How to Create Webtoon Lookism AI Filter in 2024: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you captivated by the world of webtoons and the alluring Lookism series? Ever wondered how to bring that distinct webtoon charm to your photos from the original Lookism filter app? Look no further, as I dive into the realm of creativity and technology to unveil the secret process of how to create Webtoon Lookism AI filter!

Lookism, created by Taejun Pak, is a South Korean webtoon that first graced Naver Webtoon’s pages in November 2014. It is so popular nowadays that it inspired AI filters that are taking over social media like AI Style Filter or the mesmerizing AI Manga Filter. While various apps offer integration with this filter, the official method promises the true essence.

So, join me as I explore the art and let you know how to create Webtoon Lookism AI filter. Let us unleash your creative flair!

How to Create Webtoon Lookism AI Filter?

How to Create Webtoon Lookism AI Filter

Now, let us dive into the exciting process of learning how to create Webtoon Lookism AI filter. Brace yourself for a journey of creativity and transformation!

Step 01: Start by opening your browser on your smartphone.

Step 02: Navigate to the dedicated Webtoon AI website’s ToonFilter page.

Step 03: Once you are on the ToonFilter page, hit the Start button to kick off the filter creation process.

Step 04: Among the array of options, select Lookism. You can also explore other Webtoon AI filters if you are feeling adventurous.

Step 05: After selecting Lookism, hit the Selection Complete button to confirm your choice.

Step 06: Now, patiently wait for your turn in the queue.

Step 07: Upon your turn, make sure to read and agree to both the terms of use for the webtoon and the ToonFilter.

Step 08: It is time to bring your creativity to life! Hit the Upload Photo button to get started.

Step 09: Choose between Select Photo to access your gallery or Take Photo to capture a fresh shot using your device’s camera.

Step 10: After selecting or capturing a photo, press the Confirm button to move forward.

Step 11: Once satisfied with the selection, hit the Complete button to start the transformation process.

Step 12: The transformation is complete. Save the result that resonates with you the most, and enjoy!

Viola! You now know how to how to create Webtoon Lookism AI filter!

Wrapping Up

And there you have it! I hope you have successfully learned how to create Webtoon Lookism AI filter! Let your creativity shine and explore the captivating world of filters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Webtoon Lookism AI filter?

The Webtoon Lookism AI filter is a captivating tool that transforms your photos into illustrations inspired by the popular South Korean webtoon “Lookism.”

2. How to create Webtoon Lookism AI filter?

Simply visit the official Webtoon AI filter website on your smartphone, choose Lookism from the options, upload or take a photo, and let the magic happen!

3. Is the Webtoon Lookism AI filter free to use?

Yes, the Webtoon Lookism AI filter is typically available for free on the designated websites, allowing you to experiment with your photos.

4. Are there other Webtoon AI filters available?

Yes, apart from Lookism, you can explore creating other Webtoon AI filters on the same websites, offering diverse artistic styles.

5. Can I modify the results of the Webtoon Lookism AI filter?

Once the filter processes your photo, you can regenerate results and once you save the result, you can make additional edits using other photo editing tools.

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