How to Delete Outfits on Roblox to Get Additional Space?

How to Delete Outfits On Roblox

Getting bored with old outfits in Roblox? Don’t worry. I will help you in deleting the old costumes. So through this article, let’s learn how to delete outfits on Roblox. Get ready to delete your old outfits and make space for your avatar’s to be ready with new cosmetics.

If you regularly play Roblox and acquire a lot of skins and costumes, reach the maximum number (50), and then want to add more clothes to your costume collection but are unable to do so, you must first erase the previous one. You are required to remove the clothing from the browser.

So follow this Roblox gaming guide and learn to delete your outfits in Roblox. This article will answer your question about how to delete outfits on Roblox. So follow the steps mentioned below and delete your old Roblox outfits.

How to Delete Outfits on Roblox?

You could have a few clothes in your collection if you’ve been playing the game for a long time. In the game, outfits are frequently worn, and players typically own a variety of them to choose from, depending on their preferences. 

When you eventually have the maximum number of clothes, you might want to eliminate some of them. You won’t be able to continue collecting outfits once you reach the maximum allowed. Here’s how to delete outfits in the game because it’s not really obvious how to do so.

How to Delete Outfits On Roblox

Steps to delete outfits on Roblox

  1. Visit the webpage for Roblox. The page should ideally be opened on your desktop. The mobile version of the page lacks the ability to delete outfits. 
  2. However, you can ask for a desktop version of the website using your mobile browser. 
  3. Log in to the Roblox website using your login information. 
  4. Select Avatar by clicking on the three vertical bars in the top left corner. 
  5. You can remove any costume by touching on it and selecting the “Delete” option in the Avatar Editor, which will open.
  6.  Make sure you are using the desktop version of the website if you can’t see the Avatar Editor.

Tip: You must use a web browser on your iOS or Android device to erase clothes in Roblox mobile. For this to work, use Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or your preferred web browser, as you cannot delete clothes in the mobile Roblox app.

You eventually outgrow your favorite attire, and they stop feeling stylish. The ability to discard clothes is just as valuable as preserving them for later usage. Both are possible on Roblox.

Wrapping Up

So this was everything about how to delete outfits on Roblox. Follow the steps mentioned above and get ready to delete your outfit on Roblox. Try deleting it from your PC to have smooth functioning. You can also learn about different games and their features from Path of EX and have amazing gaming experiences with your friends.

Keep playing with your friends!

Happy Gaming!

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