How To Climb In Party Animals | Party Animals Controls Guide

how to climb in party animals

Party Animals is a fun game that binds players from different age groups together and creates a safe and groovy space for all of them. Here, a player ought to perform various tactics using various controls. On this page, I will discuss how you can climb in Party Animals and everything concerning the same. Go on!

Want to enjoy physics with gaming side-by-side? Party Animals has to be your choice. Here, a player can get his hands on various modes and features and have a thrilling yet friendly time with everyone out there.

Let’s go through this page and learn how to climb in Party Animals. All you need to do is press various controllers, depending on which device you are using. Go on and get yourself ready for some add-on fun.

How to Climb in Party Animals?

how to climb in party animals

The two buttons you need to climb in Party Animals include the grab button and the jump button. Let’s discuss how you can make your way up in the Party Animals on various devices.

  1. Keyboard & Mouse: Hold down the left mouse button + press Spacebar.
  2. Xbox: Hold down the RT button + press the Y button.
  3. PlayStation: Hold down the R2 button + press the Triangle button.
  4. Switch Pro: Hold down the ZR button + press the X button.

Party Animals Control Guide | List of All Party Animals Controls

how to climb in party animals

Party Animals is a game where a player has to be smart enough and control every character using appropriate controls. Be it fighting, picking up objects, jumping, and even for that matter, running.

Let’s go down and break down all Party Animals controls on varied devices.


  • Keyboard and Mouse (KBM): Hold the Left Shift key.
  • Xbox: Hold LT (Left Trigger).
  • PlayStation: Hold L2.
  • Switch Pro: Hold ZL.


  • KBM: Hold the Left mouse button.
  • Xbox: Hold RT (Right Trigger).
  • PlayStation: Hold R2.
  • Switch Pro: Hold ZR.

Dropping Weapons

  • KBM: Press the F key.
  • Xbox: Double-tap RT (Right Trigger).
  • PlayStation: Double-tap R2.
  • Switch Pro: Double-tap ZR.


  • KBM: Press the Spacebar.
  • Xbox: Press Y.
  • PlayStation: Press Triangle.
  • Switch Pro: Press X.


  • KBM: Hold Left-click and Right-click or J.
  • Xbox: Hold RT and press X.
  • PlayStation: Hold R2 and press Square.
  • Switch Pro: Hold ZR and press Y.


  • KBM: Left-click or J.
  • Xbox: Press X.
  • PlayStation: Press Square.
  • Switch Pro: Press Y.


  • KBM: Right-click or K.
  • Xbox: Press A.
  • PlayStation: Press X.
  • Switch Pro: Press B.


  • KBM: Press Spacebar and Right-click or K.
  • Xbox: Press Y and A.
  • PlayStation: Press Triangle and X.
  • Switch Pro: Press X and B.


  • KBM: Middle mouse button or L.
  • Xbox: Press B.
  • PlayStation: Press Circle.
  • Switch Pro: Press A.


  • KBM: Hold Left Shift and Middle mouse button or L.
  • Xbox: Hold LT and press B.
  • PlayStation: Hold L2 and press Circle.
  • Switch Pro: Hold ZL and press A.

Other Important Controls:

  • You can pick up weapons like tennis rackets or lollipops by lining up with them and grabbing them.
  • You can make three attacks with a weapon: Grab, Kick, and Headbutt.
  • You must prioritize grabbing something prior to throwing it, but you can’t throw weapons.
  • You can make a Heavy Punch by Holding Run + pressing Punch.
  • You can perform a Running Dropkick by Holding Run and using the combinations: Jump, then Kick.
  • You can Headbutt while doing most moves, even when holding weapons.
  • You can only Roll while running. Otherwise, you’ll do a Headbutt.

Wrapping Up

With this, your search for ‘How to Climb in Party Animals’ ends here. Check out the above guide, and make a note of other controls you can try in your game, like throwing, jumping, kicking, running, and much more.

Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have any doubts, and I will get back to you ASAP.

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