How To Fix Spider Man 2 Galvanize Not Working Error: Reasons & Fixes

Why is Spider Man 2 Galvanize Not Working?

As observed by many players, they are being a victim of a weird glitch with the Galvanize ability while playing as Miles in Spider Man 2. Hence, make your way through this page and learn why is Spider Man 2 Galvanize not working and how you can fix this bug. This issue usually freezes your ability and puts a stop to your progress. Hence, let’s head further and continue with your fun. 

Marvel’s Spider Man 2 is one of the popular releases worldwide. With swings, jumps, and ultimate puzzles, one can unlock treasures like the Phin Trophy around New York. However, what if a sudden glitch appears in the interface, pausing our extreme thrill? That sounds frustrating, isn’t it?

Galvanize is one of the fantastic abilities of Miles that upscales the gaming experience to another level. However, if it stops working and the prompt is glitched, it will most likely freeze the game. Let’s delve deeper through this article and learn more about Spider Man 2 Galvanize Not Working error and how to fix it. Step forward!

Why is Spider Man 2 Galvanize Not Working?

Many users have raised concerns that while playing Miles, Galvanize usually freezes. It will flash a prompt command ‘L1+X’ ability, but it will not function properly and leave you stuck there. Although the reason behind this is unknown, we have got you some fixes to get out of this bug. Let’s go further!

How to Fix Spider Man 2 Galvanize Not Working Error?

Why is Spider Man 2 Galvanize Not Working?

Galvanize is one of the abilities of Miles in Spider Man 2, where he strokes an enemy in the air using his bioelectric powers. It imposes severe damage. However, what if the UI Glavanize prompt is bugged, and you cannot perform your action smoothly? Nightmare!

Let’s learn how to fix this glitch and perform your action smoothly by activating the ability.

Steps to Fix Spider Man 2 Galvanize Not Working Error: 

  1. Reload the game from the nearest autosave checkpoint.
  2. Press L1+X as soon as the game loads.
  3. With this, you will activate Galvanize before the prompt flashes, hence preventing the freezing issue. 

Although you will miss the ability as enemies begin to chargeback, let it be, as the freezing issue will be resolved by now. To fix this issue, all you need to do is keep pressing L1+X just when the game begins to load. 

Wrapping Up

This was all about the Spider Man 2 Galvanize Not Working Error. This issue usually freezes the game as the Galvanize prompt shows up. Hence, you should press the right keys before the prompt. Try this fix, and let us know if your error gets resolved. Do let us know if you have any more queries. 

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