FF7 Rebirth Secrets: Important Tips and Interesting Secrets

FF7 Rebirth Secrets: Important Tips and Interesting Secrets

As players all around the globe are still exploring the game, they want to find out if they’re missing out on something. Well, as you know, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is a long game that takes 40-100 hours to finish; it is not possible for everyone to know every little thing related to the game. That is why I’ve decided to let you in on some highly interesting FF7 Rebirth Secrets. In this article, I’ll discuss FF7 Rebirth Secrets

Knowing how to defeat the White Terror or the Titan Boss in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is not enough. In order to explore the game in the best way, you must be aware of a number of things. Every game has secrets that most players don’t know about. However, now that I’ve already mentioned that there are certain secrets about FF7 Rebirth, it’s time to reveal them to you.

In this game guide article, I will share several tips and exciting secrets about the newly launched action role-playing game Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. You probably know that the game, as of now, is only available on PlayStation, as no official announcement has been made regarding the game’s release on Windows and Xbox. However, let’s move forward and learn about FF7 Rebirth Secrets.

FF7 Rebirth Secrets: Exploration And Activities

FF7 Rebirth Secrets: Important Tips and Interesting Secrets

With an enormous world to explore and numerous activities to deal with, let’s just say FF7 Rebirth will have you play for hours. While there are several mechanics and features to consider, I have narrowed the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth beginner’s guide into several tips that will genuinely help you in the long run. So, without any further ado, let’s discover the FF7 Rebirth Secrets.

1. Change The Difficulty Options And Hide The Chat Log

If things get too tough in the game, then simply switch between three difficulty settings in the Options-Gameplay Menu:

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Dynamic

Most importantly, hide the Chat Log, which is further down the list of settings. By hiding the chat log, you can remove all the cluttered messages when party members and NPCs make remarks as you roam around various places.

2. Tag Those Towers And Tackle World Intel Activities

The Remnawave Towers in FF7 Rebirth are just like Assassin’s Creed sync points. You have to climb the towers and activate terminals, showing different points of interest on the map. These are basically part of the World Intel concept, where you undertake several tasks to help out a party member named Chadley.

3. Look For Ledges That You Can Use To Climb Or Descend

Suppose you’re lost somewhere in the game and roaming around without any clue. In such cases, try to find ledges with yellowish paint. These ledges allow you to climb higher or descend down pathways. And interestingly, these ledges at times lead to treasure chests and other valuable items.

4. Keep Increasing Your Party Level

You can increase your party level by gaining more party XP. The resource itself comes from various activities that you deal with, like the World Intel challenges, different side quests, and even Boss Kills.

5. Unlock Better Folio Upgrades

You need to increase your party level so that you can unlock and take advantage of additional upgrades in the Folio panel. You can do this by communicating with Maghnata vendors or by interacting with Maghnata machines. Higher-level perks allow better boons, like Passive Buffs, new Limit Breaks, and Synergy Abilities.

6. Choose Your Conversation Answers Carefully

You will come across moments in town and villages when your party members will take some much-needed R&R. If you approach them, it will trigger a distinctive conversation where they open up to Cloud. Your response will determine whether or not your relationship with that particular party member increases.

7. Deal With Those Side Quest Objectives

You will have to complete over thirty side quests in FF7 Rebirth, most of which are found on Job Boards. Some of the quests might not be available until you finish a region’s primary story. These side quests offer several rewards, like Party XP and Folios. Moreover, they also provide relationship bonuses.

8. Catch Chocobos And Use Them To Find Hidden Items

Chocobos are magnificent birds that can be caught, allowing you to mount them to travel around various places. Some of the Chocobos species have distinctive abilities that allow them to climb walls and spurt out jet streams, which let them hover in mid-air. Another function that Chocobos possess is that they can sniff out buried treasure. If you ever notice a question mark symbol appear over a bird’s head, that means there is hidden treasure around.

9. Craft More Stuff With The Item Transmuter

The Item Transmuter in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth lets you craft different kinds of things, including accessories, consumables, and upgraded weapons and equipment. Each blueprint you acquire needs specific materials that you collect while exploring regions. Remember, when you craft an item for the first time, the device gains XP. Following level-ups, then unlock extra blueprints.

10. Lost Weapons And Accessories Are Sold By Vendors

There’s no need to worry if you ever go through a cavern or facility and realize you forgot a treasure chest. Special rewards, like weapons, are never lost forever if you haven’t acquired them the first time around. As a matter of fact, if you check accessory and weapons vendors, you might find equipment that you missed out on earlier.

11. Look For Discounted Items In Vending Machine

The vending machines you interact with sometimes sell all kinds of items, including Materia, regular consumables, and accessories. You might come across situations when specific items have a big discount, as shown in the yellow text. Make sure to buy them to save up on Gil.

Wrapping Up

Now you have a better understanding of FF7 Rebirth Secrets. I have mentioned several tips and secrets that you were not aware of before. So, go through them carefully, and use and take advantage of them in the game. You can also share this article with your friends who also want to learn some FF7 Rebirth Secrets. If you think the article was helpful, then make sure to let me know in the comments below. Follow Path of EX for more such articles.

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