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Xbox as we know is a wonderful gaming brand created by the world-famous software company Microsoft. People who use Xbox can get five gaming platforms and streaming applications to get their content of choice as per their availability. However, there are situations when people do not know what perks or rewards their Xbox platform carries, and they miss the chance to claim them. Keep reading further to know how to claim Xbox game pass perks on Xbox or PC.

There are several game rewards that people can claim while using the Xbox streaming platform. However, this needs to be kept in mind that if these perks or rewards that Xbox carries are not claimed at right time, can expire then without use. You will get to know about all the perks and rewards once you scroll through the write-up thoroughly.

Let’s get ready to know in detail how to claim Xbox game pass perks on Xbox or PC and get your all options on board easily.

What is Xbox Game Pass Perk?

The Xbox streaming platform is a wonderful option to get on board the games that suit your taste and preference. However, you might still struggle to understand what Xbox Game Pass Perk is and how it functions(how to claim Xbox game pass perks on Xbox or PC). Let us provide a few examples for individuals who are unclear about the benefits of the Xbox Game Pass. 

Consider a longer free trial of the Game Pass. Game Pass benefits or prizes can include in-game cash, player or gun customizations, or a membership ticket. The Game Pass perks and prizes, though, are only accessible to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, so if you already have a perk, you’ll have to increase your Game Pass membership in order to make use of the benefits.

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How to Claim Xbox Game Pass Perks on Xbox or PC

As you may already be aware, customers could utilize any Xbox Game Pass benefit or prize by using the Game Pass software on either PC or Xbox device. Let’s get started with the procedures for claiming Xbox Game Pass prizes via the Xbox console in the meantime (how to claim Xbox game pass perks on Xbox or PC).

How to Claim Xbox Game Pass Perks Via Xbox Console

 1. Launch your Xbox device and log into the account you need to use to redeem the Xbox Game Pass prizes. (In the event that you have many profiles open)

2. Select Game Pass after navigating there.

how to claim Xbox game pass perks on Xbox or PC

3. Choose and hit on Perks from the list of grey buttons at the bottom of the screen by moving the cursor.

how to claim Xbox game pass perks on Xbox or PC

4. Users can select from a number of different benefits in the menu that appears; right tap on the one you want to use.

how to claim Xbox game pass perks on Xbox or PC

5. Select Claim from the pop-up option.

how to claim Xbox game pass perks on Xbox or PC

6. The Perk Conversion page will appear as soon as you hit on the reward you want to use from the list of available perks. Alternatively, you may use your cellphone to read the QR Code shown on or access it in Microsoft Edge.

7. These are the easy procedures to follow in order to utilize any Xbox Game Pass benefits associated with your Game Pass Premium membership.

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How to Claim Xbox Game Pass Perks on the PC

Read down the steps given below to know how to claim Xbox Game Pass Perks on PC.

1. On your PC, open the Xbox Game Pass application.

2. Choose and tap on Perks on the main screen.

3. Locate and choose the Game Pass benefit you want to use by left-clicking on it in the perks box.

4. To access the following screen and access the selected Xbox Game Pass benefit, select See in-store in the pop-up option.

5. If you’ve got a reward key, input it on the following page. Or else, just select and install the Xbox Game Pass benefit. (Unless no code is necessary)

How to Claim Xbox Game Pass Perks on the Android Game Pass App

Using the Game Pass application on your phone or tablet, users may also redeem their Benefits. This is fantastic unless you’re not in front of the Xbox at the moment and you neglected to claim a Perk you desired.

Launch the Xbox Game Pass application (how to claim Xbox game pass perks on Xbox or PC).

2. To access your Game Pass account, click your cover photo at the bottom.

3. You must see Perks immediately. Select Show All.

4. Navigate to the reward you desire, then click the thumbnail.

5. Be aware that you can only use a limited number of Perks on the application. You must use your controller to complete the majority of them. The application will notify you to do it on your device when you can’t claim on your platform. A blue Claim indicator indicates that you can make a claim through the application. Click it.

6. A password would then appear, which you may input on the Microsoft Store (on your PC, Xbox, or PlayStation) by selecting the Register Key choice.

7. When you go to the store, tap and hold the key with your thumb to capture it. Once you properly copy it, a verification pop-up will appear at the bottom of the window.

8. Use the Microsoft Store to activate your code and access your content.

I hope you shall be able to understand how to claim Xbox game pass perks on Xbox or PC by following the steps given above.

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Wrapping Up

I have now reached the end of the write-up. You won’t pass up the free rewards offered because you now understand how to claim Xbox Game Pass perks on Xbox or the PC software. Additionally, it’s not a terrible idea to save money while using the Game Pass benefits. Last but not least, feel free to comment if you have any questions about the procedure or the processes described above(how to claim Xbox game pass perks on Xbox or PC).


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