How To Fix Left Oculus Controller Not Working | 8 Easy Fixes

left oculus controller not working

Oculus Quest Controller is one of the popular headsets that introduces us to a new gaming world. Let’s head through this page and acquire detailed information on the ‘Left Oculus Controller not working error’ and how you can fix it. Go on!

VR gaming is a new trend of this era that unleashes a thrilling experience for all gamers. It has a powerful battery life and can be played on various platforms, including Mobile, PC, and Chromebook.

If your Left Oculus controller is not working, navigate through this page and learn about its possible causes and fixes to resolve this issue. Go on and see which one of the following solutions will rescue you today.

Why is the Left Oculus Controller Not Working | Reasons

left oculus controller not working

There could be many possible reasons for Left Oculus Controller not working. The primary reason is that there is a problem related to your battery. Head on below and look for the expected causes for the same:

  • The battery life has expired
  • The battery size is incompatible with your Oculus Controller
  • The pins of the battery have been loosened up
  • There is some problem with your controller

Let’s discuss the solutions for the Left Oculus controller not working error; go on.

How to Fix Left Oculus Controller Not Working Issue | 8 Fixes

As stated above, one of the main possible reasons for the Left Oculus Controller not working error is that you have a problem with your battery. Read along through this page, and you will embark upon the expected solutions for this error.

Fix 1: Restart Oculus Controller

The first solution to fix your left Oculus controller not working error is to restart your device. Below is how you can do it.

Steps to Restart Oculus Controller:

  1. Press the Power button on the right side of your headset > and wait until the power off option flashes on your screen.
  2. Click on the Restart option.
  3. After your device restarts, see if your error is fixed or not.

Fix 2: Charge Your Oculus Controller

left oculus controller not working

If your device is not charged, your Oculus controller will not perform accurately. Hence, plug in the charger, wait for it to get charged, and check if it resolves your issue.

Fix 3: Clean the Battery Connectors

The next possible reason for the Left Oculus Controller Not Working error is that your battery connectors are not clean. Hence, if none of those above-mentioned methods worked out for you, you can try cleaning them. Further is how you can do so.

Steps to Clean the Battery Connectors:

  1. Take a pinch of baking soda on a brush.
  2. Use it to clean any corrosion from the battery connectors.
  3. After doing so, re-insert the battery and check if the issue has been resolved.

Fix 4: Reinsert Batteries 

Troubleshooting methods always work out well in any case. Another method to try is to remove the batteries from the connector and reinsert them after a few minutes.

There is a greater possibility that doing so may resolve your problem of Left Oculus Controller Not Working. In case it doesn’t, don’t worry because we have still got you some more solutions to try out.

Fix 5: Replace Your Batteries 

Removing and reinserting batteries didn’t work out well? Well, try replacing them. There is a higher chance that your batteries have been damaged, and this is why your left Oculus controller is not working properly.

Replace your batteries and see if this is comes out as a handy solution for you today.

Fix 6: Repair Oculus Controller 

left oculus controller not working

Are you still stuck on the ‘Left Oculus not working error’? Then maybe there is a problem with your controller. Go on and see how you can fix this.

Steps to Repair Oculus Controller:

  1. Open the Oculus app on your device.
  2. Tap on the three-bar icon in the bottom right corner of your screen > and head on to the menu tab.
  3. Click on Devices > Controllers.
  4. Select the controller you are working on.
  5. Click on the option Unpair Controller.
  6. Wait till the controllers get repaired.

After the Oculus controller is repaired, check if your issue is fixed or not.

Fix 7: Factory Reset Oculus Controller 

Sometimes, the Oculus controller stops performing due to software issues. Hence, factory resetting is expected to work well in this case. However, one must note that this can delete all of your data, so you will be required to re-download and install your games once and for all.

Steps to Factory Reset Oculus Controller:

  1. Long press the Power and Volume down button on your device > and open the USB update mode window.
  2. Press the Volume Down button to open the Factory Reset option.
  3. Press the Power button to select the option and then confirm.
  4. Wait till Quest 2 performs a factory reset.

After it is done, check if this fixes the problem or not.

Fix 8: Contact Support

Still didn’t get a way out? Your last resort is to contact the official support of the Oculus controller. Head on to the official website of Oculus and register your complaint there.

Further, wait for them to investigate the issue for you and resolve it.

Wrapping Up 

This was all about the Left Oculus Controller not working error. Check out the above guide and grab the possible solutions for this error. Also, do let us know which one came out as a savior for you today.

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