How To Get Phin Trophy In Spider Man 2? Step-By-Step Process

As observed, many players are striving to unlock the Phin Trophy in Achievements. Well, worry not! Spider Man 2 is filled with many secrets and trophies in the game. One such trophy is the Phin Trophy. Let’s go and get this achievement!

Marvel’s Spider Man 2 is a thrilling game where a player can get all the superhero feels and make endless swings and jumps throughout the gameplay. It has many challenges, including EMF ITT-23 Plant Attributes and retrieving the Raw Meat. Hence, to embark upon some epic adventures, a player ought to surpass all those challenges coming onto their interface.

One such challenge is to get Phin Trophy in Spider Man 2. Let’s go through this page and follow the steps mentioned below to unlock this achievement in your gameplay. Step on!

How to Get Phin Trophy in Spider Man 2?

Phin Trophy in Spider Man 2?

Phin Trophy is a secret success related to the Science Fair award won by Miles Morales and Phin Mason. Miles and Phin were science followers, and hence, to get the Phin Trophy, you would have to spot the science fair trophy left by Miles at Trinity Church as a tribute to Phin. Further is how you can locate a science fair trophy and get Phin Trophy in Spider Man 2.

Steps to Find the Science Fair Trophy:

  1. Go to the Financial District in the south of Manhattan > and spot the skyscrapers and landmakers on the map.
  2. Further, head to the Trinity Church. You can find it with a red brick facade and a white cross on the top.
  3. Use the web shooters and swing within different buildings to get to the church. You can also use the subway stations.
  4. After you reach the church, climb to the top of the Spire. You can use your wall-crawling ability and pull yourself up.
  5. After you get closer to the top of the Spire, you will notice a small platform with a railing around it.
  6. Jump on it and locate a small cube on a pedestal.
  7. Interact with the trophy and click the button on your screen.
  8. You will get to see a cutscene of Miles remembering his friendship with Phin.
  9. This will unlock the Phin Trophy for you with some bonus XP.

To get the Phin Trophy in Spider Man 2, you would have to go to the Trinty church, interact with the trophy, and reminisce about the friendship between Miles and Phin.

Wrapping Up

This was all about how to get the Phin Trophy in Spider Man 2. You can unlock this achievement by climbing up to the Triny church. Follow the steps mentioned above, and I assure you, all the struggle will be worth it. Do make us a part of your crazy experiences.

Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have any more queries, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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