10 Crazy Games Like Limbo For PC, PS & Mobiles | Limbo Alternatives

10 Best Games Like Limbo | Limbo Alternative Games

As you explore Limbo, the forest of shadows, you will come across an abandoned factory town surrounded by darkness and an atmosphere of horror. Interesting, isn’t it? Well, if you loved Limbo, here we have found the 10 Best Games Like Limbo that you must give a chance to.

Limbo is a puzzle-platform video game released on 11 July 2010 in single-player mode. After completing the final puzzle, the boy is thrown through the glass pane into the forest. After recovering from the shock, he walks a few meters until he meets a girl again.  

Here are the best games like Limbo, with the protagonist appearing as a silhouette with a white eye, and the rest is obscured by darkness and shadow. In each part of the game, you feel as though you are in an unfamiliar place. And that is the fantasy we all love to be in. So, go through these top games like Limbo and choose the Limbo alternative that best suits you.

Best Games Like Limbo To Dive Into Your Fantasy Land

If you’re looking for games like Limbo, there are plenty of other gems with a similar feel to Limbo. Indie games that followed Playdead’s dark platform puzzler have been influenced by the game’s unique aesthetic and atmosphere. Read on to find the best games like Limbo you can play right now, whether you’re looking for something with a similar style, puzzle mechanics, or atmosphere. 

1. Inside

10 Best Games Like Limbo | Limbo Alternative Games

The players gain access to new abilities as they move through the town to advance environmental puzzles further while gaining a deeper understanding of why the people are in this state. The games like Limbo culminate with two different story endings, with players having to locate several hidden locations to unlock the alternative ending.

INSIDE is an interesting game like Limbo with a 2D platform, with players maneuvering through various maps and avoiding hazards. Using a keyboard or controller, you can only perform basic actions with the nameless red-shirted boy, including moving across the screen, jumping, swimming, and interacting with simple objects, which can alter your surroundings, opening up new paths.

Features of Inside are-

  • 2.5D platform title in a dark setting.
  • You must solve environmental puzzles and utilize mind control as you escape the town.
  • It ends with a careful exploration of the entire story.
  • You meet your untimely end allows you to continue your adventure.
  • Windows, Mac, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

2. Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons

10 Best Games Like Limbo | Limbo Alternative Games

Just like its name, it is quite an interesting game like Limbo. In this Limbo alternative, players control both brothers as a central mechanic, following the journeys of two brothers. The game’s mechanics gradually evolve, so you’re constantly discovering new ways to utilize the brothers. A large part of the game revolves around puzzles, which come in many forms. A brother’s abilities should also be considered when completing a puzzle. Furthermore, the younger brother is the perfect size to receive a boost from his older brother to get to the next level.

Feature of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

  • An impressive and emotional story of two brothers and their journey.
  • Solve puzzles.
  • The diverse world of characters and locations.
  • PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows in 2013.

3. Braid

10 Best Games Like Limbo | Limbo Alternative Games

Braid is one of the classic games like Limbo on our list. Braid is an independent game about rescuing a princess using puzzle and platform games and time manipulation. There are six chapters in total in which you’ll explore different time elements to save the princess from a monster. The game’s main mechanic is time manipulation, and the story follows the classic platform adventure formula. When you master these skills, you’ll be able to solve various puzzles, defeat enemies, and collect the keys that will open doors and move forward in Braid.

Features of Braid are-

  • The mixture of puzzles.
  • Run, jump and climb through levels while defeating enemies.
  • The diverse range of time manipulation abilities.
  • 6 different time-based game worlds.
  • The speed run mode for the challenge.

4. Never Alone

10 Best Games Like Limbo | Limbo Alternative Games

Never alone is another game like Limbo. The setting is attractive, and Never Alone transforms it into an engaging video game with story and puzzle gameplay across eight chapters. This Limbo alternative game uniquely explores culture by combining storytelling, platform mechanics, and puzzles. With this game’s stunning atmosphere and the education it provides, you’ll find a rounded experience. Never Alone is the best alternative game you can play.

Features of Never Alone are-

  • An authentic and educational adventure.
  • Explore realistic arctic environments.
  • Platform and solve puzzles through an icy world.
  • Wide range of game platforms with Never Alone.

5. Machinarium

10 Best Games Like Limbo | Limbo Alternative Games

Machinarium is one of the games like Limbo, where you play a puzzle adventure game with a point-and-click control system and a world without dialogue across various platforms. It is a Limbo alternative game that you will have a lot of fun while playing. This handy hint can be received once for every puzzle to help you get the most out of it, even if they become vague as the game approaches its end. Furthermore, the game has a built-in walkthrough system that you can access anytime, provided you beat the mini-game, which ensures you earn help from the game.

Features of Machinarium are-

  • A point-and-click puzzle game with a plot focus.
  • A fascinating mechanical game world.
  • Diverse puzzles and mini-games.
  • Hidden Easter eggs for those that look for them to expand.

6. Ibb And Obb

10 Best Games Like Limbo | Limbo Alternative Games

Ibb and Obb are available on the PlayStation Store with the promise of being cooperative puzzle games like limbo. Players can control movement and jump, but otherwise, their abilities are severely restricted. Players can gain more momentum and complete more puzzle levels using this mechanic. There are just over a dozen levels, with eight secret levels accessible to those who find them.

Features of Ibb and Obb are-

  • A puzzle game.
  • Control in a colorful game world.
  • Communicate with your partner to solve puzzles and boost.
  • 8 secret levels to find.

7. The Swapper

10 Best Games Like Limbo | Limbo Alternative Games

This puzzle game like limbo, involves cloning yourself in an endless cycle to explore an eerie abandoned space station where you find yourself trapped. As strong as the core puzzle mechanics and adventure experience are in a game like The Swapper, the visuals and atmospheric elements are just as important. To facilitate the puzzle design process in the Swapper and simplify the process of solving the puzzles, the time will be slowed down when using the tool.

You will be able to complete carefully selected actions in this way. In the later stages of The Swapper, these puzzles may also evolve slightly as changes in lights in the environment may block certain functions of your cloning tool.

Features of The Swapper are-

  • Explore the abandoned space station.
  • An atmospheric and dark lab are setting split.
  • Puzzles with two different modes of cloning and swapping.
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation platforms, Wii U and Xbox One.

8. And Yet It Moves

10 Best Games Like Limbo | Limbo Alternative Games

It is a fun and unique game like limbo that requires players to control their character through various puzzles and dangerous environments. The main element that allows players to solve these puzzles is the ability to turn the walls into floors. With its unique approach to a genre that can sometimes feel stale, And Yet It Moves will keep you entertained for an afternoon on end.

Features of And Yet It Moves are-

  • A fun platform video game with puzzle elements.
  • Campaign to experience.
  • Windows and Mac.
  • Unique game mechanics.

9. Year Walk

10 Best Games Like Limbo | Limbo Alternative Games

Year Walk functions outside this atmosphere similarly to any other adventure game like Limbo, blended with its 2D and 3D environments. There are separate game maps, which are layered like a storybook. You’ll have to get used to this, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll find it perfectly designed and appropriate for your adventures. You’ll need to solve puzzles that generally revolve around finding certain things or completing a series of events to trigger things within these locations and advancing the story. Though these puzzles aren’t challenging, they add a nice touch to your story.

Features of Year Walk are-

  • Swedish folklore and the concept of year walking as Daniel Svensson.
  • Solve puzzles to advance your year by walking forward and reaching the church.
  • Unique storybook.
  • Impressively dark and strange atmosphere.

10. Nightsky

10 Best Games Like Limbo | Limbo Alternative Games

NightSky is one of my favorite game like Limbo. NightSky was first released for the Windows platform in April 2011 and later released for the Nintendo 3DS and iOS platforms. The game has a simple yet effective gameplay mechanic that requires players to roll a ball around the game environment. This Limbo alternative game’s puzzles are based on realistic physics, the basis of the game’s world. The game does not feature enemies. In NightSky, players control their sphere on a horizontal axis within a 2D game world. Despite being a 2D game, its physics is beautiful and realistic.

Features of Nightsky are-

  • 2D puzzle experience.
  • Physics-based puzzle environments.
  • Wonderfully seductive soundtrack.
  • Game worlds with plenty of levels.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have covered the 10 best games like Limbo or Limbo alternatives. These games have similar features to Limbo, like challenging puzzle games and realistic arctic environments. I hope you find the information helpful. I am going to try each game listed above. What do you think? Write in the comment box below.

I hope your questions about games like Limbo are answered well here. Path of EX aims to serve you with such insightful information today and every day. Come along!

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