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Party Animals Game Modes

Party Animals is a light and fun physics-based game for all ages. If you’re a beginner in this animal-based competitive adventure, you need to know all the Party Animals game modes and Party Animals Xbox Controls. There’s fun to be had and much to explore with Party Animals, but everything in good time.

Starting new games can take a while because you need time to get used to the controls, and only some games have hacks like the Party Animals Codes. If you think competition might get stagnant or boring, you’re right. Party Animals has multiple game modes to keep you guessing and playing.

Are you ready to be the best animal and defeat your opponent with the knowledge of physics? So let’s take a look at the complete information on all the different Party Animals game modes with details on all the maps and how to win them. Let’s go!

How Many Party Animals Game Modes Are There?

There are 3 Party Animals game modes: Team Score, Arcade, and Last Stand modes.

There are three playable game modes in Party Animals: Team Score, Arcade, and Last Stand modes. As the name suggests, you must be the last animal standing and eliminate the remaining players in Last Stand. On the other hand, in Team Score, the game mode divides the eight players into two teams of 4, and the two teams compete to complete a task assigned to them. Arcade Mode also has two teams of 4, like Team Score, but in Arcade Mode, you have to eliminate the other team, like in Last Stand.

All Party Animals Game Modes, Maps & Theor Features

Party Animals Game Modes

Party Animals has three game modes, and every mode has different maps that you can explore. The three Party Animals game modes are Team Score, Arcade, and Last Stand modes, and they have nine, two, and nine maps, respectively.

Party Animals Game ModesNo. of MapsMaps
Team Score9Lollipop Factory, Fluffy Redemption, Into The Game, Safely Afloat, Trebuchet, Buzz Ball, Beast Hockey, Beast Soccer, Beast Football
Last Stand9Ichiban, Typhoon, Broken Arrow, Winter Is Coming, Blackhole Lab, Beat-Up Bridge, Gator Valley, Ice Breaker
Arcade2Final Destination, Winter Cabin

Here are the three Party Animals game modes with all twenty maps in the game:

Team Score

  • Into The Game – This map is of the Game show stage where the winning team has the most coins collected in the arcade video game.
  • Fluffy Redemption – In Fluffy Redemption, you face the Parallel trains stage, and here, the winner is the one that is further in the stage.
  • Safely Afloat – To win in Safely Afloat, you need to float the safe fastened to a balloon to your side.
  • Lollipop Factory – In the Lollipop Factory, you face the Factory setting, and here, you need to collect candy to win.
  • Trebuchet – As the name suggests, you need to use trebuchets to send bombs to the other side to win.
  • Buzz Ball – Buzz Ball is similar to Goofy basketball in Party Animals, but in this map, you’ll have to be careful because if you’re not, the ball can blow up and electrocute you if too many people are holding it at once.
  • Beast Hockey – Beast Hockey is Goofy hockey in Party Animals.
  • Beast Soccer – Beast Soccer is Goofy Soccer in Party Animals.
  • Beast Football – Beast Football is Goofy football Party Animals.

Last Stand

  • Ichiban – In Ichiban, you face ancient ruins with a toxic green gas that rises as the game goes on.
  • Typhoon – In Typhoon, you face a deadly submarine that will sink as the game goes on.
  • Broken Arrow – In Broken Arrow, you get on an Airplane that gradually freezes from both ends.
  • Winter Is Coming – Winter Is Coming consists of a collection of bonfires on the outdoors that go out one after the other.
  • Winter Is Coming – This map has an arena with hefty winds that will throw you off the stage, but gates can protect you from this fate. But be careful because the gate’s switches might break after too much use.
  • Blackhole Lab – This is a map in the game where a blackhole materializes and sucks everything into its center.
  • Beat-Up Bridge – The Beat-Up Bridge breaks gradually as you play the game.
  • Gator Valley – The Gator Valley has a river bridge that has massive waves that get bigger as the game progresses.
  • Ice Breaker – In this map, a huge Iceberg breaks apart, causing trouble in paradise


  • Final Destination – The Final Destination is the Subway station arena.
  • Winter Cabin –  As the name suggests, this map has the Winter Cabin.

Wrapping Up

Party Animals has three fun game modes with twenty maps to explore the different modes. All three Party Animals game modes, namely Arcade, Last Stand, and Team Score are waiting to be completed. And whether it’s Winter Cabin or Lollipop Factory, every map has something new and challenging for you. Have questions or suggestions for me? Comment to share your thoughts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Party Animals Have an Offline Game Mode?

No, Party Animals does not have an offline mode for players.

Q2. Does Party Animals Have a Multiplayer Mode?

Yes, Party Animals features multiplayer gameplay,

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