How to Become a Real Estate Agent in BitLife | Walkthrough Guide

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Greetings, my fellow BitLife lover! How is life going on in your BitLife set? I know it can be tough to figure out things at times, but you can do it! How about we explore how to become a Real Estate Agent in BitLife today? It is a highly-paid job in BitLife, in case you are not aware.

BitLife is a real-life simulator game where you have to start from age 0. As you progress in the game, you will age up and do lots of activities just like in real life. There will be choices given to you. And the story of the game is depending on the decision you make in every situation given in BitLife Life Simulator.

BitLife Life Simulator has a lot of side quests and challenges that include a lot of different activities like becoming a Mechanical engineer, Giving bad advice to friends, having triplets, Marrying into the royal family, etc. Becoming a Real Estate agent in BitLife is one such activity. To know how to become a Real Estate agent in BitLife, read further!

How to Become a Real Estate agent in BitLife | Step Guide

How to Become a Real Estate agent in Bitlife

BitLife gaming needs you to get a good job and progress in your career. Getting a job as a Real Estate agent in BitLife is an amazing option to progress in your career.

I have explained all the necessary steps to become a Real Estate agent in BitLife below. Have a look!

Steps to Become a Real Estate Agent in BitLife-

  1. Have over 65% smart stats
  2. Get a car > acquire a driving license
  3. Apply as a real estate agent at Comrade Realtors and grab a handsome salary of $23,181

This is it. Now you have cracked the secrets to becoming a real estate agent in BitLife.

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Wrapping Up 

That’s a wrap BitLife lover! Now it’s your time to hit the ground to become a real estate agent in BitLife. Make sure you fulfill all the criteria before applying as a real estate agent in BitLife. If you face any trouble, do not hesitate to let me know in the comment section below. 

Stay tuned to Path of EX for more updates on the BitLife Life Simulator game.

Happy Gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Best Job in BitLife?

Generally speaking, the best BitLife jobs and careers are those that pay the most—so fame-focused roles like Actor or Musician. Neither is particularly easy to get into, though. You’ll need to train for years before you make it in the music industry, and being an actor requires a certain set of skills as well.

2. How do I Get Special Careers in BitLife?

To get a Special Career in BitLife, you want to click the last option called Special Careers. After clicking the option, you can pick over six variants of Special Careers as your job. Each Special Career will have steps you need to follow to get the job.

3. What Jobs Make you Famous in BitLife?

Characters can now gain fame through certain jobs; such as being a model, a writer (pretty rare), a game dev (pretty rare too!), an actor/actress, a musician, a reporter, a social media influencer, or a professional athlete. Being part of a royal family will also grant you fame!

4. What is the Most Expensive Thing You Can Buy in BitLife?

Being wealthy in BitLife allows you to spend your money on many exciting things. You can amass a huge car collection, own several mansions, or just buy the most expensive items in the game. One of these highly expensive purchases you can make is a submarine.


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