Why Is Bloxburg Not Working & How to Fix It: 5 Easy Fixes [2023]

Bloxburg Not Working

Many players are encountering Bloxburg not working and trying to find ways to fix the issue. In this article, you’ll find out reasons why your Bloxburg might not be working and five sure fixes to help you get back on track again. 

If you’ve been playing games on Roblox for a while, I’m sure you’ve encountered issues like Roblox not working, game errors, or black screens. It’s common to experience issues with online games like Bloxburg and Adopt Me, especially now that seasonal updates are launching left and right.

So, if you’re sick of facing the problem of Bloxburg not working, read on to know the causes why Bloxburg isn’t working and what you can do to fix it. Let’s go!

Why Is Bloxburg Not Working Today: Causes & Issues

Different users face different issues with Bloxburg, each caused by another reason. Let’s look at some of the most common problems users face with Bloxburg and the sure solutions to fix them.

You might be facing one of these issues with Bloxburg:

  1. The game is stuck on the loading page.
  2. Bloxburg kicks you out as soon as you’re in the game with no warning.
  3. Bloxburg won’t let you teleport to any jobs or start any jobs.

You could be facing any one of the multiple issues mentioned above, but the good news is that there’s a way to fix them. Here are the causes for Bloxburg not Working:

1. You’re Banned From Bloxburg

A reason why many users report facing issues with Bloxburg is because of bans, so you might have been banned from the game. If that’s the case, you can ask for help from Roblox and Bloxburg support to try and fix it.

2. There’s an Issue With Bloxburg’s Servers.

The most common reason for Bloxburg not working is the Bloxburg servers being down. To see if the Bloxburg servers are down, go to a website like downdetector and see whether Roblox or Bloxburg are down.

3. Bloxburg Blackout

Bloxburg alone can sometimes have problems, like the recent Bloxburg blackout. You can check Bloxburg’s official Twitter and forums to see if there’s a blackout and how long you must wait until it clears out.

How to Fix Bloxburg Not Working: 5 Fixes

There are five solutions that can help you continue playing Bloxburg again if you’re facing the issue of Bloxburg not working:

  1. Check Your Internet Connection: Slow internet can cause glitches. So, check your internet connection.
  2. Restart and Rejoin the Game: Sometimes, the issue can be from your end or could be caused by server lag. Try to restart and rejoin Bloxburg.
  3. Reset Your Character: If you’re encountering character-related glitches, reset your character and reload the game.
  4. Wait For Bloxburg to be Back up: If your internet connection is fine and rejoining doesn’t help, you should give Bloxburg some time and wait for the issues to resolve themselves over time.
  5. Report the Glitch: If nothing works and the issue has been around for quite a while, contact customer service or developers and report the issue.

Wrapping Up

Your screen might be stuck at loading, the game might be kicking you out without warning, or you might be seeing your character glitch in Bloxburg. Thankfully, you can fix Bloxburg not working by reconnecting to a stronger network, restarting the game, resetting your character, and reporting the glitch you’re seeing. Comment to share what helped you fix your Blixburg glitch!

Happy Gaming!

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