’s unnecessary, we advise giving your username and first name.
  3. Choose the device that you previously used to play Roblox under Issue Details. Select Moderation, followed by Appeal Account or Content, under the “Type of help” heading.
  4. Give a concise explanation of your appeal, mentioning your justification. Click “submit” when you are finished and satisfied. Within 24 hours, you ought to have a response to your request.
  5. Remember that filing an appeal doesn’t ensure your ban will be lifted. Additionally, you only have one opportunity to appeal. Make it matter.

This is how you get yourself unbanned on Roblox, appealing to Roblox to remove the ban from your account. Now let’s check how to get unbanned on Roblox using A VPN.

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How To Get Unbanned On Roblox Using A VPN?

How To Get Unbanned On Roblox

Getting unbanned from Roblox is a simple task. A typical VPN will enable you to restore your Roblox IP simply if your appeal against the Roblox ban has yet to receive a response. It would help if you thus accepted the fact that the Roblox community rejected your request. Let’s start with the fastest way to be unbanned from Roblox, which is a VPN.

Steps to get unbanned on Roblox using a VPN

  1. Choose a dependable VPN server (In my opinion, you must choose NordVPN. It provides you 30-day free trial, if you think it is a good fit for you, then you will get a refund)
  2. Download the web or mobile application (where you often play Roblox games)
  3. Register an account with the necessary information.
  4. Enter your account information and turn on the VPN server. 
  5. Your blocked Roblox IP will shift to a new IP in a split second. Enjoy your Roblox game right now.

Note: Your internet traffic is routed through a server run by the VPN provider while being encrypted using a VPN service. This has a number of benefits. As a first step, your personal information is shielded from hackers and snoopers.

This was everything about how to unban yourself on Roblox using a VPN. Now let’s find out the best VPN to get unbanned on Roblox.

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Best VPN To Get Unbanned On Roblox

How To Get Unbanned On Roblox

Here is the list of the best VPNs that you can use to get unbanned on Roblox.

1. NordVPN: The best VPN for unbanned Roblox players is NordVPN. There are numerous P2P and Double VPN servers, a trustworthy no-logs VPN with 24/7 customer support.

2. Surfshark: The most affordable and effective VPN for unblocking Roblox is Surfshark. This robust unblocking tool works well with Roblox. There are no limitations on how many devices can be connected to a single one. High-speed servers and a multi-hop option. Antiviral software for Windows and Android.

3. ExpressVPN: The servers are spread across 94 different nations.

No bandwidth restrictions and speedy servers are there in this VPN. Utilize it to get around restrictions on Netflix and Roblox. Military-grade security encryption.

4. CyberGhost: CyberGhost hosts tore up more than 8,000 servers in more than 90 countries. Fast enough to prevent lag while playing. A total of seven devices can be protected at once. A no-logs policy was put into place.

5. IPVanish: The WireGuard upgrade has enabled low-ping gaming on Roblox. Any number of users may sign up simultaneously.

Two aspects of security are encryption and a no-logs policy.

6. PrivateVPN: Quick speeds are combined with powerful anti-blocking features. Use Twitter, Netflix, Roblox, and a tonne of other websites. Excellent applications with an easy-to-use interface. Maximum privacy protection is provided.

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Wrapping Up

So this was everything about How To Get Unbanned On Roblox. It’s a request always to try a fair means of getting unbanned on Roblox. You can use a VPN but always try it to keep it a secondary option for getting unbanned. You can also check out other games and their settings on Path of EX and enjoy playing them with your friends and family,

Choose the correct way and enjoy playing.


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