How to Change Payment Method on TikTok in 2024: An Easy Guide

How to Change Payment Method on TikTok

Do you want to update your payment method on TikTok but feel lost in the app’s settings? No worries, you have come to the right place! I am here to walk you through the super easy steps on how to change payment method on TikTok and get back to enjoying your favorite creators and trends without a payment hitch.

Whether you have got a new card, switched banks, or simply want to try a different option, changing your payment details on TikTok is a breeze. We’ll cover everything from navigating the settings to adding and choosing your preferred payment method.

Ready to make the switch? Let us learn how to change payment method on TikTok! Join me on this quick and simple guide, and you will be a payment-swapping pro in no time. Grab your phone desktop, open the TikTok web, and let’s get started!

Prerequisites to Change Your Payment Method on TikTok

How to Change Payment Method on TikTok

Before you start learning how to change payment method on TikTok, let us make sure everything’s ready to roll! Here is a quick checklist to keep things smooth:

  • Your TikTok Account: This one’s a no-brainer, right? You’ll need to be able to log in and navigate your profile, whether you use the app or the website.
  • Billing Info Double-Check: Give your phone number and email a quick once-over. Having everything accurate helps avoid any payment hiccups.
  • Know Your Account Type: Are you a solo TikToker, or do you run a business account? This determines what payment options you can choose from.
  • Pick Your Pay Pal or Plastic Powerhouse: Decide if you’ll be using a credit card, debit card, or your PayPal account. Remember, TikTok’s available options might vary depending on where you live.

With these essentials under your belt, you are ready to understand how to change payment method on TikTok. Let us get started!

How to Change Payment Method on TikTok Ads Manager?

Have your prerequisites checked? Let’s navigate the Ads Manager dashboard and swap your payment method like a pro! Believe me, it is easier than setting up TikTok Ads in 2024. Here is how to change payment method on TikTok Ads Manager:

Step 01: Open the TikTok Ads Manager site on your web browser and sign in to your account if you have not already. Now, locate the Dashboard.

Step 02: Look for the TikTok Payment Method section and click on Add New Payment Method. If you want to remove your already added payment method, tap 3 dots on its card and hit Remove.

Step 03: Choose your payment method: Credit Card or PayPal. Remember, credit cards can be used for both prepay and autopay, while PayPal is currently for prepay only.

Step 04: Now, type in your payment details! If it is a credit card, enter the number, expiration date, and security code. For PayPal, simply login to your account and link it.

Step 05: Click Save to add your new payment method to your TikTok Ads account. You are all set to sail smoothly through your ad campaigns without any payment worries!

That is all about how to change payment method on TikTok Ads Manager! Ain’t that easy?

How to Change Payment Method on TikTok Business Center?

Now, let us tackle the TikTok Business Center! It is where things get a little more business-y, but don’t worry, updating your payment method here is still straightforward. Follow these steps to change payment method on TikTok Business Center:

Step 01: First, access your TikTok Business Center and log in. Next, head over to the Finance section on the left sidebar, then click on Payment.

Step 02: Remember, the Business Center lets you manage multiple ad accounts. So, pick the specific account you want to update the payment for.

Step 03: Click on Link Payment Method and follow the same steps as adding a new method in Ads Manager (choose credit card or PayPal, enter details, etc.). This essentially links your chosen payment option to that specific ad account.

Step 04: Click on the Payment Method drop-down menu within your chosen ad account to switch between linked options. You can even set autopay here for automatic billing convenience.

Unlike Ads Manager, Business Center currently handles payment links on an individual ad account basis. This means adding a payment method here won’t automatically apply to all your accounts.

With that, you have conquered the Business Center and learned how to change payment method on TikTok like a boss!

Cannot Change Payment Method on TikTok? Try These Tips!

You have followed the steps to change payment method on TikTok, picked your payment method, and are all set to enjoy your TikTok journey. But sometimes, things can go wrong along the way. That is why I have a useful Tips & Troubleshooting section for you!

Top Tips to Change Payment Method on TikTok

  • Be Accurate: Make sure your billing information is correct, including your addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. Typos can ruin your payment process!
  • Watch the Date: Don’t forget to check your card’s expiration date. Expired cards are not good for paying online.
  • Know Your Options: Different regions have different payment options. Check TikTok’s support pages for more details to avoid confusion.
  • Save Time: Click the “Save Payment Method” box when adding a card, so you don’t have to enter your details again for future purchases. It’s much easier and faster!

Troubleshooting: You Cannot Change Payment Method on TikTok

If you encounter the “You cannot change payment method on TikTok” error, it is mainly due to some invalid details or typos. Here is how to fix it:

  • Payment Declined: This can happen for various reasons, such as not having enough money, entering the wrong card details, or not being in the right region. Check your bank statement, enter your information again carefully, and contact TikTok’s support if needed.
  • Card Details Invalid: Make sure you enter all the numbers, the expiration date, and the security code correctly. Sometimes, a small mistake can cause a big problem.
  • Error Messages: Don’t worry! These messages can help you figure out what is wrong. Take a screenshot and go to TikTok’s help center for specific troubleshooting guides.
  • Remember: These are just some common issues. If you need anything else, contact TikTok’s support team. They are here to help you with any payment issue!

By following these tips and using the troubleshooting resources, you will be a payment expert in no time! Now go ahead and explore your TikTok world, knowing your payment is secure and easy!

Wrapping Up

And that is all about how to change payment method on TikTok in 2024 like a champ! No more ad campaign hiccups or gift-giving woes. Now go forth and conquer those viral trends without any financial worries.

Remember, Path of EX is your one-stop shop for all things TikTok. We have got tips, tricks, and walkthroughs galore to help you navigate this wild and wonderful platform. So keep checking back for more awesome content!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Payment Methods Does TikTok Accept?

Credit cards and PayPal are your main options, but availability might differ depending on your region. Check TikTok’s support pages for specifics.

2. Can I Change My Payment Method on TikTok Gifts?

Yes! Follow the same steps for changing your general payment method, and your updated info will apply to gifts, too.

3. I’m Having Trouble Adding a New Payment Method. What Do I Do?

Don’t fret! Check for typos, outdated cards, or regional limitations. If that does not work, consult TikTok’s help center for troubleshooting tips.

4. Can I Delete My Saved Payment Methods?

Absolutely! Just navigate to your payment settings and click “Delete” next to the unwanted method.

5. Can I Change My Payment Method on TikTok Business Center?

Yes, you can! This guide covers changing payment methods in both Ads Manager and the Business Center. Just follow the specific steps for each platform.

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